Monday, February 21, 2011

Kaleelah and Keauni!

We received the call at six AM. on Sunday morning. The twin babes were not going to wait any longer...they were on their way!

I wish we had arrived in time; we are on our way to the Island on Tuesday. But those two little girls were tired of waiting for Grandpa and Grandma...they're letting us know in no uncertain terms that patience may not be their long suit.

In my Cosmic horoscope from this morning, the writer had this to say:

"Today's psychic thunderstorm includes Mercury uniting with Mars (2:45PM PST) and Neptune (5:08PM PST) while Mars also unites with Neptune (8:18PM PST) - all of this happening at 29 degrees of Aquarius. Some of you may recall that on December 13, 2010, we had a triple union of Mercury, Mars and Pluto in early Capricorn. That was quite a handful.

There's no telling how a Mercury, Mars and Neptune trinity will influence each person - let alone humanity. And then consider all the souls being born around the globe having this union of three primary planets at the same degree of the zodiac in their birthcharts. Any one of these three alignments is an enormous powerhouse for potential illumination."  

So. It seems these two may be "enormous powerhouses" with Mercury, Mars and Neptune in their charts!


Some time has passed since I began this post. The babies were born at 8 AM, both weighing 5 lbs 11 oz, by Cesarean section. Both are well, as is Kimeesha, their mother. And Scott...our Scottie is now a father! Of twins, for goodness sake!

This has truly been a miraculous morning. 

Speaking of miracles, there were an awe-inspiring lot of them sent from the Universe last week.

With the arrival of the twins, it is way too difficult to decipher them mind is scrambled. I want to list them here; in all ways, they were simply extraordinary.

The weather has been very cold again...another Arctic front has slid upon us once more...and this makes some of the sightings rather strange.

The first was a huge Daddy Longlegs Spider who decided to visit, just as I came out of the shower. This felt right in one way...her message is courage. But where did she come from? She most certainly was not there when I went into the shower!

I placed her in the garage, where she might at least have a chance of surviving until Spring. Had I put her directly outside, she would have frozen in a mere minutes.

The next was the Moth. She visited in the dark of night, when dreams hold sway. She batted at my face until I woke up...or at least I thought I woke up...rather irritated and swatting at the Moth. I recall seeing what looked like white feathers falling to the floor as I batted the quite large white Moth away, wondering where all these Insects were coming from in the middle of a very cold Winter.
But there were no white feathers on the floor the next morning and certainly, no sign of the Moth. I had been dreaming.

Then there were the lights, in the middle of the day, in the Sky. I was out on the deck on a sunny afternoon...still very cold, but almost cozy in the warmth of the Sun, dreaming about one thing or another when coloured lights, beautifully coloured streaming lights, danced across the Sky.

I stared, open-mouthed. What was it? I have seen Aurora Borealis lights, when I've visited friends in Saskatchewan, but never in the brightness of an afternoon. Those lights were similar to what I was seeing, but oh! these were so much brighter than my memory of them.

I was mesmerized. I wanted my camera, but I didn't want to leave the colours in the Sky, not even for a moment. And then, oh wow! an Eagle flew across the colours. So close he was, so very close to me...I stared into his eyes, just as he locked eyes with me.

I could not believe it. With the cold temperatures, I have not seen a Bird anywhere, let alone a Bald Eagle. In the Summer, Eagles will circle above our home, and it is not unusual to see him then.

But this big Bird appeared from nowhere, looking at me, and then flying directly into the lights, until he was only a tiny pinprick in the distance.

It sounds delusional, when I talk about it. It is such a cliche. An Eagle flying across Northern Lights? In the Winter? Even I might ask for a break on that one. But it is true.

There were others who saw the lights; I was not the only one by any means. But no one saw the Eagle fly past...

Eagle was my mother's Totem.

It is enough, right now, that I am aware of all the special occurrences. And that I have remembered them here.

And now it is time to pack for the trip to the Island. It is time to gather myself for meeting two new souls who have arrived. Kaleelah and Keauni...twin Pisces babies, with a Life Path number of 8.

The same as me.

I think that's quite miraculous, all on its own!


  1. Fantastic for you all. Funnily enough I bumped into a mother with twin girls in a push chair, this morning whilst shopping. One baby is hard work , but two....I'm sure you will spoil them rotten.

  2. Congratulations to you and yours, Marion! You write so beautifully about the wondrous nature of new life being born. And twin births, no less! There is great excitement in your world and all creatures seen and unseen in heaven and earth are clearly rejoicing!

