Monday, February 06, 2006

Healing Ways

When Graham practices Reiki on a client, the house itself feels as if it receives the energy. The dogs sleep, more relaxed than they have been all day. There was a frenzy of cleaning this being Monday. After a weekend of rain and wind, with big dogs' feet slopping about, and enough dog hair to stuff a mattress lying on every surface, I had to clean.

And the dogs have to see what I'm doing every minute. Usually, I'm in my office, and they lay around my feet. But today, I was busy, dust and dog hair flying (got some in my eye...the lid is swollen and sore, even after washing it out, and placing a cool chamomile tea bag on it) so there was no lying around today. They were filled with anticipation, recognizing the preparations.

Now Lucky and Nate are soaking in the great energy that permeates every nook and cranny of this home, especially when Graham gives a Reiki treatment. Candles lit, the fireplace winking its warmth across the room, and Deva Premal's "Love is Space" or one of the Reiki (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is my favourite) CD's playing softly, the living room turns into a space that enfolds and comforts. Flowers in the window alcove bring the outside in, scenting the air with the luscious lily (only one! allergies!) roses, and stocks...all in varying shades of yellow.

When I realized it was Monday and delivery day for flowers is Tuesday for the florist I use, I knew I would have to be creative. Qualicum Beach Florist advertises exceptional customer service, and they really deliver on their promise. There were not many choices left, after a busy weekend, but the florist and I put together a wonderful bouquet, adding three bright yellow sunflowers for added punch.

I heard Abundantia's coins (Abundantia) and felt her presence. My gaze was directed upward, and there,hanging on the wall, was a pussy willow wreath. It was the first one I'd ever seen. I have worked with willow branches, but the patience and love required to intertwine them with the pussys on them boggles my mind. It was absolutely loaded, still, with those warm, soft silver-grey buds.

Pussy willows and I go back a long, long way. I asked the price, knowing this item was definitely not on my list or budget. But it was extremely reasonable, and with hindsight, why was I surprised? Abundantia was with me, after all. I felt her joy, as I paid, dispelling the 'oh, why did I buy this!' feeling I usually get when I buy something not intended.

And the wreath is perfect on the front door, welcoming Spring's advance. According to Tree Totem, all parts of the willow tree guard aginst evil. Willows are very empathic and caring, intuitive, and inhabit the world of water, or feelings. Willow is a very old, dear friend, one who, once again, seems to be sending her message to me to follow my intuition, rather than cold, clear logic. (To be logical is rarely something I ever experience, let alone cold and clear!) She is the one telling me to trust my inner voice; she tells me I become moody and a procrastinator when I don't.

And, Willow's leaves and bark yield salic acid, a principal component of aspirin. A remedy I may have to take to soothe the pain in my eye. One of my beliefs is that there is always a source of healing close by...if I am aware and listen to intuition. And have faith in my guides' direction.

Graham is a Karuna Reiki Master who practices and teaches. I am a Level 2 practitioner who sometimes practices on people. Mostly I use my Reiki knowledge on the pets we have, and in day-to-day situations. It is an incredible tool, one that anyone can learn and use.

There are different ways of healing and using the tools and gifts we are all given. I am learning to use Shamanic tools. To that end, I use my creative gifts, in building a sanctuary from an ordinary living room. I use balance and healing colours, natural materials and a sense of flow. I listen to intuition as I place each piece, working closely with my guides. If I know the client at all, I will place a colour or a crystal in the room that resonates within the person.

The living room then becomes a power where people feel the peace and serenity that is given by the Reiki treatment, and by the care with which they are treated. It is one of my gifts; it complements Graham's healing gift.

Monday...just another day on the Shamanic path...

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