Monday, February 13, 2006

A Visit From Crow

On Thursday, a flock of crows descended on our house. I have no way of knowing how many there were, but it looked as if there were at least a hundred. They were lined up on the fence, they were grouped together on the roof, and Grandfather Tree was filled with them.

Lucky, my dog, is friends with a crow that visits on a regular basis in the summertime. His bark was joyous as he welcomed the group. Whether or not his particular crow was part of this flock is something only Lucky knows; they all looked alike to me.

It was a little eerie. The crows were silent. There was no cawing or raucous sounds of any sort. After I called the dogs in, I watched to see if they would land on the ground, but none did. They just sat on the fence, and it seemed as if they were watching the house.

Do you think, as I watched the crows, taking a photograph came to mind? Not a chance! After awhile, as I tried to listen to what the message was the crows were bringing to me, I went to the computer. The web pages Animal Totems and Life Paths both gave me quick, succinct information about Crow.

And I found another site where you can "generate" your animal totem. Crow City has an amazing amount of stories and information about Crow.

There have been many portents of change happening here recently. The order of our lives is about to undergo an upheaval. Crow has intuitive knowledge of the Universal Law, is known for shapeshifting, gives spiritual strength and is a very powerful messenger from Spirit.

One item I found was so interesting I copied it here...

"One curious feature of the behaviour of crows is their seeming capacity to hold 'courts' at which, by numerous accounts, they pass judgement and carry out summary execution of such of their numbers as, for some mysterious reason, they consider deserving of it. As Edward Stanley, the Victorian naturalist put it: In the Northern part of Scotland, and in the Faroe Islands, extraordinary meetings of crows are known to occur. They collect in great numbers, as if they had all been summoned, for the occasion; a few of the flock sit with dropping heads, and the others seem as grave as judges, while others again are exceedingly active and noisy; in the course of about an hour they disperse and it is not uncommon, after they have flown away, to find one or two left dead on the spot. Another writer (in Dr Edmonston's "Shetland Isles"), says that these meetings will sometimes continue for a day or two, before the object, whatever it may be, is complete. Crows continue to arrive from all quarters during the session. As soon as they have all arrived, a very general noise ensues, and shortly after, the whole fall upon one or two individuals, and put them to death; when this execution has been performed, they quietly disperse." Real Magic

The crows sat, quietly, exactly as if they were in council. After awhile, I meditated with them, and asked for an explanation. None was forthcoming. They were here for such a long while! What were they telling me? And how was I going to carry out their message to me if I couldn't figure it out?

I became frustrated... until I remembered to live in the moment and enjoy the opportunity to watch Crow's behavior up close. Some sat as still as sentinels; others hopped and flapped their wings. They were beautiful...glossy and black. Their curious button eyes watched me watching them out of the kitchen window. They could have looked ominous; instead, I felt great wisdom coming from the group lined up on the fence.

A miracle was happening right outside my home; and I almost missed it. Just because I was too intent on the why of it, or the how of it. The message didn't was given and would show up either in dreams, or in meditative moments, or visualizations. What was incredible, at just this moment, was how I felt as if I was part of the group.

Then, as one, they flew up into the sky, still silent, and as a group wheeled off to the east. And I thankfully found no dead crows, or anything for that matter, that would show they had been here in such numbers. Not a feather, or even any excrement. And no pictures, either.

They left peace behind. The world and the cacophony of daily life retreated for a bit, and the crows gave me a huge spiritual lift, made me live in the moment, reminded me there was more in this life than what we see on the surface.

What was the message? Maybe it was only to look deeper, to see the miracles as they happen. I'll keep you posted...

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