Friday, April 17, 2009

Future Dreams

Another trip to the Coast is over.  It seems to me my life, right now, is split between visits to the Coast and time spent here, in the Cariboo.

It is becoming more difficult to leave the Coast.  I have discovered a very important facet to myself...that is, I love my family far more than I ever imagined...and that was a big imagining.

When we leave, a bigger piece of my heart remains. It will not be possible to continue leaving too much longer.

With this in mind, Graham and I talked, on the long trip, about where we want to retire.  We both agree it will be on the Island, with no other reason than family ties.

But the last sentence is not really true.  The Island draws me, as I knew it is where I grew up, after all.  The ties and roots are very strong. And Ocean, when she calls, I cannot resist, nor do I want to.

And so, much of my time, at the moment, has been spent researching various different towns and villages on the Island. So many areas from which to choose!

There is great anticipation on my part.  This time, when I move, it will be different from all other moves in my life.  Most, if not all, were done without too much thought, because circumstances did not allow time for much research...and many times, there was no choice.

And because it will be a few years before we actually re-locate, back to the family and the Island, life here in the Cariboo has relaxed, for me.  I intend to enjoy my time here, by the grace of Creator. I now realize I am here to understand more parts of I may have missed had I been too close to family and friends.

As the Hermit card in my Tarot deck explains, my need to go inner, to understand where I am and who I am, was displaced by too many outer disruptions. I am here to accept the wisdom of patience...and to accept my passage into the ageing process.

One has only to look at the long Winters here, in the Cariboo, to understand that patience is a strong part of the characters who live here. There is no use at all in railing against Mother Nature. I have a feeling I have a few more Winters to experience!

But in due course, if one is willing to wait, rewards or opportunities appear. In Creator's own time...and I believe I have accepted my sojourn here, giving me joy in the adventure in which I find myself.

So many places from which to choose...I wonder where it will be? Will it be Duncan, Courtenay, Comox or Campbell River? I visualize my future home; I will know it when I find it. There is no doubt.

In the meantime, Spring is slowly, gently and very softly showing her face, here in the land of extremes.  Brown twigs and branches are suddenly showing their early glow; buds are, oh, so minutely, unfurling into their tender green.

And the weather is turning much warmer...even Rain is finally overtaking interminable Snow showers, giving me the soft, watery atmosphere I crave.

Anticipation is the order of the day, whether it be future homes or the flowering of the Crocus.

In these uncertain times, with no sure thing on the horizon, I am undeniably grateful for where I am on the present roadway.

Future dreams and an acceptance to just be...can there be any better way?

Note: Photos gracing this post were taken by my granddaughter Brianna, on her trip to Europe. I post them here with many thanks to my lovely, talented fourteen year old Bree!


  1. You may want to consider the rise in sea level over the intervening years if you are a proponent of the global warming as I am. How high is your island above max sea level? And will the family still be there when you go back? Many questions

    Last winter about did me in, I don't know how you survive your long spell of nothing growing and not much doing. But I plan to engage in more during summer in hopes of my activities carrying me over the next big chill. So now its swimming and warm for my days.
    Welcome back

  2. I think you're right Marion, I know that as I'm getting older I dont want to be too far from family. Luckily for us the children feel the same way. I thought some of the pictures looked like very familiar scenes and then your explanation clarified it. Posting those pictures maybe was indicative of your love for your family.
    Goatman makes an interesting point about the rising sea levels and it's worth thinking about. Here in the UK we have some very strong examples of houses being lost to the sea.
    I think that I too would have difficulties with such long hard winters. I'm impatient with our winters, and they are not a patch on the Canadian ones. All the best.

  3. Nice photos, I especially like the first one with the sun and clouds shining brightly behind the bridge.

    Good luck in your search!

  4. The pull of family is strong for me too, Marion. I am thinking of moving to my older son's neighborhood and my daughter-in-law seems find with that. This issue of place is a struggle I have yet to resolve.

    Thanks for sharing the photos by Brianna. I found the one of the chairs especially compelling for I could imagine myself sitting in one.

  5. briana has good eyes for photography :)
    hopefully the changing weather will bring much happiness to you in cariboo.

    i on the other hand seems to favor the hills than the sea. i longed to be with the woods, yet close to water, a river, stream, waterfall, a lake.

  6. Goatman,

    Yes, there will be lots of thinking on this move! And I guess there will be answers to the questions in time. We have a few years here to go, I feel.

    There are dangers everywhere, for sure. Here it is my fear of forest fire. It is very dry here; in the Summer, with the forest at my back door, I am very wary.

    Funny how you say you want to get a lot done; I feel very much the same. And it seems the weather is condoning my need; it has been warm the last few days, and I was able to burn the prunings and fallen branches.


    Thankfully, the family really wants us to move back, as well. It will be awhile yet before we can do so, but it is a strong goal.

    When I grew up, my town was hit by a Tsunami and it was devastating. It made me well aware of what Ocean can do. So I will do my research well.

    This last winter was very long for me, as well. I find as I get older, I no longer have the ability to face the cold with positive intentions.


    Thank you!


    I find it harder and harder to leave the Grands. I am missing my favourite part of Graydon's growing up years..that of the toddler who is amazed at the World. And Bree needs her grandmother's influence, during puberty.

    But you know that, having a toddler in your life as well. There is nothing like reading a story or hanging out with these little ones!

    I do hope you will be able to work your way closer to your son and his family.


    I love the Cariboo. It is amazing in its beauty and the people are first rate. But my family comes first for me, and as I age, my body does not like the long trips required to see them.

    There is beauty everywhere and we all have different requirements and desires when it comes to where we live. If my family were closer, I would stay right where I am, Ocean or not. I can make do with a River very well.

    Brianna came home with really good photos. She has an eye!

  7. Hello Marion,

    I agree, "I now realize I am here to understand more parts of I may have missed had I been too close to family and friends."

    Sometimes the psychic space through distancing from friends and family is a necessary part of the journey and then again we will come to a part of the cycle when we must be closer to them.

  8. Hi Marion - As I read your post, I was wondering about the photos. I vaguely thought that they might be various future homes you were considering. But when I saw the red telephone boxes, I realized it couldn't be the Pacific coast! (Not that we have many such phone boxes here in England these days...)

    Many thanks for the lovely message you left on my final(?) post. I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog and I hope I shall drop in and see you here from time to time.

    Bye for now,

    Namaste - Simon

  9. Miruh,

    Exactly. Thank you for understanding so well. This time in my life is required to complete something in me. I am thankful for it.


    You have no idea how sorry I am to see you go. I always knew I would find something very interesting and provocative on your blog and I will miss you. But I'm glad you're keeping your blog up; I shall visit occasionally and re-read some of what your search for spirituality and what it brought you. Your links are very good as well.

    I do hope you will visit from time to time.

  10. It's only natural you want to be close to your family Marion. I enjoyed looking at Brianna's photos. They were great. I'm sure she enjoyed her trip to Europe. I noticed the red telephone box in one of them. Did Brianna visit England during her travels?