Monday, January 22, 2007


I received the answer to my prayers on Saturday... Grand- father Sun was out in full, shining forth rays that I swear were warmer this week than last...

Wind made no appearance. He let Sun's rays touch the ground unimpeded, without his cold whispers of Winter, peeking just around the corner. Pockets of the garden were still frozen in the shade; it will take some time before those areas warm...but the rest of the garden showed small green tips of bulbs arising and greeting Sun.

Steam from the sodden ground ascended into the air, making the enclosed garden feel like a humid, tropical garden, during the warmest period of the day. Birds twittered and sang, becoming raucous and insistent as I filled and hung a full bird feeder. I watched for awhile, seeing birds I had never seen before...some are quite tame and very accepting of this human.

The word went out in Birdspeak; soon many, many birds filled Maple Tree's branches. The shrieking and struggle for dominance amongst the birds made me seek the relative peace and safety of the West garden, where no bird feeders were hung...only Wind Chimes. They were silent this day, until I walked past, when there was the familiar tinkle that greets me every time I walk under Grandfather Tree.

The lawn was littered in branches and debris. I took the rake and began, once again, piling the leaves together...leaves that I had raked just before the first of the large Storms appeared. They were not dry and light this time, however. They were more broken down and very wet. As I raked, I watched the fat earthworms wriggling in the soil underneath. I knew they would continue their work of breaking down the leaves and adding nutrients to the soil, so I picked up each worm and placed them in the West flower bed...and then I covered them with the half-rotted leaf mulch.

I raked and swept, enjoying the warm, gifted day. My mind eased its constant chatter...the chatter that was overtaking my spiritual body. I received Sun's rays with such relief and gratitude...sometimes singing snatches of tunes that honoured Sun in some way. Tunes that just popped into my mind...and then drifted off again, perhaps to remind someone else, who was working in their garden, to enjoy Grandfather Sun!

I felt my shoulders lose their tightness, with the rhythmic raking. My heart opened and received; my tense stomach softened and I breathed deeply, without constraint.

I breathed in air that smelled of wet, mouldering leaves and muddy that also received Sun's gift, becoming less swampy-smelling...and finding its sweet breath once again. I saw the tawny glow that is sometimes there, surrounding certain plants, when it is still the middle of Winter.

I wandered from Tree to Tree, checking for damage and noting the tight, fat buds on Plum and Maple. Heather is blooming...a deep, luminescent purpley- red...heart- rending as it glows in the afternoon light. Elder Tree, having taken residence against the North side of the house, all by himself...has survived the Storms happily, it seems, if the fat buds are any indication. Camellia has many fat buds, too; if the weather is just right, she will send her welcome blooms' scents to visitors and passersby.

And everywhere, Daffodil and Tulip, Narcissi and Crocus are reaching for the Sky.

I wander to the vegetable garden, glancing with dismay at the Sorrel plant, chewed to the ground, which I'd had my eye on last week for Sorrel soup. It seems Grandfather Rabbit has honoured me with his presence. I am happy, however...he left me one plant untouched! I notice the Asian vegetables are doing well, in spite of being under Snow and almost drowned. It will not be long before I can pick some Bok Choy or some spicy Mustard greens.

I notice the berry enclosure has suffered damage, due to high winds. Boards are hanging drunkenly every which way...I pick these up and place them to the side. I cut down plants that have dried in place, their stalks picked clean by birds and insects. I note the Strawberry bed must be re-dug this year...the Buttercup has taken over to such a degree I don't know if we'll ever find the Straw- berries!

Hours pass by; I'm caught in the present , enjoying the peace to be found there...happy to be working with Mother Nature in such an absolutely pleasant way.

In the garden, time flies by, as I meander and tidy and re-cover beds whose mulch has blown off in previous Storms. After awhile, Sun's face is hidden behind tall trees over to the West. And a sharp Wind begins to blow off the Ocean...

It is time to go in and make a cup of tea, holding my peace and serenity, once thought lost, close to my heart.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful stroll through your garden - and for all the glorious photos of SUNFLOWERS!

