Friday, December 16, 2005

My Intent

During this time with Maggie, I am tentatively walking a path I chose long ago. Because this path fills me with apprehension, I realize it is the correct way for me. Otherwise, the apprehension about this part of my life will forevermore follow me, and I want no regrets when it is time for me to take my place amongst my ancestors.

So I will fight for balance and impeccability, and I will learn to contact my guides for advice more and more. Awareness of nature and synchronistic events will become second nature to me. I will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am never alone.And with the knowledge I amass, I will teach others to walk their path…by telling a story or two about events that happened to me along the way.

This is my intent. Just as Gray in the photo at last reached the summit of the wall he was climbing, with full intent, so will I live my life in a Shamanistic manner. And I find the higher I climb, the better life is.

For awhile, I thought I would never be able to assimilate the teachings...Shaman Maggie is a hard task master (and she won't let you get away with anything!). And I felt as if I had to learn it all at once. I felt overwhelmed and tired, convinced I would never get it, whatever 'it' was.

And then, suddenly, the comprehension was there. And things started to change for the better. The consultations I had with my guides and allies made me see I was never alone. And if I needed reminding, Maggie was always just an email or IM away. Once I let myself believe in this different road I was traveling, it became so smooth and easy.

And I have just started the climb.

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