Friday, March 04, 2011

A Weekend of Awakenings

Both of us were consumed with excitement as we drove to the Island from our  home in the Cariboo. Two babies were waiting to meet us, two very small girl babies. And there were all the rest of the family, as well...we hadn't seen any of them since before Christmas.

Far too long...

Our first stop, after leaving the Island ferry, was the hospital. It was so great to see Kimeesha and Scott, both wearing wide, proud grins. The babies were in the ICU neonatal unit, attached to feeding tubes, in order to bring their weight up.

Oh! How lovely the two of them were, curled up together in the with a yellow hat and one with a pink.

They looked completely identical to me, both with black hair delicately framing tiny shell-like ears. How feather light they each were in my arms! It was such a blessing to wrap my arms around each one of them. I was privy to that wonderful newborn baby scent, as I held them close.

We battled a Snow Storm the next morning on our way to see the of those sudden Coastal Storms that can blanket the Island with a foot or two of Snow in a matter of hours. We were caught up in a traffic jam, only just escaping the closure of the highway by taking an alternate route, which was also closed soon after we detoured.

It was one of those days where I was extremely grateful that we both knew the area well enough to take that detour, otherwise we may not have spent as much time as we did with the babies.

Kimeesha was sent home from hospital before the babies were ready to leave. It was difficult for her to leave the twins behind; she goes in each day to feed and bathe and love...

And then we travelled to Port Alberni, where the rest of our family lives. We spent a whole day with Brianna, who caught us up on her life...her soccer, school, and her friends. And we had an evening spent baby sitting Graydon...he managed to get his Granda to read four books before bedtime, rather than just the usual one.

We had the most amazing birthday party!  My dear family gave me a truly creative gift. There were little notes decorating each individually wrapped present, all held in a dark brown wicker basket that contained so much love. 

And then, my daughter Heidi was sent off to have lunch and a pedicure, while my son-in-law and his brother cooked all of us a scrumptious barbecued Roast of Beef, with all the trimmings, as a surprise for Heidi. 

It was a day filled with good energy and much laughter. It was a day to remember, that day when I turned the corner to sixty and my daughter embraced her fortieth decade.

I have to say the beginning of a new decade feels full of anticipation for me. In my quieter moments, I wonder what the next ten years will hold...

I know with each passing day I awaken a little more.

The quote on my family's birthday card that was given to me states..."I'll do my dreaming with my eyes wide open, and I'll do my looking back with my eyes closed."...Clay Walker

It's a perfect reminder for me! Let me tell you, the quote quite made me gulp.

It really is time to dream forwards...

The twins will be home with Scott and Kimeesha on Saturday. I know they have already changed, from the delicate preemie newborns I had the greatest of privileges to meet.

Just as Graydon and Brianna change, from one visit to another, so shall these two.

It is the way of things. Heh.

It truly was a weekend of many awakenings...


  1. Lovely post!
    Congratulations :]

  2. What a POST! Lovely Girls! Lovely Family!
    And.....alas, I missed your birthday, dear Marion. I was swept up in a tide of sadness - then, I landed a job and have been working....

    I meant to ask you for your home address and e-mail.... you can leave it on my blog if you like....(my e-mail is:

    Anyway.....HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to a wonderful, warm and witty woman! I hope your day was wonderful....and seeing these photos - I kNOW it was!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. What adorable little dolls. I'm so glad you were able to hold them and absorb that sweet baby smell. (The smell that adults have to work very hard to maintain.) :-)

    Happy birthday. I love families that come up with creative ways to mark special occasions.

  4. oh marion. this makes me so damn happy and i know that is because i care so much about your happiness. they are precious, marion. Oh my god, beautiful precious.

    happy 60th. i'm glad it's a decade with both of us walking the path side by side. lucky me.


  5. Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! Oh sweet little ones. Blessings, soft touches and tender kisses are are flying your way.

  6. What a wonderful birthday celebration with new babies to snuggle and your family - just delightful to read about. Those babies are gorgeous and so is their mom (who looks so YOUNG!). Happy Birthday Marion and wishes for many more happy birthdays

  7. You are blessed with a bounty of beautiful people in your life, Marion. The tiniest ones will be wrapping themselves around your heart for years to come. And I love the capture of the gleeful jumping children. I’m sorry the snow fell at such an inconvenient time but you knowing the area certainly must have helped. As always thank you for sharing your journey with inspiring visuals and words.

  8. Kimmie,

    Thanks for dropping's really nice to see you!


    I had the greatest of I'll never forget! I hope to get an email off to you today, sweetie...and congratulations on your new job!!


    Babies and puppies...both of these have a scent I adore! It's been awhile since I've held a small, snuffling puppy though. I tend to take those home, making holding puppies more dangerous than babies, heh!


    Our babies are simply adorable! They are home now...we're waiting to hear how they are all getting on. One first baby is hard enough...two will be an experience, for sure! They will all grow accustomed to being really busy for awhile, with multiples.

    I find it quite odd that I've reached the age of 60. Unbelievable!! xoxo

  9. Annie,

    Thank you...your words portray exactly what it felt like when I saw the twins!


    Oh dear. I knew I should have labelled the photos...the young lady is my granddaughter, Brianna, and she IS young...she's 16! And she would be quite horrified at the thought of being a mother, hahahaha!

