Thursday, August 06, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Yesterday morning, when I arose, the temperature was only 4C. I ask you, is this not strange? It's been so unprecedented heat wave...and then overnight, a drastic change occurs.

It's been difficult to acclimatize to the cooler temperatures. Because of Fibro, a quick change in weather makes me feel ill and the pain is so much worse. But the medication I take helped tremendously this time, although still the devil Fibro made his presence felt.

It's better this morning, however, my body having caught up with the weather change. Yesterday the temperature only went up to 18C, but it sounds as if today will be a little warmer.

This cooling trend helps the 800 or so Fires presently burning in the province. This morning, the deck was covered with sparkling diamonds of a very heavy Dew. Here, in the dry interior, visits from the Goddess Ersa (Greek Goddess of Dew) are so very welcome.

Wildlife activity has increased. During the past two days, I've counted sixteen Deer who have passed through the property. Owl has taken ownership of a Fir Tree, not far from the deck, and I am privileged to watch  his silent, deadly flight towards some hapless creature...a part of Mother Nature's cycle.

Birds of all kinds have descended on the bird feeder, many of them fledglings. The young birds huddle on the feeder deck, looking very curious and astonished at the sudden vast expanse of their World, which perhaps only yesterday consisted of a cozy nest.

I speak with them; their heads turn this way and that as they try to decipher my words. And so, I send images to them...and they become very still. I send quick snaps of feeders, our birdbath, Fir branches and then the Owl...

Instantly, as One, they fly away. How very interesting! Sending images to our Dogs works very well, but I had never tried it with Birds. Perhaps I will learn Birdspeak...a varied language it must be, for sure.

I witnessed an extremely heartwarming greeting exchanged between Lucky and one of the Deer. The Dogs knew their friend was near...just before I'd called them they had used their greeting bark towards something moving about in the bush.

As I went for my evening walk, I noticed a Doe and a Stag browsing along close to the fence. The female Deer had a familiar energy about her...a curious, wondering kind. 

I was unaware of Lucky slipping out of the house, where he was eating his dinner. His curiosity, just like this Doe's, could not be contained.

Instantly, silently (a first for him...his usual howl at an animal who had wandered near strangely absent) he ran towards the pair. He stood with his nose pressed through the wire fence...and the Doe came towards the fence, where they touched noses.

It brought tears to my eyes.  How grateful I am, to be the recipient of small miracles such as these!

The Stag stayed behind. He was a beautiful creature, his antlers still showing the fuzzy covering. I was wary of him, but my attention centred on Lucky and the young, female Deer.

She allowed Lucky to get his fill of sniffing her, and then she wandered slowly back to her cautious, poised Stag. Lucky watched her go and then he, too, came back to the house, acceptance of her departure written all over his dejected face.

I watched as Doe and her Stag meandered off, over the rise, her mission completed.

And the next day, I was so privileged to watch a Mama Deer and her two babies, spots barely visible, also make the pilgrimage to the fence.  There was only me, this time, to greet them, although I did not go close. It was enough to meet the eyes of Mama, and admire her babies from afar.

My feelings for living in the Cariboo are very complex. There is no denying life here can be difficult; yet for one who loves animal speak, there can be no better place, here in the wild bush.

It makes life magical, momentous. Touching a wild one's life gives me so much joy, along with the intense desire to 'know' more, understand more than I do.

Mutating weather might be difficult to handle for me, for a day or two, but living here brings me contact with a different form of being.

Practice makes perfect, they say.


  1. Lucky and the doe seem to have a spiritual connection, what a lovely experience to be part of their world.

  2. it's always heart warming to watch animals touch noses! such pure innocent magic! such strange weather pattern you have there marion. hot one day and so cold the next?

  3. Sorry to hear about the fibro. We have had an unusual wet winter this year and it has had me limping around in agony..not sure whether it is a disk, hip, or just plain old sciatica type pain...time will tell.

    How wonderful for you and Lucky to get so close to the doe and thankfully I see your immediate area appears to have missed the terrible fires so you should have more encounters with your wonderful wildlife.

  4. Those birdies just make so happy to look at.


  5. A welcome change, with the cool. Nothing constant but change, I always say!!

    I am convinced that most animals would get along with each other if hunger or religion were not involved.

    Enjoy the life

  6. Wow, what a wonderful event to have witnessed! Maybe it was the universe's way of making up for the pain you've experienced?

  7. Jan,

    It does seems so, doesn't it? The deer are around all the time now, and I wonder if all the fires have a little to do with it. It seems a little early for the Autumn migration.


    Strange is the word for the weather! Everybody felt chilled when the temperatures changed so quickly.You must be accustomed to warm temps such as these where you live.


    I'm so sorry you're having such a bad, painful sound like me before I was diagnosed. I hope it turns around for you!

    There are so many fires in the province, and I am thankful I have not yet had to evacuate, etc. Yet the fires are close...Bella Coola and Alexis Creek being homes of the largest interface fire and there are many more which will burn themselves out, since there are no dwellings in the immediate area where the fire is situated.Mostly lightning is the cause, but there are some human caused fires as well. A spark from a train caused a fire near one of the southern towns. It's so tinder dry...a rainforest province with no rain.

    But the smell of smoke reminds me they are there and close. I feel for the people around Kelowna and Vernon...they live with heavy smoke daily. Terrible for the respiratory system!


    I'm happy to oblige! If only the fledglings weren't so dozy and unaware when they first leave the nest...that's when they get caught by a predator.


    And you're right...nothing constant but change...and taxes! It rained last night, sheets of it, and I couldn't believe how great it was!We may receive more today. The rain will help the fires a huge amount.

    I'm wondering if the Mule Deer, because of their size, are more confident around dogs than the white tailed Deer, which seem much shyer to me. Whatever the reason, Lucky keeps a sharp eye out for his friend.

    These Deer all look the same to me, so Lucky has some way of recognizing his particular Deer.

    Are you feeling better?


    Having the wildlife to watch certainly takes my mind away from pain, so you may be right! I hadn't thought about that. Thank you.

    I am grateful for the chance to be so close to these wild's always exciting!

  8. Anonymous9:37 p.m.

    Sending images to the birds, I haven't thought of that. That reminds me that I have to start sending images to my new dog to prepare her for my first extended absence away from her... five doggie sleeps and then I'll be back. :D

    Thanks for sharing these amazing stories from your charmed neck of the woods, Marion.

    Love and Blessings!

  9. It is indeed wonderful to see animals of different species interacting in such a warm manner. Another instance which warmed my heart was the sight of a dog feeding a lion cub who had lost his mother.

  10. Miruh,

    One of the ways we keep the dogs calm when the suitcases come out is to send images of Faye, our dogsitter, arriving and taking them for a walk. Along with verbal reassurances, telling them we will be back, this works very well in the quest for calm doggies!

    We're heading to the Coast for a few days as well, soon. Have a happy holiday, both you and Ed!


    Growing up, our family had a small dog which fed baby kittens,when the mother cat died. It seems motherhood is universal when it comes to babies!

  11. You are so lucky to live in the country Marion surrounded by deer and wildlife. Sounds like the perfect escape. Watching the animals touching noses must have been a wonderful experience for you. Sounds like Lucky and the Doe had a spiritual connection there. Sorry to hear about your fibro Marion. Unfortunately the changing weather doesn't help. Take care of yourself.