Monday, December 12, 2005

A Different Christmas

Gray and I have already celebrated Christmas twice this year...Heidi, Darren and Bree are off to Mexico, and so are Scott and Leanne. We didn't manage to all get together at once; hence the two events.

This Christmas I notice my acceptance of life's they good or much greater than in previous years. Practicing Shamanism, and assimilating it into my life, has finally brought balance, and with it, a huge measure of serenity and peace.

We have had problems with the Christmas was during the holidays that my daughter died. It was a very long time before I was able to enjoy Christmas again. Two years ago, however, Gray gave me a Reiki treatment that finally, finally removed some of the blockages in my chakras; and enabled me to see the rest far more clearly. And then Shaman Maggie and Shamanism came into my life. Instead of viewing the world through pain-filled memories, once I put the balance meter in motion, and practiced the exercises Maggie gave me...things fell into place. Rather easily, so easily in fact that I felt suspicious of this new found grace I had been given. It took some time before I realized the tools I had discovered, along with asking my guides for help, would work in any situation.

And so I applied the balance, help from guides, and Reiki to Dad's death. This event could, a few years ago, have placed me in a terrible of depression and anger and pain.It was the memories, you see. Any event that displayed a likeness to the time of grief I experienced with my daughter's death would trigger strong waves of grief. It still happens, after almost nine years. But now, I no longer have to reel under the strength of the waves...I have learned, as a surfer does, how to ride and balance the powerful surges.

Christmas, this year, instead of being celebrated under a pall of grief and sadness, was an extremely happy, joyous occasion. Gray and I did well on our choice of gifts to the family...not always the case when giving to a different generation. I received a lug made out of entirely recycled materials, filled with exquisite presents; the socks alone, made out of some soft material, made me feel so pampered. And Gray is still anticipating using his Home Depot gift card. Gift cards are so delicious in that the joy is given threefold...once, when you receive it, twice, when you think of all the things you could use it for, then the third time...when you finally buy the long thought out item.

And because the gifts were taken care of so early--- we have the next two weeks to appreciate the spirituality of the season. To relax. To listen to Christmas concerts, and Christmas videos. To watch the moon and stars and reflect on times past...times that led to this path I am presently travelling.

A different Christmas, to be sure. One of peace, love and happiness. How incredible is that?

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