    The group of children are my niece Jenna and nephew Dawson through marriage and the little one is my grandson Graydon. The rest of the photos are of our twin baby girls.

    I haven't had time to snuggle with the little ones a whole lot, since they were in hospital under hospital rules when I was at the Coast. But it is one thing I am looking forward to...nothing like a snuggle with a baby, unless there are two!

  10. aka Penelope,

    I love this sentence.."The tiniest ones will be wrapping themselves around your heart for years to come." No kidding, I don't think there is anything better than that!

    They were so thin when we first saw them and we heard last night that they took a full feeding each. We are waiting to hear how the first night went...I so wish I was there!

    Next time we see them, in a couple of months, their tiny cries will have developed into full blown, loud crying...something to be said for small lungs!

  11. What a love-filled post - a joy to read. Such beautiful babies! So glad you got to see and hold them and forge that bond that begins at the beginning of time.

    Happy Birthday too!

  12. Marion, I am late again, but I am so happy for you and those little boo's are darling and that last photo with the big smile, made my heart glad. Happy Happy Birthday too!! I know it was the best.xoxo

  13. marion, oh! so happy for you! ah meh zing! twin girls! and so so tiny and cute. your best birthday ever! what a wonderful wonderful year this is going to be.

  14. Pauline,

    Thank you so much for your comment on my last post...I never did answer it because of all the huge activities I've been part of lately. I'm glad to hear you have been receiving signs lately, as well...doesn't matter that they are obscure, something is definitely up!

    The twins are truly lovely...I wonder how it will be for their parents during their teenage years. Double trouble, heh! It was really an exciting time. They are home now and it will be a huge adjustment for everyone, including the family dog!

    Annie Coe,

    Oh my goodness...I'm sure someone will say that smile is just gas, but I'm so glad Kimeesha captured it with her camera! It won't be long until there will be many smiles...I can't wait to hear that baby laughter times two!


    Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. It was so great to receive them amidst all the joy that was going on, made receiving your email doubly wonderful!

    And I believe you are absolutely right...this is going to be a year to remember!! Another birthday to celebrate at the same time as my daughter Heidi's and mine...that'll be a great party next year, for sure!

  15. What a joyous post! And many congratulations to you on your birthday, the arrival of the new babies and all those awakenings! Wonderful!

  16. oh Marion, where did my long comment go? :(

    I'm not sure I can regurgitate let me just leave my heartfelt blessings on this wonderful occurance! Look at them in that top photo. Be still my heart.♥

    Blessings and love to all of you, new and already established :)

    May light shine on those babies their whole life through.


  17. Nicky,

    Thanks so much! The babies are home now and doing well, although I gather their parents are not getting much sleep.

    I remember the feeling of walking around like a zombie, when my babies were newborns!

    Studio lolo,

    Sorry, lo...I've been having problems with Google...there are a few other commenters who had difficulty posting here and let me know by sending an email.

    I hope the problem has fixed itself.

    Right now, the only one who can really tell the difference between the two babies is their mother. They are growing more and more alike, the older they get. I could watch them for hours, wondering how they will get on in life...these two who look so alike!!

  18. Congratulations Marion on your two beautiful additions to your family. I am so pleased they are healthy and well. I am missing my little grandson something fierce as he turns one on Friday. I finally got Skype hooked up so I get to watch the celebrations on Friday!!

    Wasn't that a snow storm?! I am housesitting in Metchosin for six weeks and two days after I arrived "wham" winter is back with a fury! I am looking after a small garden farm with 100 chickens, guinea fowl, emus, peacocks, three cats and a kuvas(dog). It has been a challenge with frozen pipes, collapsing net roofs, predators(eagles and raccoons)and very fickle weather but it is a joy two watch spring fight her way to life.
    Have you returned home yet or are you still on the island? Take care and safe journey.

  19. What a fantastic birthday week you had Marion and I can only think you are in for a wonderfully busy fun filled decade*!*

  20. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope the twins are flourishing at home!

  21. Congratulations on such beautiful arrivals. :)

  22. Beautiful babies!
    Both my babies were preemies too (three-and-a-half pounds, and four-and-a-half) but fortunately with the second one there was a hostel attached to the hospital so it was easy to be with him for the five weeks he remained there.
    The firstborn, though, had to be left there as I didn't live far from the hospital. Still I remember the wrench it was to leave him there the first time I left the hospital. Even though I knew he was in good hands, I wept all night. And the following weeks were tough too; you live around the time spent at the hospital. So I feel for your daughter; it all comes back to me when I read your post.
    Tell her to bank up her sleep -- she'll need it when those little ones get home!

  23. I have tried and tried to answer the comments I hadn't answered here and each and every time, it's been gone berserk!

    Thank you all for taking the time to send all the good wishes. I miss the family badly this time around, but will get to see them again at Easter.

    Both babies are home now and gaining weight daily. Kimeesha and Scott are both well, albeit very tired! But it was difficult for both of them to leave the babies at the hospital, so things are becoming much more normal now.

    I'm going to hope this short answer will post. Thank you all again! xo

  24. A belated happy birthday, sorry I missed it again and I shouldn't seeing mine is so close to yours. Glad to see what a great time you had.

    The twins are so very cute, thanks for great photos.