Friday, January 26, 2007

Mean Spirits

Every once in a great while, I run into Mean Spirits. These beings, whether alive or dead, want to create chaos...want to feed whatever negative force that propels them and gives them pleasure.

Lilly, in her site Hope From Beyond, has a story about Ghosts Versus Spirits that details what happens to unhappy Spirits who have stayed behind.

I have not met any Spirits from the Spirit World that have meant me harm...I am fortunate in that they have all been benevolent. I have dealt with one or two, however, who seem intent on making mischief, even chaos with real creativity. And I have, as Lilly advises, always stayed calm, have asked for help, and have received it.

So beings who are still alive on this plane, who want to display their mean spirits, could be dealt with the same way. With me staying calm and centred, grounded and aware. The awareness gives me the ability and the tools to find the reason behind their meanness.

What is it that drives these beings' negative impulses? Might it be a perceived unfairness? Or perhaps a desire for control of a situation? In each being I study, where I have received the brunt of another's small-mindedness, I sense that they feel a lack of something within themselves, and they strike against seeing what this lack might entail.

There might be pain there...and lots of beings refuse to face their own inner pain, lashing out instead.

Once I find what the real reason is behind the mean- spiritedness, then I take the information and try to discover if I , personally, have ever experienced an emotion similar. And how did I feel when it happened, what would I have done differently, in hindsight? I use this to try and defuse the situation.

Long ago, I had a teacher who told me...Honey catches flies much quicker than vinegar! I have never forgotten this homey little phrase...and I have found understanding and acceptance of another's pain brings peace, at least to me...and then solutions begin to appear.

Petty, minor Meannesses are dealt with in this manner; with the help of my guides, I come through most of these with my peace and serenity intact. An example of a small, negative being would be Prince, URL unknown, over on Blog Village, who seems to be railing against the unfairness of the voting procedure, by leaving strange comments behind him, as he votes. But what is his perception of unfairness really about? His energy field feels very lost and alone, to me.

There might be a more positive way to solve his negative outlook...but only Prince can figure out the way to approach himself and work it out.

The big Meannesses can have me involved in a sea of emotions, not many of these pleasant, in which I forget all my hard work on this very thing! Usually anger is the first emotion I feel...I strike out, without thinking, before I get struck!

Many times, my anger will be directed towards the defense of something or some being close to me being hurt or upset in some way...and suddenly, I am involved in negative energy just like that! I have discovered, over a period of many years, that it takes so much more positive energy to climb back up that Black Hole I have fallen into...the light way up above me seems almost obscured by the black darkness that surrounds me, becoming a tiny pinprick.

These days, as I face another birthday in the coming month, I just don't have the energy to climb back up. I think there was something fascinating in that dark Hole when I was young...I seemed to be in it a lot.

As the family continues to try and work with the VIHA, the government agency to be dealt with in regard to my mother's care, I discover that there are still lots of Black fact, the pathway ahead is littered with them.

This morning, I was told not to ask them what the procedure was in putting my mother, at her suggestion, on a wait list for a Care Facility. They would decide if and when my mother would be placed on a waiting was their decision. And there was Procedure involved.


Last week, it was suggested by these same case workers that Mom knew best about what she wanted. And then, when she tells us what she wants, it can no longer be her decision???

There are a few, deep Black Holes of Negativity ahead, indeed.

But this morning, I dealt with a nugget of Meanness I received from these beings who are so afraid of losing control, so afraid of owning up to the muddled way my Mother's care has been handled to date. I only slid a short way down that Black Hole, before I remembered there is a better way.

There is time to think about the more approp- riate path- ways I could take, as I climb and heave myself out of the Hole, struggling towards the bright light that is, this time, so bright and large and just ahead of me.

There is time to consider whether I want to join the Army of Mean Spirits that are loose in the world, or would I prefer a more peaceful way? Do I want to add to the black cloud of negativity that grows, mushrooming out of all proportion, with each dark thought I send out into the ether?

Seems to me the choice is mine.


  1. I wish I could deal with the real problems in your life as easily as I did with Prince! His comments on your BLOG VILLAGE listing have been removed. I can't keep him from adding more, but I'll take those off, too, if needed.

    If you notice his uncalledfor comments on anyone's else's listing, I'd like to know about it.

  2. Helo!
    Good, good and good
    Tank you.

  3. Thank you, DB, he was just a small irritant, but he went a little too far with some of his comments on some blogs!

    The carnival is excellent; I am enjoying it thoroughly!

  4. Thank you for visiting, David!

  5. Yes, the choice is yours. That is why we have free will. I get the feeling that you do not want, what you call "negative energy or black holes" in yuor life.
    But, again without them how would we know the positive energy and the presence of light. Some times we get weary on our journey and it seems and sometimes feels better to slip into the blackness and not be seen, heard or have to make decisions of any kind. What we forget that we cannot see or hear or feel when we are totaly surrounded in black. If you do not agree with the decisions of another and you feel and you know that some other solutions are out then then pursue them. Don't give up your power and energy.
    With your upcoming birthday may I be one of the first this year to say "Happy Birthday."
    When you need help call on spirit and keep your eyes, ears and soul open for the answers. The answers DO come.
    Now slice me a piece of cake

  6. Thank you for your visit. You have some lovely photographs and interesting words. My middle name is Marion!

  7. You're right, Dave, I just have to be aware enough to receive the answers, lol. Things also have a tendency to work out over time, as well!

    The slice of birthday cake is yours!
    Thank you for your early best wishes, lol...I have a month and a half before I reach 56!

    Ruth, it's unusual to find someone who spells Marion this is usually Marian or Marianne, or variations thereof.

    Thank you for visiting!

  8. Honey catches flies much quicker than vinegar....I remember hearing that. I think it`s true too. Hope the negative forces clear their butts off soon!


  9. Out of all the blogs he commented on, he only left a good rating on one, and not a decent comment among them!! At least he had the decency to rate Joe's Alzheimer's blog high, without any snide remarks.

    So, I went through every blog that was not on 10.0 and checked all their comments. Not that I didn't have other things to do, but I wasn't fixing to let one person spoil the spirit of our community!!

  10. Beebopping around a bit tonight. I thought about landing on your sunflower, but the clouds in this post are spectacular!

    Ready for submissions on the next carnival. If you an help us out with a bit of promotion that would be a great help.


  11. Seems I am in the middle of a storm, Tea! Now is the time to put all my tools and knowledge to work, and not allow myself convoluted negative thinking.

    Positivity is becoming tiring, lol! I would love to have a good old fashioned temper of those really great ones!

    Instead I'm cleaning the house, lol!

  12. DB, there is a super good feeling surrounding Blog Village, and as admin, you certainly move very quickly to keep it that way! Thank you, and thank you,too, for the wonderful many good blogs entered!

    I wish I had taken these photos, Kilroy, but I got them off of ClipArt. Still, they are very interesting and lovely, to me, too!

    I will certainly help promote the photo carnival...there is amazing talent in Blog Village!

  13. Marion, I hope you coming birthday is a good one despite the turmoil that must consume a lot of your energy.

    I share your feelings about the community I feel at Blog Village and got my dander up at the comments you wrote about.