Tuesday, February 01, 2011


"The time is now, the place is here. Stay in the present. You can do nothing to change the past, and the future will never come exactly as you plan or hope for."  Dan Millman 

Every year, close to my birthday, I check Dan Millman's book The Life You Were Born To Live for any insights into the coming year...this year being the year I turn 60.

I am a 26/8 number, meaning throughout the cycles in my life, I go through a two cycle, a six cycle and an eight cycle. But even though I retain these numbers throughout my entire life, there are other regular, progressive cycles through all of the primal energies expressed by the numbers 1 through 9.

So, in addition to my regular numbers, my birth numbers and life path numbers, the number of  this year in the nine year cycle will also influence my life.

This year, according to Dan Millman's book, I am in a fifth year cycle. This year, it is all about Freedom and Discipline. It is time for opportunity, of many options and choices. It's a time for celebration.

Sounds good. And then I went to the section of the book where the life purpose for the number 5 is dissected and explained. Mmmmm...not really all that good...

There are challenges associated with freedom and discipline. The freedom is inner...and I have not liked the word 'discipline' for most of my life. But here...here on this page it states..."Discipline is the key in that it provides the focus, commitment and inner strength that overcome lack or limitation".

So. Much as I dislike discipline, it seems I will have to apply it if I am to find inner freedom, and by finding that, I expect I will find outer freedom and adventure. But that word discipline fights with the word freedom, in my book.

And then...then I read that unless I apply focus and discipline, I will develop skills in many areas, but master none. I will skim across the surface of life, touching down in many areas, but ultimately never reaching the depths of any.

Hmmm...that sounds a lot like me. And I don't really like that.

In the book, Mr. Millman writes by deeply knowing one thing, we can know many things. He tells me that if I stay with one thing long enough, past the point of boredom, I will break through into the space where all fields connect.

Really? For much of my life, I have studied a subject, until I get bored. How about that!

And then, after I have mastered discipline and focus, I gather, I will find the opportunities, options and choices this year can bring. But I don't know for sure that I can get past the boredom.

So I looked up the Law of Discipline. And right there, on the first page is a quote from Julie Andrews. She states..."Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly."

Discipline, as defined by Mr. Millman,  is a habit of doing just a little more, going just a little deeper, staying with something, pushing through it. He says discipline recognizes that boredom means we are beginning to get it.

He tells me if my goal is bright enough, if I keep my eye on the bright light that signifies my goal off in the distance, I will manage to work through the swampy guck which threatens to muddy the strength and determination required to reach it. 

All very well and good...but first of all, I guess I'd have to find a goal...which I don't really feel like doing, in my 60th year. 

I'll leave that to the younger folks. But freedom...now, that sounds good.

I've been happy with my inner freedom; I believe, for me, I have figured my spirituality out. But I find, always, it is wise to check all the parts which make up...me.

I check my bodies. The spiritual body is in pretty good shape, I'd say. The mental body is neither good nor bad. The physical body is in poor shape and the emotional body is fair, right now, with the twins about to be born.

So the worst is the physical body. This is interesting because not long ago, after a few therapeutic massage sessions, I decided I wanted to take more control over the arthritis and fibromyalgia which plagues me.

With this in mind, I have been researching nutrition and different diets targeting my ailments. I have been eating differently, but it is all to easy to slip back into old habits...

So here, in this area, is where my focus will lie, this year. I shall see if I can break through the boredom which will surely arise, after a few months of trying a new way.


That's all it takes...


  1. What an insightful post, Marion. You paraphrased what other writers have said so clearly. I, too, once thought freedom was the opposite of discipline. Discipline can sound more like a jail term than freedom. As I matured and began raising a child, however, I realized what you express is profoundly true. If one wants the freedom to improvise when playing the piano, for example, it is far easier and more rewarding IF one first breaks the boredom barrier of learning how to read notes. Once that is accomplished the door to playing any type of music is wide open. Also, without discipline there is chaos which can easily be mistaken for freedom. :)

  2. 'trust in god but tie up your camel' :)

    ah marion, another insightful wonderful essay. and i'm here early this time!

    now that i KNOW you, i found myself almost laughing when you said you don't have or want a goal. the universe has already decided that for you, dear friend: you may need to hang around long enough to read the instructions but you have a role in life and it touches others. no bout adoubt it....

    as for the f---- %%^$@@ physical discipline, i'm walking that path with you, one baby step at a time.

    and as for discipline, in general, i do well with it, for example, when i assign specific hours for when i will write, when i stay on top of bills, when i make all those appointments i resist and resent. BUT i won't let discipline choke my spontananity. i'll draw a line every time if that starts to happen.

    i love this post and i will think about it alot today. how lucky i am to have a wise and loving friend who by the way also has the responsibility of magic and healing as part of her life plan.


  3. And intriguing read, Marion. I will have to settle myself in at Borders (or the public library) one day soon and peruse this book. Currently I'm reading Simple Abundance daily and it has been giving me similar insights on focus and discipline. There are so many avenues to explore that are so readable.

