Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Whirlwind!

The energies were moving quickly, round and round with great rapidity, for me during the last two weeks.

We've entertained visitors from Scotland and travelled to the Coast to visit family. I feel discombobulated; my routines have ridden the Whirlwind and completely disappeared.

Writing is the first thing to suffer, when I am very busy.  Writing is the one thing which settles me, yet I push it aside first, every time.

Where is the author who can shut the door to the room in which he writes? Where is the writer who can close his mind to exciting, joyful, and anticipated events in which he is involved? I wish I knew him.

On the other hand, eventful situations provide fodder for this writer. Without them, writing takes on a stilted quality, a been there-done that kind of thing.  Even my guides get bored.

Our visitors from Scotland were a delight. Seeing the Land through the eyes of someone from a completely different culture and way of life refreshes the entire experience. 

And you know...if people around me have an accent of any sort for any length of time...I begin to pick up the aforementioned accent.
I'm not very good at it, mind you, but the cadence changes in my tone and there is a lilt that was not apparent before.  I'm quite unconscious about it. It is not until I tell someone I have Scottish visitors and they say...You've picked up their accent. It is a little disconcerting.

Since we are planning a trip to Scotland to visit Graham's relatives next year, I only wonder who I will sound like when I return.

The trip to the Coast, albeit a very quick one, gave me a little time to connect with the family.  Visits like these soothe the troubled, homesick beast within me for a period of time thereafter.

The best part camera is filled with updated photos Brianna, my budding photographer granddaughter, took while we were there. Those photos will replace the last set from earlier visits, and on it goes...

Every time I return from one of these visits, I am filled with gratitude for my life...a happy, healthy family is such a reward for suffering through past experiences and crises. And the best part? I remembered to thank Spirit.

Just before the visitors and the trip, I had the greatest opportunity to join a cyber neighbourhood called Blogland Lane. I must apologize to my neighbours there; I have not yet visited many of them.

For many long years I have hankered for land on the Ocean.  I wrote about this in my last post. But the Universe has a great strange sense of humour. Instead of sending me real-life Land, I've been sent on a cyber adventure.

KJ, from Options Associates for a Better World, resurrected  an idea from another, and lo and behold, Blogland Lane was born.

What a great place for the fantastical child in me! I am letting my imagination run wild is complete play time! So far, I've arrived on a sloop, have anchored in a bay, and have placed my name on five acres of ocean front property...

I will have Forest at my back and Ocean in front, as I've written about many times, in cyberspace, at least!

And my Land is Lot 268.  These are my life path will be so interesting; this, my journey through the windows of my mind, opening them and letting Wind blow the cobwebs away. This will allow Spider to create anew.

It's a wonderful opportunity. If any of my readers are interested in joining, it would be wonderful to have you as neighbours!

Yes. The energies are swirling, a mass of resurrection and renewal all humming and singing their songs around me.

Can you hear them?


  1. Marion,

    Great Post - Sometimes it's hard to stay centered & grounded when routine gets disturbed - I have to agree with you, my writing is the first to go even when I just don't feel "right".

    I can feel the energies renewing lately too ... I am also in the Cariboo! (Moved 3 years ago from the Coast! - Squamish)

    It's nice to meet you - I am Nicole :o)

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  3. "even my guides get bored"

    Reminds me of a dark night's driving a friend 200 miles because her automatic writing informed her to go immediately to Chesterfield Indiana for an important message from her spirit guide. Chesterfield is/was home to a collection of spiritualists. (Hope I haven't told this story before??)
    After arriving at some 2 am or so she woke up someone with her desire for a message but was told "it was only a test" to prove her beliefs, and she had passed. Unsure as what to do next she consulted the writing and decided to hit the nearest allnight Dennys for some food then head home.
    OK by me, my guide was tired!

  4. Itsme,

    Nicole, how nice to meet you! There are a few people I've met who are from Squamish who relocated here. It is surely different, yes?

    But I loved your post. When you described the smell of pines...I knew exactly what you were talking about. Lovely!


    I enjoyed visiting your store...Thank you for visiting.


    Oh my! I'm thinking our guides have similar attributes as their students...just takes them longer to get there!

    I'm so glad your friend passed! Perhaps the message might have been...go eat, laugh and rest...

    You're a dedicated friend, Goatman.

  5. oh marion, this was so heartwarming to read. i am SO glad to be sharing this special neighborhood and adventure with you.

    i am a writer too, and boy, are distractions easy. i sometimes take weekend writing retreats--together with other writers, and that often satisfies and/or intrigues the muse(s).

    thank you from my heart that blogland lane is filling you in some important way. that makes my day.

    i will be back as a regular. please come visit me too if ever you'd like


  6. KJ,

    Welcome! I will surely return the visit. I do hope you are feeling better after Blogland Lane's potluck on Saturday night. Such great dishes and the mead was tasty, by all accounts!