Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Magical Afternoon

I had the most magical day yesterday.

It didn't start out that way. Wind howled the night away; I'm one of those people who have to sleep with the window open...and consequently, the drapes were almost horizontal at times with the power of Wind's blasts.

And it was cold, outside the cocoon I made next to Graham in our ultra comfortable bed, under the duvet. It was dark. It was the middle of January, and that morning there was no way I could convince myself that Spring was just around the corner.

Closing the window, I saw the snow...blowing every which way with the power of Wind. I felt the driven snowflakes bite my arm as I reached to close the window. It didn't look as if this Storm was going to end any time soon.

But North Wind did his job; the blizzard blew itself out after a few hours, leaving behind a foot and a half of snow, crippled traffic... and a beautiful, wide, clear blue sky. Sun poured his warmth over the snowy landscape, making the light so bright! Clean and new.

But Wind still blew...and therein lay the magic. Sun's rays were weak, unable to pierce the penetrating cold coming from the North. But after two months of high Winds and terrible Storms...this cold Winter's day beckoned me to come outside. And play a little.

Normally, I stay out of cold weather; it brings on an attack of arthritis pain. But North Wind, suddenly behaving like a newborn foal, kicked snow about...kicked up sprays of iridescent flakes, all colours of the rainbow.

Grandfather Tree shook his branches, ridding himself of the heavy piles of snow. The whole yard glittered and shone for a moment, as these fine snow particles found new homes.

There was a clear expanse of just snow. Hills and valleys of shrubbery showed here and there, mounds of suggestive vegetation, branches poking through the coverlet of snow, delineated the garden beds. It was the kind of expanse I loved as a child...the kind where no one had disturbed the pristine beauty of Snow in its purest form.

Wind sent a billow of Snow my way, covering me from head to foot with those icy particles. For a moment, until the snow melted, my glasses were covered. I had a close-up look at the yard through sparkly, light-filled lens.

There was a song in the Wind...I picked up on clear, light tinkling music as Wind frolicked with the Snow. It was joyful, sharp and bright. The high-pitched, unearthly symphony filled me with joy and crystal clear thinking.

And suddenly, the weighty problems that held sway inside the house were lifted. I felt a surge of joy...I knew I had to run into the clean expanse of snow...I had to make sure my steps were the first to mar that perfect surface.

I lowered myself onto the Snow and began to make a Snow Angel. The dogs were delighted! The Snow Angel was perfect...the best one I think I've ever made.

I kicked snow high in the air, watching Wind grasp each individual snowflake, and whirl it around in a wonderful waltz. The dogs caught my excitement, and ran barking in circles, trying to catch the elusive snowflakes in their mouths.

I took shovelfuls of the powdery, light as down snow, and threw the mass at the dogs...this Snow was far too dry to make snowballs. I shovelled the walks, shook mounds of Snow off of the shrubbery, filled the bird feeder...and basked in the slight warmth I felt from Sun's rays.

And all the while, I stayed in the perfect moment...the moment of right now. While I was there, there were no problems. I allowed my emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies to centre, to find that perfect spot where all is balanced. I allowed myself to be cleansed by North Wind's sharp and piercingly clear gusts, leaving a joyous peace behind.

At one point, to make the afternoon taste like perfection, Eagle soared overhead, riding a stream of Wind. He dipped and circled, stopping the dogs, who watched him fly lower and lower, as he left his message from Spirit. Take heart, Eagle cried, gather your courage...and follow the joy your heart desires. Take flight and soar!

This afternoon entailed a simple couple of hours in the middle of a weekday; it started with a blast of Northern Air, bringing with it a blizzard that covered all the detritus laying about from the previous Wind Storms that have battered the West Coast...and ended with a Snow Angel, a message from Eagle...and clear, clear thinking.

Sometimes the home I love becomes too enclosing, too enveloping. Sometimes cabin fever hits with a vengeance. Sometimes, in January, I just have to grab what the Universe offers, as cold as it might be, and make it into a magical afternoon.


  1. I love when I have moments like this. I feel as if I am connected in every way to spirit. I know that now matter what my path is going in the direction that is intended. Next time you get the urge to make a snowangel take a picture of it and perhaps we can feel the energy even more with a visual. I know I feel more energetic now having read your post.

    Happy Winter

  2. I was right there with you, Marion. Your writing is so beautiful and descriptive! I was smiling the entire time and enjoying your adventure with you! HUGS

  3. I find myself with tears after reading your beautiful and poetic words. I am not sad, however. Just touched by how you can express what you do. Thank you.

  4. You have inspired me to take a trip to the mountains to play in the snow, to make snow angels next week. I know the dogs would love it and the people can find their inner child for a while. Snow seems to me to be quite spiritual, I just didn't like living in it.

  5. Lovely post and what a pretty contrast between the flowers inside and the white snow outside!


  6. That's the most beautiful description of snow I've ever read. I live in southern California where we don't really have winter. You helped me experience winter. Thank you.

  7. Newly fallen snow always has a special, fresh beauty that renews. You describe it's poignancy so powerfully, best wishes, The Artist

  8. Great pictures Marion. Snow always brings out the child in me. Snow angels are great. I wonder if the snowy weather will work its way over to the UK. That very often happens. At the moment we have rain , rain and more rain. Sports matches are cancelled because of waterlogged pitches. Flood alerts nationally. Bridges closed because of high winds.

    Roll on Spring.

  9. Dave, that's exactly how I one with Creator, when I lowered my aging body down into the snow, lol.

    The dogs took care of that "perfect snow angel" as soon as I moved, so a photo would not have shown a perfect angel anymore!

    Thank you, Lorna, DB, and Sheila...that snow gave me great inspiration!

    Jan, my dogs love snow...they get very frisky! I'm not crazy about snow at my age, anymore, either...but the urge to play was too large to ignore!

    Barbara, thank you for visiting and I'm glad you experienced the feeling of a snowy winter's day. On the other hand, California sounds pretty good to me today, lol!

    Artist, as usual you put it very well when you write that snow renews. That is exactly what happened to me that day!

    Davem,when snow is as dry and powdery as this snowfall was...I just have to go outside and let it fly all around is a great re-awakening.

    Our weather has been super abnormal this year, it sounds very similar to yours. Ferries which run between Vancouver Island and the mainland are continually shut down; trees fall across cars and highways and people are evacuated from flooded areas. Lightening, extremely cold temperatures and those high winds are the norm these days.

    I agree with you...Roll on, Spring!

  10. Tea, I thought the yellow contrast with the grey, cold weather outside was cool, too. It sorta brought Spring a little closer, somehow!

  11. What fun to see a winter that LOOKS like winter. This was beautifully written and made me long for some white stuff of my own. Thank you for letting us play along side you.

  12. Seems a hot-spring siesta may just help with this incessant cold.
    Do any springs exist in your area?

  13. Kat, you're more than welcome! That kind of snow play wakes me up and makes me take notice of the blessings in my life!

    Goatman, I don't live near them, but have friends who live near Ainsworth Hot Springs in the Kootenay region of BC. I could really use one of those long soaks in the long,tunneled caves and hot springs inside Mother Earth!

  14. What a beautiful post and photos Marion I reveled in your magical afternoon, touched snowflakes, felt them melt on my skin and smiled in wonder as I watched an eagle soar.
    Thank you for the gift of such a truly magical moment.