Friday, February 17, 2006

Crystal Wand

A couple of birthdays ago, Gray gave me a crystal wand. As soon as I opened the package and held it, I felt the vibrations it was sending clear down to my toes. This wand and I were meant to be together.

I use it when I give Reiki. The wand lets me know where the blockages are...where I should concentrate the healing by the vibrations and colour changes that happen within it. The round crystal ball at the end of it can be used for scrying; it also works very well for massaging a sore muscle. And the ball sends out energy equally in all directions from where it is applied.

The wand gets really hot at times. The bands of silver around it collect the heat from my hands, and hold it within. Moonstone, garnet and jade are set into the silver, imbuing the wand with their own characteristics. Inside the crystal, stringy fault lines and a large occlusion at the tip are useful to focus on during meditations...they also hold records of past lives. Depending on my mood when I meditate with it, the occlusion changes from a dragon to a serene, peaceful scene of water and mountains.

The Wand has rainbows in it, signifying joy and happiness. These rainbows are caused by thin fractures within the wand, and are useful in treating depression. One end of the wand is a point, which focusses energy into a beam. Pointing the wand away from the body draws away negative energy, and pointing it to the body channels positive energy to the body.There are many good websites on the metaphysical properties of crystals; one such site I found interesting is Jennifer's Rock Page. I am also fortunate to own The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. She features over 200 crystals on the illustrated pages, with chapters on formation, uses in healing, including meditation, and shapes and their meanings.

When I received the wand, I slept with it under my pillow for a few months. I carried it with me during the day. I was programming it with my intent to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, in either myself or others. I used the wand daily; it glowed; it had a purpose. At night, I would wake up with my hand around it... and would feel the vibrations from it all the way up my arm. Wand showed me, as nothing else had to that point, that what could be considered inanimate was anything but.

Other crystals came into my life, and I learned each one's purpose and used it appropriately and intuitively. As a result, for awhile, my Wand didn't receive daily attention. It grew dull, the silver a bit tarnished. I lost track of all the sundry ways I used it, during my daily rounds. I no longer slept with it, forgetting quickly how easily I was able to interpret my dreams when I did so.

A couple of months ago, an urge inside made me pick it up and hold it, remembering what it had taught me. I polished and cleansed and re-programmed it. Wand, once again, is with me during my daily hours. The rainbows are becoming more apparent; the vibrations are stronger. I learned a lesson...if you don't use it, you lose it.

This applies to all areas of Shamanic practice...a reminder from Wand to use the tools and gifts we have been given on a daily basis. There is so much to learn, so many new things to try. I have to remember where the urge to do this work came from in the first place...

Simple, isn't it?


  1. I received my crystal wand yesterday.. Im only 18 and Im not sure what drew my attention to it in the shop, uit was on the very bottom shelf almost completely hidden, but I was meant to have it.
    When I read that you slept with it my heart jumped. I had such and urge last nigh to hold that wand whilst I slept, but I didnt. I cant shake off the feeling that this wand is more then just a pretty decoration even though Im very skeptive of the powers of crystals. I've decided I will not hold back next time, I shouldve slept with it, I will tommorrow, after I cleanse the wand on a cluster of crystals in the moonlight. What am I doing? This is crazy, but I cant ignore these urges. I found the wand. The wand found me. Ive been amazingly attracted to it. I took it out with me last night. I cant stop staring at it. Theres something behind this i want to find out what.

  2. Milly,

    The wand itself holds energy that is telling you it is not just a pretty ornament. You will find, if you fall asleep with it in your hand, your hand will be vibrating when you wake.

    But there is plenty of time, and if you just place it under your pillow for a week or a month...there are many stories it will bring to the front of your consciousness.

    Look up crystals on the 'net...there are many sites that explain in detail what different crystals will do.

    Congratulations on finding your first wand!