Thursday, December 15, 2005

Spring and Winter

Yesterday, we had one of those absolutely gorgeous December days we can sometimes get after a long period of foggy, muffled weather. The fog, of course, kept the temperatures a bit warmer overnight. But it stayed clear during the night and when I got up this morning, the whole yard was covered in frost.

And the sunrise was incredible. What a gift! Sometimes, when the Winter solstice is almost upon us, if the sunshine touches us a certain way, I can feel Spring.

Spring...with its sudden bursts of brilliant colour dotted amongst (love that word) the cold muted background of the Winter hibernation. Spring, when the sun's rays tilt a certain way, catching the Heart and the Throat. Even though the ground is frozen outside today, the warmth of the Sun will melt the white frost, and I will catch a glimpse of the promise of Spring.

That's what Spring is all about...rebirth, hope and transformation. But right now, Winter is present, still. And in order to experience the herald of Spring, I use Winter to prepare. Winter is the time to hibernate and dream, the time to go inside myself and nurture the roots which will burst into bloom in the Spring.

To everything there is a season...

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