Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunrise in the Mountains

This morning I was greeted by the most impressive Sunrise I have yet to see, here in the Cariboo.  The show began slowly, built up and coloured the World a gorgeous orange-red-pink, the intensity of which changed the colour of the closed drapes.

And when I opened the drapes to see, my mouth opened in amazement. Through the Trees, Sun rising looked much like a huge Fire lighting the horizon. The glorious fingers of Sun licked Tree branches, back lighting them against a deep red Sky.

The message of Hope from Creator lasted only seconds...

It was enough to give me a reminder of renewal and anticipation. It is a new Day; the Sunrise reminds me of intentions and inspiration and gives me Will to follow through.

But the heart stopping beauty of the Message reminded me of Sam Beam's (Iron and Wine) words in his song Upwards Over the Mountain..."So may the Sunrise bring hope where once it was forgotten"...and quite suddenly, an epiphany, if you will...I knew, deep in the Heart of me, that I had, for a bit, forgotten. 

I had forgotten the tremendous uplift Hope gives me and, I suppose, countless others. For what is Life without this intangible feeling that all will be right?

During the last weeks, Hope has risen and fallen.  Answers have been difficult to come by.  Inspiration and creativity have fallen drastically, for me. It is as if I was waiting...for what, though?

During this odd waiting period, I could feel myself falling into the deep pit of Worry. Endlessly, I discussed my problems with myself, focusing without reprieve on the drastic state of things. And dwelling on Anger, fuelled by my seeming helplessness.

And this morning...I understood.  There is no waiting for things to be right.  They already are. As the Stones tell me...Things are exactly the way they should be, at this moment in time. Right now. The future is unknown; the past is just that.

People say the future is so uncertain.  But how do they know? Change can happen quickly...every Day can be taken with anticipation...a Day where aspirations can be fulfilled. A Day filled with uplifting Hope, instead of depressing Despondency.

Sunrise...every day Sun rises. Every Day, I can choose to see it and the Message given...or not. And if I choose to see, feel and even hear Sun's song of Hope...the Day begins with anticipatory excitement, colouring my World with peaceful, strong intentions.

If I choose to see Sun's rising as nothing much...He rises every Day, after all...I'll waste this precious Day, this precious Moment, with cloudy, perturbed thoughts.  Thoughts which can distort the Future. And my thoughts are possibly the only thing I can control.

Sun's message of Hope, now residing deeply within, lends positive reinforcement to what I want my Future to become. It is a work in progress, my Future, and I would prefer to drape it unequivocally with Happiness.
And this Morning's Sun rising gave me the impetus to do just that.


  1. As always, your words are rivaled only by the photos that accompany them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I miss that I don't get over as often. Thanks for rewarding me when I do.

  3. Beautiful, moving post as always Marion. Sounds like you witnessed a beautiful sunrise Marion. I felt like I was there with you. The sunrise lasted for only a short time - a reminder that time moves by really fast and you have to make the most of every day and be optimistic about the future. I'm sure you have lots of good times ahead in your new home Marion.

  4. Joe,

    Thank you! I love the new look to your blog, by the way.


    Always nice to see you, I miss your straight talk.


    Time does go by fast. I have almost lived here a year. It seems like yesterday when we got the news that we were relocating.

    It's beginning to feel like home.

  5. Beautiful sentiments and great photos. some of them look like the world is on fire.

  6. Sadly I don't get to see many sunrises these days with my battling to fall asleep at night. I really should make the effort especially after your great photos and words giving me great reason to make an effort.

  7. That's the only realization we ever need, I think: that now is what matters. So often, in spite of everything I've learned, I have a sense of urgency to get things done, to *get* somewhere. But I'm aware that I will look back on this time as some of the best days of my life. If only I could be more conscious of that *now*!