Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Messages Hidden in the Garden

When Graham and I bought our new home, it was definitely what Real Estate Agents call "an emotional buy". We were both in transition, changing the whole of our lives, and doing it together. People commented on the golden light that seemed to be following us...we were both in awe of the synchronicity that happened on a daily basis. The Universe showed us there was no room for doubt of any kind in deciding to live our lives with each other.

So, when one of Gray's favourite renovated homes came on the market, we were not surprised...it was meant to be, and the home still feels absolutely right. Even after, as we sat on the stoop surveying the entirely devoid of plants backyard, enjoying our new home... a fence panel fell over. I heard Gray's mutter.

"The Money Pit..." he said.

How true this turned out to be! But how beautiful this gracious home is turning out to be...we're turning the clock back to when she was built, in the 1940's. I had a blank slate to create a brand new landscape...to plant intuitively, with no questions asked. It was a wonderful new way to plan a garden.

As a result, I 'know' each and every plant...its likes and dislikes, its way of being.

I find messages in the garden. I will ask for guidance from my guides and allies, before I work amongst the plants, and the answers are given. I can be positive of that. I did not always catch the drift, if you know what I'm saying. But I'm learning and becoming much, much better at reading the messages left for me.

One such message appeared the other day. I had asked my guides if a project I was considering with Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls was the propitious way...was this the path I was to follow?

As Gray and I dug a rock out of the garden, we found a round stepping stone, in perfect condition, protected by a foot of turf and dirt for who knows how long. And on the face of the stone was what I at first perceived to be a spiral...but as the dirt washed off, it turned into a happy face, with Happy Day written across the top!

I love it when the communications from my guides are so easy to read! It makes the laughter bubble up inside, even now as I write about my reactions to seeing the message written on Stone. My desire to keep the messages simple has also been heard.

If I ever needed confirmation that my guides are listening, this message was it.

With this message, I believe Shaman Maggie's Life Healing Community is off to a great start...and that Graham and I are meant to be part of it.

This house and the surrounding property seems to have been built by someone who was a wise man or woman. There is a purpose to everything here...it is here that I have learned to listen so well to my intuition. I think because the home was intuitively laid out, to begin with.

And then there is Grandfather Tree. The sequoia, an unusual tree for this area, was struck by lightening, making his presence here even more powerful. It is here where I ask for aid...it is the most powerful spot in this garden. Here is where the answers are given.

And it is here where I placed the Happy Day Stone.

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