Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Messages From Beyond (Continued)

I had one of those broken, horrible days yesterday; the ones where nothing is positive and everything is negative. Gray and I are in a relatively new relationship. Sometimes things come

up that can tear into the delicate fabric we are attempting to weave together.

After we came to a tentative solution...where Gray's amazing calming presence did its magic...we were besieged by messages from beyond. Almost as if the Universe was clapping...as if cheering the breakthrough in my old, erroneous belief that was clogging the flow of feeling between Gray and I.

To digress a moment...I think I will make the post Messages From Beyond a continuing series. With my Dad's recent passing, I am receiving more thoughts, feelings and manifestations than usual. Hence the continuation in the Title.

And so, our nightly meditions were much more powerful than usual. But more celebratory gestures by the Powers
were in store for us. Even Grandfather Tree became a part of the show.

Tree always has an aura, of course. It used to be a grayish white, telling me Tree was lacking in nutrients of some kind...Grandfather Tree was suffering. We showered him with attention. I researched Sequoias. Our particular Tree loves to grow at the side of ponds and creeks. In other words, he loves water, which we gave freely. And his aura changed a lot, to where brightness and colour appeared.

But last night, Grandfather was showering us with energy...his aura pulsed and arced, danced its way across the yard. Gray is a Karuna Reiki Master, and the fact that he was sending Tree energy may have had a lot to do with it, but the showers of colour Tree sent out with such spectacular, Northern Light results were awe-inspiring.

And Lucky, one of our dogs, who is usually off searching out creatures of the night along the fence, stayed close by Gray's side, his nose pressed into Gray's hand. (Lucky and Grandfather Tree have a long association of strange happenings...an idea for another post.) The dogs are usually the first to fully experience any unusual visitors or happenings. It used to frighten them, but now they only become very alert.

The evening was spent with remarkable optimism and peace; a huge turn-around from the black cloud that had covered the house for most of two days. And then an early night.

But the Universe still had more in store. I was drifting off to sleep...and my daughter appeared. It's been almost nine years since she passed. I see her only rarely now, always a wonderful occasion. Tall, slim and absolutely beautifully dressed in something both white and dark, she was leaning against a doorway, beckoning to me. We communed for a long time; although no words were spoken, I understood her completely. And then she faded, still smiling her wonderful smile. I woke startled, knowing I had passed some test, that some belief had completely shifted within me, and that Katrina was sending her congratulations and support.

And during the black day...a visitor. My Dad, someone whom I never understood well, came and suffered through the angst with me. I heard him speak, I heard his words, and they were remarkably gentle. His words and speech were rarely gentle when he spoke with me during his life, but they were yesterday. They were extraordinarily comforting.

I am amazed at his strength and ability to understand that his mission is not complete. As I've posted before, he has unfinished business. A month after his death, he is giving my mother unbelievable strength to survive this huge change in her life, at the age of 84. It is my belief that by doing so he is trying to make amends. It means a great deal to him. It makes me look at my Dad in a new light. Perhaps there is a lot yet to learn about my Dad.

Awareness is key. These visitations, dreams and messages are illusory and happen very quickly, in a blink of an eye. I find I have to feel completely balanced before I can communicate with any degree of success. Practice, again, is vital.

Today, there is a wild storm outside. Wind, always an Ally that clears my head and sharpens my words and wit, is blowing fiercely, and Rain is battering my windows, further clearing and cleansing. It feels absolutely great today and absolutely right.

The messages from beyond told me so.

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