  3. Oh my! Congratulations...those babies are so lucky to have you in their lives! Such wonder...the Universe speaks to you and the little ones answer the call. When they are a little older I'm sure they will have plenty of stories to share with you. xo

  4. I'm so happy for you! Not one gift, but two!
    And the thing with the lights and the eagle ... wow.

  5. Marion, I am a bit late, but Congratulations!
    By now you are on your way! All of this is so magical, I love that the Universe spke and you heard her. The Eagle is my totem too. I hope the trip was as wonderful as I know it is. xoxo

  6. wowwowwowwowwowwowowwowwowow.


    i am so happy for you. you will hold and kiss those little fingers and feet and be transformed. you know you will.

    i kept looking for my name and appearance in all these 'sightings', because you know why. somehow i am (gratefully)nearby.

    and my last comment: oh that ending line. YOUR life path number? what adventures ahead.

    safe travels, marion. ♥

  7. Congrats on the two new bundles of joy. Don't spoil them too much! - Margy

  8. I'm so thrilled for you!! And mum and dad and everyone else of course! How wonderful, they really are lucky to have you, you must be thrilled to bits, big hugs and lots of love to the new arrivals! xxx

  9. Wonderful news about the twins and all the portents. Twins are the best! I have twin nephews that I adore, and they were a joy growing up - I treasured every minute.

    wish I could have seen that eagle and the lights - how gorgeous it all sounds.

    Cuddle those delicious babies

  10. congratulations. this is so exciting. and all these beautiful omens to welcome the dear ones to this life.

  11. congratulations! such wonderful news! twin girls! and what beautiful names. i'm sure you'll have the best of times ever with the little ones.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS DEAR MARION! How wonderful! (((cries grandma tears)))

    Good luck to them both!

  13. Oh Marion, love and blessings to those two little life forces ;)

    I'm with Suki. I think eagle, spider, moth and the lights were messages from someone letting you know, they know. How magical and wondrous!

    Congrats to all!!


  14. Happy Birthday sweetie, I want to make sure I get the time zone right so am going for evening here lol , have a wonderful time, I know you will :))) xxx

  15. I can only imagine the excitement of the twins' arrival. Indeed, what wonderful news! I wish I visited more often for I am nearly always rewarded!

  16. Thank you all so much! I have limited access to a computer this time around and so comments have been posted later than apologies!

    The babes are overused word I know, but there are few others I know to describe how truly awe inspiring these two little ones are. They are so LITTLE...even though they were almost six pounds each.

    The babies are still in hospital until they eat a full feeding at a time. Kimeesha has been sent home and goes in to breast feed the two every few hours. Both parents have been described as "naturals" by the nurses. They are both doing a fantastic job with the twins! Seeing Scott, with his big hands, delicately washing those tiny bodies brought tears to my eyes, each time!

    The twins have lots of black hair, neither one less or more than the other. There are differences, I have been told, but it is really hard for me to tell. Kaleelah is more demanding, I think, and Keauni accepts more readily. Keauni is the youngest, I think, by a few seconds.

    Of course, it is difficult to really know the twins until they leave the many rules and regulations govern their stay. I feel as if I have spent only a few minutes with the babes, but along with everyone else, my wish for more time will have to wait.

    Accepting the fact that the twins will still be in hospital by the time Graham and I will leave for the Cariboo is the hard part. We will next see them at Easter, which seems like a long way away...

    Ah well, you is better for the parents to find their way with the twins by themselves, without me sticking my nose in!

    Graydon, my grandson, will be four at the end of March. He's startled me a few times with his bright intellect...I believe he is destined for wonderful things in his life! And Bree has written a story which had me mesmerized and has granted me the permission to post it here. She will be my first guest writer...coming soon!

    On my birthday today, I feel full of gratitude. I wonder how I ever managed to have such a great family! But I do, and it is marvellous!

    Pictures of the twins will be posted soonest...

  17. What a wonderful post - all love and sightings and new babies and light! Congratulations on being a grandmother to twins- you will have twice the fun and twice the love!

    I love when signs come in such a natural way and yet unnatural, too, as though telling you that life is full of surprises. Some things are true even though they go against what we think we believe should be. My signs lately have been obtuse - a can cover in an odd place, the lines on my clothesline shaking wildly on an absolutely still day, music that no one else can hear... I'd rather an eagle and colors in the sky!

  18. Oh congratulations on their arrival Marrion - I'm coming back to read your words once I've got my must do's out of the way*!*

  19. How wonderful to have had all those wonderful sightings; dream or awake their timing has been perfect. The eagle and the coloured skyshow sound amazing.

    A Hawk recently locked eyes with me, I didn't have my camera and I doubt I would have broken that moment if I'd had it with me. I was sitting in the car waiting for the garage door when I idly glanced at a low branch and there it was. I saw it again on Tuesday morning in another part of the garden ... and it has twins. This time I managed to get a couple of photos.