Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dream Eagle

Last night, during my sleep, Eagle visited. Because Eagle has appeared to me so often in the last few weeks, I have a better idea of the physical aspects of the bird. And in my dream, Eagle flew towards me, as he and another did last weekend. This time, however, he landed in front of me, in the open field I was in.

In the dream, I was walking through a field filled with grasses and meadow flowers. I noticed the Himalayan Blue Poppy showing its unearthly sky blue flower here and there, with a strong patch just ahead of the path I was on. Daisies showed their faces to the Sun, waving gently in the slight breeze. The day was warm with very few clouds to obscure the sun. The field I was in had a few trees around the perimeter of it, but they were far in the distance. There was no obstacle at all on the path I was on; it led far out of my sight...straight and long.

I wondered...where did this path go? And what was I doing there...there were no houses, no other people, nothing that told me this was a place where I had been before. Nonetheless, I walked with a feeling of anticipation and freedom.

Quite suddenly, a shadow passed over me. I looked up...Eagle was flying just above me. He put on speed, circled and flew back towards me.

I had thought the Eagle that keeps me company when I'm in my garden was the biggest Eagle I had ever seen. But this Eagle was so large! His wingspan was triple the size of the earthly bird I commune with; the strength and power in this bird was unparalled. Strangely, I was calm and happy...not frightened at all.

His flight path towards me was slow and sure...the grasses and flowers parted as his body prepared to land. I stopped, the anticipation within me growing the closer he came. He settled down in front of me, blocking the path.

He allowed me to touch him. I ran my fingers over his wings; as my hands moved over his sleek body, sparkly lights moved and scattered all around. They were luminous... a phosphorescence of many different colours...violets, purples, blues and greens. As I stroked his feathers, as I marvelled over this beautiful bird, he turned his head and his eyes met mine.

There is nothing like an Eagle's eyes. They are so clear, dagger-like; there is no hiding from the knowledge, the wisdom and the sharpness of his gaze. He knew me to the very bottom of my soul and beyond time. I felt my body expand until I was compara
tively equal in size to this giant Eagle. I felt each cell inside me expand with the luminosity of colour that surrounded him. And it felt as if we were in a circle of expanded light particles...all the flowers in the field turned to dots of shivery light.

He gave me have the knowledge of the world, he said. I felt the challenge in his gaze, and something...some weight moved in my chest. He lifted his wing with a rush of air...and there, against his body, nestled a giant, brown- speckled egg. I felt myself lift this egg, this giant, heavy egg and hold it tight against my body. The hard, thick shell felt silky and soft to my touch. It felt eons old, a dinosaur egg. My arms were barely able to encircle it but I knew it was my responsibility, I knew I had to keep it safe.

Eagle, with a great burst of strength and movement of air, flew off. I watched him, the egg in my arms, as he moved with intense purpose back the way he had come. I noticed the egg was becoming was becoming a part of me. I continued to walk, as if I carried giant, speckled eggs every day, as if it was routine. But now there was renewed purpose to my step...suddenly I knew where I was going.

I woke up feeling completely balanced. I still feel as if I am holding this now feather light egg, which seems to be melting into my body. And I am filled with awe.

I am a big wuss...a 'fraidy cat. I am so surprised that I was not afraid or anxious at all in this dream. This Dream Eagle was huge, bigger than everything; anything of this nature usually makes me run for cover, and it's not because of any physical threat. The emotional part...that is what makes me run. Facing myself could make me run a marathon at times.

It will take a few days for the message here to become apparent. My dream of Lennix and all the Cats took a couple of weeks to percolate; my understanding of why I was dreaming of so many cats became obvious over this time. Cats are protection against conflict. When I had the dream, the conflict wasn't there, but it appeared in spades a few weeks after the dream.

I researched eggs in dreams on the Internet. Eggs, according to most sites, symbolize new beginnings, new ideas and new opportunities. These are generic explanations, however. I believe every dream is unique to the dreamer. On the other hand, these site give me a good starting point, when it comes to interpreting dreams. Dream Lover Inc. is one site that gives good interpretations...some a little different than others I've read. Eagles in dreams are also discussed.

Whatever. What matters is how I felt...that is always the measure of a dream, in my humble opinion. I felt strong, powerful and sure of my way, during the peace in a place of acceptance. And today, my creativity has been at an all time high. I am looking at everything in a totally new way.

An egg...the gift of the Eagle...has, for this moment and more, changed my beliefs and my viewpoint. Can there be a better dream than this?

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