Sunday, October 12, 2008

Musing With Stones

When I first arrived here, in the Cariboo and on this property, I wondered if I would ever find the deep connection I have had to other lands in the past.

There were no gardens here.  And in hindsight, this was a very good thing.

In order to feel the Spirit of the land, I had to work with it.  I worked with Stones and Boulders this time, noting the gargoyles and mischievous elves on the faces of the Stones. I walked the excavated earth; I noted which Stones I wanted...and then I picked them up (or in some cases, rolled them) and put them in their new places.

Each time I did this, I noted a pleasant feeling, a feeling of rightness and peace, deep in my soul. It was strong and very grounding.

I picked up a few favourite Stones the other day.  I placed them along the railing of the Deck, in order to sense their special energy a little more often than some I work with.

Large Boulder is easier for me to sense than these much smaller ones. He has become a confidante; the other day I sensed a bolt of his warm energy that quite took me aback. It is time, I think, to visit him a little more often, which will be much easier to do with the undergrowth melted away with the oncoming Winter's strong Wind.

His energy is much the same as Grandfather Tree has.  I am grateful to have found Large have him receive my latest joys and woes, sending them back to me with a slower, easier perspective.

The anxiety the financial Winds have carried lately seep away when I work with Stones.  Stones have stories to tell of the past and predictions of the future, if I listen well and with strong awareness.

The uppermost message I receive is all is exactly as it should be, here, today and now. The World is changing, I hear, and it is a process.  In order to get from here to there takes time and great energy...blasting through a wall sometimes causes greater shredding destruction than long, slow curves around it.

And I hear them counsel patience...a trait I seem to have been born without...I hear them remind me of the youth of the World who already demonstrate a different way.  I am reminded of the power youth has. I was one, once, in an earlier time...

Musing with Stones as an ally takes time.  Stones tell their stories, sometimes with great sonorous sighs, slowly. It does no good to hurry them.

But I come away with a great sense of Hope.  Indeed, youngsters are now being taught to honour the Earth and her bounty. Much more than I ever was.

Working with these Stones is an opportunity I can experience here, on this gravelly, hilly property. There is no lack of them; they seem to move around on their own, sometimes. And at other times, a Stone will resist being moved...if it does not want to move easily, I leave them be.

It is an opportunity to know Stone's energy, living here...being propelled here. There is a reason for it.

And all I have to do is have Patience.  

And Hope.

Note: These photos of Grandson Graydon were taken by Granddaughter Bree, a talented photographer in her own right.


  1. Anonymous11:36 a.m.

    Hi Marion,
    Magical indeed! Your beautiful words takes me deep into the mysterious world of stones. I too am in awe of the land I live on; it is like it knows what it wants and I am amazed by the outcome of what happens without my planning it. Life is so much simpler when we can just be in tune with nature.
    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful spirit.
    Miruh :D

  2. i used to collect little stones and pebbles too, i just love them, i don't know why. especially pebbles/rocks from the waterfalls. they are sitting on my bookshelves... i love looking at them.
    graydon is an angel! and what a great new world he is growing up into!

  3. Marion, once again your writing has inspired me. I haven't been on the computer in some time, and have missed visiting here.

  4. ADORABLE GRANDCHILD! :) (((kiss kiss)))

    Excellent post.

  5. Your stones have a good way of looking at things! The house opposite is having an extension built, something we hope to do ourselves in the near future. At the moment that house is in a state of apparent chaos, but it is a state which it is necessary for the house to pass through to get from where it was to where it is going. Perhaps, indeed, the same sort of transition is happening to our world...

    Lovely pictures of your grandson - well done Bree!

  6. Very inspiring writing...nice insight into very beautiful!

  7. Miruh,

    You're so is infinitely simple living in tune with Nature, if I just let it be!


    I have Stones and Rocks everywhere, even on fence posts. They're the greatest companions!


    It's so great to hear from you...I have missed you, as well!


    He sure is...I hear him say "ahwuvoo" on the phone and completely melt!


    Stones are great for putting things into perspective. Building with Stone requires steady concentration and strength...traits I'm learning from them to use in myself. It requires total focus, and I find myself completely in the now.

  8. Indranee,

    Thank you so much for visiting!

  9. Oh my, Graydon has the most beautiful eyes. These tiny guys really have their grandmas wrapped around their fingers (least mine does).

  10. I enjoyed looking at the photos of your grandson Marion. He's a lovely little boy. I'm sure you're very proud of him. Stones have so much magic and mystery attached to them Marion. They're almost like the building blocks of life - your new life, giving you something to focus on when you first moved house.