Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visualizing the Future

In my wanderings through the mists on the Internet, I came upon a site called It interested me for a bit; then I moved on.

But when I checked my email, I had received a message from someone who raved about these Mind Movies. Too much of a co-incidence for me! I downloaded their free movies, and have enjoyed watching them twice a day...on arising and just before bedtime.

The movies, six of them in all, are a series of photos set to music with affirmations, using the present tense. They are made with can tell easily...and so, it is a wonderful way to begin and end my day with these little mind movies.

I've been thinking about what I would want in my own personalized movie and have discovered it is not as easy as I thought it might be. When one has the option of being anywhere, anyhow, anyway one desires, when the floodgates of ideas open...well, suffice it to say, my personal movie will either be far too long, or it will need major editing...

Or perhaps, I will require two in which my only focus will be Mother Earth, and her people. Perhaps, if everyone played a Mind Movie twice a day regarding the health and well-being of the planet we live on, it might bring about desirable change that much more quickly.

One of my movies will be about our move back to the general area in which family resides. And if I'm going to dream, if I'm going to manifest, then I will manifest big...and hang the expense.

I'll show photos of homes by the sea. The favoured home will have a mature, settled feel about it, with fruit trees and vegetable gardens in place.  Out of the curved front window, from the living room, one can see a long, green space running down to the cliff, where stairs enable one to reach the surf...

The home is has the creaks and groans associated with aged wood and nails coming loose over time. It is a small home, with just enough room for the two of us, our dogs and the odd grandchild or two who stays the night.

But for all its cosy feel, or perhaps because of it, the home has wonderful detailed wood-working within it. There are built-in bookcases, wainscoting and mouldings everywhere. Candlelight glows on a ledge within a stone fireplace, blackened in places from previous owners who built fires under the mistaken assumption the damper was open.

And the bathrooms...oh!the bathrooms! There is tile everywhere...wonderful, glazed tile from some warm, Mediterranean place. The shower is an aficionado's delight...with inset places for all the accoutrement's one requires to take a proper shower. And with a wonderful, rainy showerhead, one which takes the day's hits and blows, allowing them to flow down the drain with the softest of ease.

It is a big room, this bathroom. Since we own all the land within eyesight (or perhaps we live next to a park?) privacy is not an issue. And so, one wall is glass, with doors which open to the Sea.

Taking a shower next to Ocean's backdrop feels purely right!

Our home has a Forest rimming it...a deep, dark Forest, one which both my grandchildren love.  There are many trails running through it, each with its own delights, but all of them lead back to Nammy's house, and a warm hug.

The front of the home faces the Ocean. Our bedroom window also faces towards the breathing of the Sea...her heavy, angry, stormy breath and her soft, swishing, lapping kiss of the shore entwining themselves into the deepest part of me.

Throughout my movie, I will place pictures of people running, laughing and playing, exhibiting a joy for life. Those people are's how I am and how I want to be, with reference to the running part.

My health will be perfect...I will no longer be required to take masses of pills.  I will show smiling, happy shining out of every pore.

I could go on.  It takes awhile to decide on how and what one wants to visualize and therefore manifest.  One wants to be sure.

Visualization works well for me, in meditation, but it doesn't fall so easily into place for others. Being able to "see" a dream makes it so much more real.

MindMovies made me think about where I'm going and where I want to be, something not often thought about by this going-with-the-flow fish.

Not a bad thing, at all!


  1. I JUST joined a blog that was started by one of my blog's followers (KJ at Options Associates or something like that). Her thing is to start a virtual community where everyone is supposed to design and post their dream house. Well, I joined, but I've had a few dream houses by now, and I'm ready to be done with houses. I'll probably just post a picture of a hole or maybe a tent. That would suit me. I'm imaginative, but not much of a visualizer in the way she--and you--are. You have a nice blog. It's well laid-out, visually delightful, and sort of sweet somehow. I think you might enjoy joining KJ's blog. So far as I know, it's still open.

  2. I like the curved front window and am trying to determine how such could be constructed. Tricky work . . . but possible.
    I have been to many seas but have no desire to live near them as you do. They exist as a treat to look forward to visiting. Living there would be beyond imagination, but fodder for thought.
    I have many pictures of an octagonal house near the sea at Cannon Beach Oregon. Fellow let me photo his house, which overlooks the sea and has windows on all sides. The ease of running all utilities through a central tube appealed to me. Also the ease of designing the trusses for the roof is a plus.

    Now you have gotten me working on my house on the coast you tricky devil!!!!

  3. Snowbrush,

    Thank you for visiting! And huge thank-yous to you for putting me in touch with KJ and Blogland Lane! I believe I have lot 268, 5 acres, right on the Ocean...

    The Universe has a great sense of I was attempting to manifest my dream home, and the next day, I am the owner of a Lot in a cyberspace Village.

    I tend to be far more interested in the Land, at this point. I think, for awhile, I'll just pitch a tent and contemplate the best site for my house, meanwhile watching the birds, sea life, and other animals who visit.


    I am now the lucky owner of 5 acres of prime oceanfront property! It may be cyberspace, but it suits me to a tee. Just think...I can design away, building my house, and not have to pack or move a thing, in my real world!

    Cannon Beach is one of my very favourite places on the West Coast. I've visited and holidayed there. There are some very unique buildings on the waterfront there, and I remember a pancake house (?) on the way out of town we ate at. They had great food.

    I wonder if I can design my house with the utilities running up that pole in the centre?

  4. i love your mind movie very much. i would love to have a beautiful house in a cool mountain surrounded by trees, over looking the sea would be a bonus! we have 2 cats and 2 dogs. lovely kitchen to cook healthy food. share an home office with gene, and also a studio to do art and photography work. a gazebo in our garden, and oh a swing tied to a tree too. :)

  5. Alison,

    I love the setting of your dream home on the top of the mountain. I think overlooking the ocean would make it Nirvana!

    I'm still looking for a place where I can have a swing as well. I could swing for hours. It's a simple thing, but I've missed my swing I had growing up ever since I left home!

  6. hi marion... love your vision

    i'm really fond of the west coast, too... lived in the lower mainland for about 14-15 years

    i did not watch the whole presentation... do they say anything about prices for the kits?

  7. Mind movies sound good Marion. It's such a crazy world we live in, it's so easy to get swept along sometimes. It's nice to have a vision and a goal to focus on. Good escapism too to take our minds off things. In my perfect world, I'd live on a farm in the country, with dogs and horses and grow all my own produce. Bliss!

  8. Laughing Wolf,

    Welcome! I'm happy you found time to visit, and I am looking forward to getting acquainted on Blogland Lane. It's great to greet another Canuck...

    I've just recently moved to the Cariboo, and I'll have to admit I really miss the Ocean. We're visiting the Coast this weekend, however, and I'll get a bit of it then.

    When I visited mind movies, there were six small videos they were giving away. The Mind Movie kit costs $49, and it's worth it, I think, if you can get past the huge selling stories. A Winter project for me!


    It sounds like where I grew up, with dogs and horses and mostly our own produce. It was lovely, and I think I've hankered for it ever since I left, so many years ago.

    You know what? If I could have a farm overlooking the Ocean, it would truly be bliss!

    I think my 5 Acres of prime waterfront on Blogland Lane will include a small farm, with farm help, lol!

  9. Anonymous2:14 p.m.

    Hello Marion,

    Your movie sounds a lot like mine. However I have to work on the movie that shows that it takes a lot of hard work to get there and to keep it. Like you,I am a "going-with-the-flow-fish." Time to fire that

  10. A movie about my present will involve looking for a job! And believe me, it will be a feature of epic proportions!