  4. Happy Birthday to you. You are really looking inward at this birthday. I love this sentence: "I check my bodies." And the way you honed in on the body that needs work. (I too am working at improving my diet).

    In Buddhist studies I engaged in, they said boredom is good. Nothing wrong with that.

    Maybe boredom indicates fear to go on and go deeper. I dont know.

    Maybe there is a better word to use instead of discipline. of course the word has many meanings but i think one often translates it as being corrected by another or told what to do for our own good.

    Anyway, thanks for taking us through your thoughts in the rabbit year. may your 60th be full of joy and many blessings.

  5. Millman has always been on my list of "must reads." I guess I should move him to the top!

    When is your birthday? I meant to ask you that before.
    I was born a #6. A nurturer, artist, healer. I guess it kind of fits ;)

    I love how you've chosen to use rabbits in this "year of the rabbit." Clever girl!

    I wish you well on the physical discipline. I'm wondering if the anti-inflammatory diet in the book "The Core Balance Diet" would help your issues? It mentions arthritis and fibro. You can do it for 2 weeks and if it helps, then you'll know what to eliminate to ease your inflammation and pain.
    I need to get back on it myself. It was wonderful when I was doing it!

    You can do it marion. And keep us posted on the twins!


  6. Marion, your posts are always informative - and inspiring! Tne more I learn about you, the more I am so happy to have met you!

    I confess to being completely ignorant about numbers, although I do know a little about astrological things ..... but I do enjoy reading all that you have written here.

    And I love the rabbit photos!!!!

    Stay warm and happy as you enter your Birthday time. (Can you let me know what actual day it is?)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. i love the pictures but where is one of me?


    emily rabbit

  8. aka Penelope,

    It was difficult to write this post. I was disappointed to find one of the buzzwords for this year is discipline. Mainly because I am not a disciplined person, I don't think.

    So I imagine, since Dan's book has been correct up to this point, that in some way an event involving discipline will come my way this year. I know I CAN be disciplined, but just as a child would, I don't really want to be.


    Thank you for this line..."BUT i won't let discipline choke my spontananity." I've always thought once a person became disciplined, all spontaneity flies out the window. And that is what I am not impressed with. I imagine disciplined people standing straight and tall and rather grim...heh,heh...just waiting for another goal to tackle. heh! xoxo


    Oh, do pick up the book. It is fascinating...it has made the rounds of a former doctor, a counselor, and many, many friends. It is the one book where someone will phone and say...will you look up such and such? xo

  9. Sukipoet,

    Boredom is good, in many instances. When I was bored as a child, my mother would tell me to go outside and watch the birds and insects. I did...and voila, no more boredom. It can be turned into constructive activity.

    You are wise, Suki...another word that I do like for discipline is order. I like order and isn't that strange. If someone was to say I lived a disciplined life, I would not like that. And yet if someone said I lived an orderly life, that would be just fine. Heh!

    Thank you, dear Suki! xoxo

    Studio Lolo,

    Dear lolo, I will email you to find out what makes up the number 6 for you. It interests me because for part of my life, and perhaps even yet, I was working the number 6, as well.

    I've heard of the core balance diet. Right now Graham and I are following the blood type diet, or I should say Graham is and I am following along. My blood type diet is the complete opposite of Graham's...it makes for interesting meals around here! Graham is losing weight on it and feels well, though.

    I'll let you know when the twins are born. I believe it will be the 24th of February; the twins are breech and there is no room for them to turn, so they will be taken by Cesarean. Oh! I am excited to see the new, little souls in our lives!! xoxo

  10. Robin,

    My birthday is on February 26, a Pisces through and through. And I am also a Rabbit, so this could be an auspicious year. I'm not so sure Rabbits are disciplined,though...


    kj (Emily)

    Dearest Emily,

    I didn't have a photo of you, for some reason, but I did have some of your relatives. I thought your uncle in the hat was very distinguished looking. And I loved your aunt and uncle dancing...it reminded me of you!

    Thank you for visiting, dear Emily, I do know how busy you are. Were y ou born during the year of the Rabbit?


  11. Marion: What a gift you've given in this brief scan of your life. I think many people have a hard time learning how to reflect upon their lives, but this post is a brilliant example! Thank you for this ... and good luck with your new quest: Going beyond boredom ;o) I am rooting for you!

  12. Marion, as for a good diet for arthritis, I've looked for one without success. I do think there is a fair chance that a calorically restricted diet helps with inflammation, and when I fasted for one day a week, I must say that I had more energy than I've ever had (this was some years ago). Now, that I'm on Neurontin (a drug notorious for weight gain), I do good just to keep from taking a bite out of my cat at times, so fasting just seems too odious.

    By the way, I've been meaning to ask you, is 150 Mile House the name of a town?

