Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day has become a favourite, since I met Gray. He actually loves to show how much he cares...a rarity with the males in my life in previous years.

At first, receiving gifts was difficult for me, especially a Valentine's Day gift. Who could love me? I actually had thoughts like that. It was much easier to give.

But Graham persisted...and he never wavered, even when he had plenty of reason to wonder what he was doing with this lady who had her beliefs all backwards. His intent in showing me his love was strong...far stronger than my fear of being vulnerable, of allowing myself to be open to receiving it.

We weren't prepared for each other when we met. We both had different ideas of how to move forward, which path to take. We were both wounded by past experiences, both frightened of another relationship. Had it been left to us, we may have passed each other by. But the Powers...the Powers shook their heads, wearily, and stepped in with so many synchronistic events, it became humourous.

And we finally agreed our love was too large to fight...and why were we? But that didn't mean we immediately shed our past fears. That took work, constant communication as Gray dispelled many of the beliefs I had learned about love. He taught me it's much different with someone who loves you back.

Valentine's Day is right up Graham's alley. He presented me with my favourite perfume...a lavender based scent from Guerlain. And a wonderful card that said he wasn't prepared for someone as incredible as me! Can you imagine? It's hard to keep beating myself up, when I have Graham in my corner, forcing me to see a different reality.

Tonight, I am making Duck breast in Citrus sauce, with Warmed Goat Cheese Spinach Salad, and brown rice for dinner with Raspberries for dessert. I am a passionate cook; tonight I will transfer some of that passion into the dinner...infuse love into every bite.

St. Valentine's Day...once just another day, one noted with the obligatory chocolate heart or flowers...becomes much more, when you're celebrating the sureness of a love, instead of fear of the outcome.

I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day, one where you all celebrate the security and total confidence in a love or a passion in your lives!

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