Wednesday, January 31, 2007

February Flowers

The month of February is synon- ymous in my mind with flowers. Blossoms or bulbs, they show up in my home in great abundance.

It is a big birthday month, you see. And Valentine's Day is celebrated with flowers, sometimes, too. I think how lucky I am to have a birthday in February; flowers brighten up an otherwise still wintry month.

And my oldest daughter celebrates her birthday the day after mine, so we have always combined our special days, having one dinner instead of two back to back.

When my daughter was small, my birthday would usually be taken up with parties that involved, what seemed to me, an amazing amount of food and other people's children. During my daughter's childhood, there were years where celebrating two birthdays, with presents and parties, were just too expensive.

It was not until later, when I had time and money to indulge myself a little, that I started to appreciate the flowers that are in the markets at this time of year... every kind of flower imagin- able, if I was willing to pay the price.

In February, I am attracted to "hot" colours...the kind that bounce out at me, when I walk by them in the florist's shop. It is different at other times of the year...I am more attracted to lavenders, whites, purples and blues. But when I have had enough of cabin fever, enough of the eternal cold, fog and soul seeks bright yellows, heart stopping pinks and oranges...a reminder of the tropics.

A reminder of the Sun.

So, since the month of February holds two birthdays, along with St. Valentine's Day, I clean the vases on the last day of January, in readiness for the bouquets that flow in the door throughout the month. There is my Mother's crystal vase, the vase my daughter gave me, others with special significance, and I place these in the warm water, rinsing the accumulated grease and dust down the drain.

It is a cleansing of sorts. It reminds me that another year has gone by; that I am going to be another year older and hopefully, wiser. As I wash, I think of the events of the previous year. The joys and anticipations are honoured and I express my gratefulness to the Universe for such abundance.

The hurts are flooded with forgiveness, for myself and others, and washed away...

I don't want to start a new year in my life with a hoard of negative bundles of energy tucked away inside. I see birthdays as a fresh start, each year.

In readiness for the flowers of many colours that will decorate our home, the vases stand on the counter, sparkling and gleaming in the light.

Now all that remains is to fill them with flowers of brilliant hues, flowers that herald birthdays as gifts, giving such joy to the recipient!

February is the in-between month...the month where few flowers bloom in the garden. I will find a few branches of forsythia, quince and plum blossoms to force, and these will be tucked in amongst the floral arrangements.

And since tomorrow is the first day of February, I will treat myself to a bundle of daffodils, place them in the clear glass vase, and revel...revel in the fact that I was born so close to the full bursting of Spring.

Spring and her flowers.


  1. Marion,
    Where do get all the fantasic photos from? They are always so beautiful and crisp. You have a certain talent for putting your wonderful descriptions along side the appropriate shots. You have a very creative side.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Wow!!You have a lovely blog, very colorful!! You have great plans of ushering in the spring too. Keep blogging!!And do peep into my flower blog and lemme know how you like it!!

  3. What wonderful photos. Mother Nature provides us with such amazing colours in our flowers.

    I can see you are really looking forward to Spring :)

  4. For some unknown reason my lavender is blooming now. Combined with the violets that always bloom in January-February, I have my first spring bouquets. Very welcome.

  5. You have warmed my bones with your flowers as we endure the bone-chilling cold from your fair country, here in mid-US.

  6. It is an in between month as you say but the end of winter is in sight, and some birds are beginning to sing in the mornings.

  7. Thanks for sharing the bright and beautiful flowers this morning as I look out on gray skies.

  8. I love flowers! Beautiful Marion you must be surrounded by many colors! :)

  9. I'm thankful to Goatman because he led you to me and in return that led me to you. Your blog is so peaceful and serene. I love the post about the flowers. I'm not good at growing them but I do admire them.

    Happy birthday to you and your daughter!

  10. Dave, I get most of my images from Clip Art. I can't wait for the weather to get better so that I can once again take my own pictures!

    My camera is getting old, just as I am, lol, and doesn't like the cold much anymore! Sounds like me, lol!

  11. Jessica, your blog is amazing. I was unable to leave a comment, so I am letting you know here that I will be a constant visitor! Well done!

  12. Thank you, Jackie...I am glad you visited! I miss you when you're not around, but I realize you are having difficulties with the Internet. Makes your visits all the more precious!

  13. Wow, Jan, lavender blooming in January! What a beautiful bouquet violets and lavender would make!

    Goatman, thanks for the link to Intergalactic Stacy! What a find! I am glad I warmed your bones...those Canadian storms can really do the opposite!

    DaveM, I hear the birds in the morning, too, now! There are also some birds around the bird feeder that I have never seen before, so I have my bird book close at hand!

  14. Sheila, I'm looking at grey skies, too, and felt the need to plaster my blog with COLOR!

    Matt, I visited your blog this morning and was amazed at your video of Akiane. What an inspiration that little girl is!

    Thank you for the best wishes, Stacy! I am so glad I found your blog...I could stare at those images for hours!

  15. I have too many allergies to be able to enjoy flowers in the house, but I can enjoy your great pictures and wonderful prose. Happy February birthday to you and your daughter!!

  16. I like starting the year anew; of washing your vases and washing away life's hurts with forgiveness. Flowers are beautiful, bright, vibrant in their sparkling crystal vases, may your year be the same Marion.

  17. I haven't been on your blog for a long while but feel that I must leave my compliments to the photos in this post! They are great!

  18. Thank you, DB! There are some flowers I avoid, because of allergies. But I'll find those I can take, and the house is filled with them in February!

    Thank you, Heimdallr!

    Bjorn, thanks for the compliment. These images come from Clip Art...I was struck by the light that shone from each!

    Welcome back!