  13. P.S. Our birthdays are only three days apart.

  14. I'm a 41/5. Its very ineresting to read what Dan Millman says, its the first I've heard of him. Have a happy birthday and dont worry about the 60 bit, it doesnt make a scrap of difference.

  15. Nicole,

    Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, it might be difficult to move through the boredom, but now I know that this could be a specific problem, I will be tougher on myself. It is time for me to be more...disciplined. I guess it is time to grow up! Perhaps I will reach maturity by the time I'm seventy!! heh heh!


    I used to fast one day a week years ago. It was great, far more energy, as you say, and I felt so much lighter, even though I wasn't really. I'm not so sure I could do it now, given the meds I take. And Lyrica is also a drug that includes weight gain along with Meloxicam. Lyrica for the fibro and meloxicam for the damn arthritic feet and hips. Lordy.

    And, should you ever take a notion to fast again, please don't take a bite out of dear Brewsky...that darling kitty has never done anything other than keep you awake at night, hahahahahahaha!

    150 Mile House is a small community which used to be quite large. The jail was here, along with a school and stores. It is now considered a kind of suburb of Williams Lake. The City of Williams Lake was born about 85 years ago, because of the railway, which bypassed 150 Mile House. The locals call it the '50. And there is still resentment amongst the long time ranchers and residents against the fact that the Fifty was bypassed.

    Much of the ranch land was subdivided...hence we live on three plus acres...a part of the Borland Valley Ranch. There is still a small mall, where the post office is situated. And there is the General/liquor store which sells the best pizzas ever!

  16. Marion, I can understand the lingering resentment. Being bypassed by the railroad has so often meant death to a community or at least stifled its growth.

    I don't have any meds that I have to take with food...well, probably I do, but I assume that the reason for the food is to keep a person's stomach from being upset. I get nauseous from the narcotics, but, other than that, I don't have any stomach issues. Basically, I just lack resolve.

  17. Snowbrush,

    Well. So. I think I am speechless. You are a leap year Pisces...right? No wonder you are so loving and DEEP. I would consider your writing (at times) and mine to be about complete opposite subjects...and yet you have taught me so much about atheism and other subjects in a way that I've never thought of them. But the list of the things you love is pure Pisces! And it showed just exactly what a loving man you are.

    When I read about Pisces characteristics, I feel as if I am reading about myself, totally. And yet, my daughter is a Pisces and although the loving part has not escaped her, she is one tough lady...different from a Pisces in many ways.So there ya go...

    It would be so interesting to do your chart. What fun!

    One day, we'll celebrate our birthdays together...oh, and Michelle and Ken and Lardy and Spatz's anniversary, as well...wouldn't that be a party? We could have it here, during Ice and Snow season. Lots of ice fishing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing...and loads of wild animals to watch! heh!

  18. Dave,

    How very interesting that your numbers make up a five! You work towards discipline and freedom, as a LIFE path yourself. Much of your energy, both the physical with regards to your walking and cycling, and the creative (your photography) comes from the number one. From Dan Millman's book..."Combining a quick mind with creativity, 41/5's are here to show people new approaches to life." Amplified energy from the one and moderation and balance from the four will give the five's life challenge a great boost. If that makes sense, heh!

    When I was young, a person the age of sixty was beyond help. A great lesson for my youthful self...because the joke's on me. I feel little difference between my teenager self and my more aged self. In fact, I feel as if I've only just begun...

  19. I've been playing catchup - all the time since December I've had the wrong URL address! Cyberspace can be a weird place to get lost in. Anyhow, after reading this one and recognizing myself in your description of disliking discipline, I am here to say if I think of disciplining myself as a path to the place I want to be I am more eager to stick with it than if I think of it as a tool of self-flagellation. I'm well past 60 and still hiking the path but there've been some successes along the way. Picture yourself walking hand in hand with boredom, having a little tete-a-tete with it as you walk along, explaining how you feel and see if boredom has any suggestions...

  20. Discipline to our inner Truth <3

  21. Very interesting post, alot to think about.

    I have been trying some self discipline myself - only I'm actually calling it "being nice to myself". I'm trying not to put things off - even simple things like hanging up my clothes at night and not having to deal with them in the morning. I'm finding that the small disciplines are leading to slightly larger ones...and so on. Baby steps lead to firmer steps - this is my theory. Good luck to us both.

  22. Happy belated birthday! What an insightful, interesting post. Love the photos too!

  23. Marion, I don't know if I was born on a Leap Year--do Leap Years ever fall on odd numbered years? As for being a Pisces, that is true, but I have no thought that astrology has a factual basis. Since you know I'm an atheist, perhaps this won't surprise you.

  24. I am very disciplined, but I hate the word and what it implies. I go for freedom and I do believe the two go hand in hand, but we must also be kind with ourselves and sometimes let the discipline go and just be. Finding a balance, that's the hard part. xoxo

  25. I hadn't read this post....and I sent you a rabbit!! Like you said. Wow, how fab :D hugs xxx