Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Prayer

Wrapping the blue jacket tightly around myself, I prepared to enjoy my nightly meditation with Nature. Sometimes, Wind is howling and Rain is driving spears of Water across the land.

Sometimes, it will be still, with a solid Cloud cover; sounds are muffled then...the chimes from the Town Hall sound as if a huge, woolen blanket had casually been thrown over the Tower.

This night, however, it was cold and clear. The day just passed had been sunny, albeit not very warm, unless one stayed directly in Sun's light. And Wind held a sharp edge, promising Snow.

With the light just fading from the Sky, I saw the first Star. As a child would, and as I do every time I see the first pinprick of Light in the Heavens, I wished upon it. And as I finished my I do every time...I recited to myself..."Twinkle, twinkle, little Star, How I wonder who you are, Up above the World so high, Like a Diamond in the Sky!"

I chuckled to myself. I am often such a creature of habit. Had I not recited this verse, it would have unsettled me. And the last thing I want, these days, is to further give myself any anxiety, no matter how small!

I let my mind wander at will; then it was time to speak.

Spirit, I said, Life has been difficult these last few months. Many troubling events have occurred. Many times, You have heard me rant on about something or other, not accepting, not forgiving, becoming judgmental. Wanting what I want on my time, not Yours.

I know, too, Spirit, that You have forgiven me for those transgressions, those marks on my character. I know it is I who must forgive myself.

I have not had time for reflection, for wondering, for thinking. I miss the times in the Garden. You knew how badly I needed a day outside, didn't you? Thank You for the warm day You sent today; I dug and dug and dug, grounding myself with Mother Earth's help.

It feels, lately, as if I am on a roller-coaster ride. Up and Down and all over the place Sideways. Spirit, I thank you for the deep faith I have had the good fortune to build upon over the years. It is standing me in good stead.

Thank You for the synchronicity in my day-to-day living. I only have to think I want a parking place, and one appears. I only have to wish upon a Star. And sooner or later, when the time is right, my wish becomes reality.

This is your promise to me. And, Spirit, I know You never break promises. But, at times, I just have a little trouble remembering.

Please take away the negativity...the black, terrifying moods...the fearful what-ifs. Could You just help me find the joy? Could You help me find the balance in all these situations that crop up? And could You, just this once, take another look at the load You have given me to carry? Perhaps some of those big boulders could be shed.

And while I'm asking for such huge help, probably overstepping my bounds...could You see fit to add a couple of hours to each 24 hour day...perhaps make it a 28 hour day? That could work. Just so I'll have more time to write...

What's good for me is good for everybody else, too, Spirit. I'm not unique; can You please give all the other beings and Mother Earth, too, the answers they seek? The wisdom they need?

Could we maybe work on the fear and lack of faith I run into every day? I know the old adage..."When fear comes knocking, you don't have to let him in"... but every so often, it's quicker than me, and sneaks its insidious way inside...

I almost forgot. I wanted to tell You how thankful I am that we are receiving Your greatest gift...a new baby soul. But you already know all that.

In fact, You already know all of my wishes, needs, requirements, and goals. But I'm glad we had this talk. It reminds me that I'm not in charge of my life.

Wind sharpened, blowing a hard, cold gust. A flock of Geese, late back from their feeding grounds, flew, loudly honking, overhead. I shivered, knowing without a doubt, that it was still February...we were still in the grip of Winter.

My meditation with Spirit was done.


  1. That's beautiful, and I'm always astounded by the graphics you use. These took my breath away. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marion,
    Thank you for giving us an insight into your meditations. You have given us a lesson on what to be thankful for and what spirit has in store for all of us who take the time to let spirit guide us and help us and love us. When we live our life in this way then we live our life the way it is intended to be lived. When I get some quiet time tonight and I have my own inner journey with spirit then I will thank spirit for being there for me and all of us. I will thank spirit for friends that love me and enemies that give me the opportunity to love even the difficult individuals. I will thank spirit for your insight into this path we call life. then I will sing" Twinkle, Twinkle little star....."
    Peace and Happiness

  3. Thank you again, Marion. Your calming words almost make me think I'm meditating. Like you, I need to be close to nature periodically to get my batteries recharged.

  4. Thanks for visiting, Barbara!

    Dave, I hope you're feeling better. another one I use is Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I see tonight...Lol!

    Sheila, my thoughts are with you and your son...Take good care!

  5. Amen. I also am awaiting spring when new life blooms and gives us hope.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Despite your talk of dark feelings, there is always such peace in your writings. Hold fast to the feelings that new baby generates in you and when the dark times come, turn your back on them and feel again the joy you feel as a grandmother. Recall the Brown Bird and those tears of awe and gratitude and let those feelings be how you live.

  7. That is so beautiful. I was there with you on your cold, crisp night, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Thank you for sharing, best wishes, The Artist

  8. A beautiful post, Marion, and thanks for including us in it as well.
    "What's good for me is good for everybody else, too, Spirit. I'm not unique; can You please give all the other beings and Mother Earth, too, the answers they seek? The wisdom they need?" Many good wishes and hugsssssssssssss

  9. What a beautiful and serene post.I found myself roaming in the Nature.I felt myself quite relaxed after reading your post.My best wishes.

  10. Lorna,if I follow my belief that we are all connected, then what's good for me is pretty much what's good for every being.

    The Internet makes it much easier to connect with those folks we were meant to connect with, in this lifetime, without time and travel constraints.

    I am so glad I have the opportunity to meet so many people I would never have otherwise had the chance to meet.

    And every night, I keep you all in my prayers.

  11. Pauline, thanks for reminding me of the miracle of the Brown Bird...that event always brings joy to my heart!

    Nice to see you, Goatman! Spring is also determined; I look outside and see daffodils intently holding up their blooms, through the Wind and Snow!

    Artist, always a pleasure to have you with me!

    Surjit, how wonderful my words invoked relaxation in wishes back to you, my friend!

  12. Meditation always helps me to reconnect and focus and your post did that beautifully.

    What lovely photos too

  13. Scribbit, thank you for visiting! Meditations are awesome; bet you have wonderful wild country where you can connect with Nature in Alaska!

  14. I always have to give my self plenty of time to read and digest your posts Marion as there is always a deep meaning to them. they really are a direct opposite to my very brief and sometimes flippant entries.

  15. May our creator hear your beautiful prayer Marion!
    Wonderful post.


  16. Wonderful post from a woman at one with nature and the spirit Marion. When life gets hectic, its alway nice to take a step back and appreciate the natural beauty of our surroundings. After over a year of blogging I finally got round to adding some links to my blog. I enjoy my visits to your blog and would love to do a link exchange with you Marion. I've just added your link to my blog. I'm sure any visitors I get will enjoy visiting you as much as I do.

  17. Lovely writing, Marion. And oh, how I long for that 28-hour day you proposed!

    While I'm here: thanks so much for your kind words over at my blog--much-appreciated, I assure you!