Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Freshening Wind

It doesn't seem as if Winter will ever release his hold. The weather has been cold, with gale force Winds. The Wind dries the Snow left on the ground, only to bring in another Storm with Snow to replace what has melted and dried.

Yesterday, nevertheless!...there were hints of Spring borne on the Wind, which came from the South. I imagined the sweet soul-inspiring scents of Daffodils, Narcissus and Crocus blooming on the Island swirling around and into my very core.

It lifted my spirits, those imagined scents.

I have allowed myself to drift into a small funk. Many things contribute to it...homesickness for my family, the weather, being house-bound because of the incessant Ice and Snow. An unfair betrayal which has occurred didn't help either. Upcoming medical procedures, none of which are pleasant, are in the back of my mind, as well.

And then there is the Earthquake and Tsunami crisis in Japan...

It was time to move on. Wind, blowing so strongly, with gusts which almost lifted me off my feet, propelled me back into my dusty, hair-ball filled house.

I felt a surge of energy, something sadly lacking over the last while. I pulled out the vacuum cleaner, the dust cloths, the myriad items required to do a thorough Spring cleaning.

I moved furniture, changing their usual place. I pulled items out of closets, intent on finding either designated spots for them or donating to the Salvation Army.

The Dogs slept, hardly disturbed at all by the chaotic activities. Winter has been difficult on our aged Dogs...Nate has lost an incredible amount of weight, after his last illness. Lucky's ears bother him in extreme cold and Wind. I was happy to see them dreaming the rest of the Winter away...

I worked hard, using muscles whimpering for hard exercise. Walking outside right now is dangerous...there is hidden Ice everywhere. Yogic stretches done inside don't have the same power, for me, as a fast walk along the Animal paths on the Land does, or even a meander around and about with camera in hand.

As I worked, I decided I would concentrate fully on the task at hand, instead of re-thinking events in the past.

How serene staying in the complete present was! Right then, right now...I was and am happy.

I remember, as well, to dream forward, to dream of a contented future. I remember how grateful I am to have the beautiful family I have, all of them doing very well. I remember how amazing it is that all my needs are met, on a daily basis.

How awe-inspiring it is when I have a thought or a need to have my wish or dream filled almost instantly!

Synchronicity happens often, startling me sometimes. It will only be a matter of a small amount of time before I will be in a place closer to the family...I feel the reassurance well up from deep inside.

I remember to send prayers and Reiki blessings to the country of Japan, so beleaguered by Mother Nature right now. I allow sadness which drifts across the Ocean to envelop me for a moment, wanting so badly to hold and give surcease from pain and grief to all...

In the wake of all this cleaning and dreaming of an uncomplicated and happy future, I find I feel well today. I have decided to have a spa day...I am going for a facial and a haircut. I have done my nails, sorely in need of help. I even...cut...my toenails, an unbelievably difficult thing when pain from arthritis in malformed toes hampers me. And tomorrow, I have an appointment for massage therapy...it will put me back into balance, as painful as it is.

All is not perfect, whatever perfect is...I don't know that it can ever be, with factors beyond my control popping up on a continuous basis. But it is pretty damn near.

A kick in the proverbial butt works wonders, when one is sitting a little too long on the pity pot...


  1. When the winter is long and times unsettling, cobwebs and dusty memories play with our minds. I like your ideas about dreaming forward to a contented future … not just for us but for the entire globe. Sometimes our thoughts are like our surroundings and need to be refreshed.

  2. marion, a long, long winter can have this effect on most anyone! Enough already. I love that you did an early spring cleaning that lifted the doldrums for a spell. And yes, being in the present is such a gift. Staying focused, being here.

    I'm sorry you were betrayed (I felt defensive reading that) and I'm sorry you have medical procedures ahead. I hope they're just routine.

    I can't wrap my head around the tragedy in Japan. It's too big to know where to start. And I believe our moods are fears are being tested here because of it. How can the world not be affected in some way?

    I keep thinking of the Mayan calendar now that you brought it up. Oh my. That's another thing I can't/won't process right now.

    Sending hugs, love and light to Cariboo! Give those sweet dogs your loving reiki touches like only you can do! And I'm so glad you're going to have a spa day. You deserve it!


  3. A gorgeous post Marion! I love how you did some Spring Cleaning for your outer self and for your inner self! After this long, on-going Winter - and all of the tragic chaos around the world, some small sense of cleanliness and "order" does help.....Doesn't it feel empowering to be content "in the moment" - and not be thinking of past or future?

    Enjoy that massage - it sounds heavenly!

    I hope the snows begin to melt, the flowers begin to emerge from their slumbers - and your wonderful doggies feel warmer and more engerised!

    Love to you - always,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Be well Maid M, it sounds like there are pre-spring (or late winter) doldrums going around but you know how to get yourself through them.

  5. That last bit made me laugh, it is too true.
    Your posts are always so wonderful Marion, always make me think. I wish you well and blessing with whatever medical things are coming up. Love and hugs. xoxo

  6. hello hello :)

    i owe you a comment here and i'll be back to blab abit. but for now, i;m leaving a heartfelt smooch.


  7. aka Penelope,

    Emotions run high when there are huge catastrophes adding to the mix. For me, it feels a lot better to think good thoughts, sending positive vibrations rather than becoming all balled up with the negative. I just have to remember that when life throws me a curve... xo

    Studio Lolo,

    Thanks so much for such an upbeat and supportive comment, lo! That betrayal has been dealt with and the medical stuff is routine but yucky...colonoscopies are like that, I've been told, heh, heh! I'll wait a while before I schedule them.

    The dogs are Reiki hounds; they are continuously, this Winter, wanting more and more treatments. I'm glad it gives them comfort.It's been a tough winter here and everywhere, really! xo

  8. Robin,

    You are such a sweetie...a complete inspiration to me! Your comments are so loving...each and every time.

    Spring will burst soon, as it does here...one day will be cold and Icy and the next will be balmy. March is not the greatest month up here for me...the itch to work outside can become enormous!

    Patience, patience, patience, yuck!


    Katie May,

    Thanks, sweetie, I know the weather is very similar to here in the Prairies. But then, I watch how cold it is in Japan and get a wake up call. The people there have no shelter, etc. It could be so much worse for me...xoxo

  9. Annie Coe,

    I've been loving your new little vases, Annie...that was a great way to get through the last part of this Winter.

    Yesterday, the temps really went up...I was actually perspiring when I got in my car which was parked in the Sun. It's been a long time, it seems to me, since that happened...only last Summer, but memories run short around here! xoxo


    We had such a good conversation yesterday! I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it and that I am really hoping everything went well for you yesterday.

    Lordy...the end of Winter makes everything just a little harder to bear.. xoxo

  10. I am amazed at your activity. I am terrible in Winter and spend the coldest days snuggled up with the cat under the duvet, reading.

    Sorry to hear Nate and Lucky are feeling their old age.

    Anyway Spring at your end of the world isn't far away and soon you will be able to walk with the dogs on those wonderful trails around you discover all the marvels of them all over again.

  11. Spring is well and truly here now.....I had to get the suncream out whilst on a cycle ride the other day.