  2. LOL...thank you for visiting...your name says it all, Sunflower!

  3. Very nice, and yes we all feel better with some sunshine on us. There was a medical report about this on the radio the other day. Fancy all that money spent on research, when many people could have told them that this is the case. We too had a sunny day on appropriate.

  4. Isn't it amazing what the feel of the warm sun on our skin does for us? The fresh smells of the earth............I was right there with you, Marion. :-) hugsssssssss

  5. Wonderfully evocative post, thanks for sharing it... Can almost feel the sun (rather than mucky grey snowclouds here in the UK)

  6. AAAaaaahh, that was nice! Thx
    I sat on the beach today feeling the warm sun on my back and shoulders, watching my little one building a sand wall with his daddy. What's that? UHh? Oh, it's my husband signalling to me cover those shoulders up they will get burned! LOL

  7. What a beautiful collection of Flowers! A Garden is something i've always wanted, but don't they take a lot of time? Thanks! :)

  8. AS you painted the words on the canvas of my mind the pictures that you created captivated and stirred my feelings. I was recharged as I too felt the rays of the sun dance on my shoulders. I became alive and felt the hibernation of winter slip just a little as the pungent aroma of the earth filled my nostrils as I breathed in the sent of our Mother. Your prayer's answer has given rise to hope and rebirth of the Spring.
    I raise my cup of Earl Grey to you and say Salute!

  9. Marion, I'm hoping for sunshine for a different reason. The roofer needs it to warm up the roof for the sealant to fix the leaks. I don't know that we'll have it today in Alabama.

    You have chosen lovely photos as always. Spring is near. I passed by an expanse of brown grass yesterday and turned my head in surprise at several Daffodils that had popped up. Isn't it early even for the South?

  10. You may write prose, but it's sheer poetry to my heart! You gave me Sunshine today.

  11. Yes, you're absolutely right, Davem! much money spent on research just to prove what we all already know!

    I'm glad you were visited by the Sun, too!

  12. Lorna, I've missed you lately! Welcome back!

  13. Alastair, thanks for visiting...I can't imagine where you find the time, lol!

    Most days here lately have been grey, wet and windy...I celebrate each and every glimpse of Sun, sometimes!

    Hannalie, hahaha! But I do hope you enjoyed your day at the beach and did not get burned! That's the downside of Sun's rays.

  14. Matt...time just flies by when I garden and ground myself in the Earth. It is the most peaceful activity I know, for myself.

    I know people who have just started gardening, and now wonder why they hadn't started earlier because of their newfound serenity. Gardening is so forgiving and comforting.

    Dave, isn't a cup of tea a wonderful thing! Thank you for being in the garden with me!

  15. Sheila...our cedar shingles are sitting in the sideyard under cover. We were unable to get the roofers to start the roof early enough...we were caught by the storms! But so far, no leaks!

    Here, on the (usually)temperate West Coast, we are a little behind this year. It is not unusual to see Daffs, and such, glowing in a warm pocket of Sun!

    DB, I am glad you had a little bit of Sunshine today!

  16. There is nothing like sunflowers to brighten life up.

    Thanks for the wonderful posting.

  17. Shhh! I just had to sneak back to look at the SUNFLOWERS again! What a cheery sight :-)

    Are they from a past garden?

  18. Jackie, how good to see you! I enjoyed your post on Ginger!

    Sunflower, lol! Come by anytime...sunflowers are magnificent...such a miracle from a tiny seed, in one year!

    The sunflower in the vase is my picture, although I do have great success with them every year in the garden.

  19. I'm jealous. I would never have expected that your island would be so warm. We've just had an ice storm last week (central US)afterwhich I managed to get the first ankle sprain of my life off the icy yard--a slip and fall were involved.
    My wife and I have always wanted to visit Vancouver (and now Vancouver Island). Maybe someday.
    What happens when one drives up your North-South hiway to the end; bear cove? Are there really bears?
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  20. Helo!
    Very nice
    Tank you.

  21. Yes, Goatman, there really are bears. Bears are very common here...there is a lot of wilderness, still, on the Island.

    Be sure and let me know when you and your wife are planning a is a beautiful area, with many diverse tourist interests.

    I'm sorry you fell...hope you feel much better!

    Thank you, David!