Monday, October 15, 2007


The other day, I asked Graham to give me a Reiki body had fallen out of sync since the attack of the Hives. I had also noticed more negativity, in my outlook.

People who look mostly to the dark side of life will reflect their opinion in their faces, as they grow older. Perpetual frown marks, down-turned lines at the corner of mouths become entrenched...and before it can be realized what is happening, those deep furrows are on the face for evermore.

If I am going to be wrinkled, I want those wrinkles to show my laughter and joy, rather than my frowns and pouts. Laughter lifts the face; frowns drag them down.

A walk through a Senior's Centre will show the faces...well-lived, to be sure...of the people who found their glass half-full, instead of half-empty. There is a vestige of the Sun left in those positive, loving, open and non-judgemental faces.

A Reiki session will last 45 minutes to an hour. This one felt as if it lasted only five minutes.

However long it was, it was extremely full. Dreams and visions, brightly coloured and energetic, took precedence almost immediately, when Graham began the Reiki treatment. My body became filled with the most intense energy...and I was kept there for almost the entire session.

The colours that appeared, enclosing me, were mostly vibrant purple, with slashes of yellow, blue and green. It felt as I would feel if I was in the middle of the Northern Lights, with stunning displays of colour surrounding me.

I noticed my breathing had slowed...I felt deeply relaxed. I relished this almost weightless feeling, as if I drifted on a cloud, well and happy...far away from Hives and other woes. I wanted to remain here forever.

But the Purple became more insistent. With the smell of Lavender gently wafting around me, I followed the Purple light...a light that would sound lurid if I were to describe it, but felt soft, deep and velvety. I travelled along the Purple path, not sure where I was being led.

I felt a little anxiety suddenly...and the propulsion slowed, giving me time to adjust. When I am not sure of where I'm travelling during these meditative journeys, I take time to assure myself that all my tools are in place...and this journey happened too quickly for me to do this vital step.

So I blocked myself; I did not trust completely, this God essence that was trying to show me a different reality. I wanted my tools, I wanted to be absolutely sure...and yet, other than the anxiety that I was not in complete control, I felt warm and comforted. It was a conundrum.

Taking a deep breath, I followed the Purple again, once again in complete relaxation. I became certain of my safety, convinced I absolutely trusted the energy that lead me...

And then, with swift suddenness, I was in Water, a deep body of Water, with no land in sight. I was sinking, I saw myself go under and drift freely in the Water...and again I blocked the feel and sight of the beckoning Purple path.

I do not want to drown, I told myself, and swam desperately to the surface of the body of Water. In an instant, I was once again on top...once again in control, breathing freely...until I realized I had never stopped, I could breathe in the Water, I was in no danger...breathing under Water was a thing I could suddenly do. Once again, my trust was lacking.

Fear a coppery taste in my mouth, I made the decision to go ahead, and as if I had never hesitated, I again floated downward, breathing freely. As I assimilated my new reality, as I became comfortable, I noticed there were Mountains, Hills and craggy Rocks, with lush plant life swaying in the Water's gentle current, all bathed in the Purple light.

I felt my Guides very closely, as I drifted downward, down, down...completely relaxed, my body as weightless as the puff of a thistle seed.

A City loomed beneath me; buildings nestled in amongst the Mountains, streets curving around square shaped substantial dwellings and towers. I walked the streets, understanding there were others around me, yet not able to distinguish them. And then, I was in one of those buildings, completely engulfed by the Purple, drawn to the deep, deep centre of the Purple light.

Where was I? Why was I not hesitating, once again? What was the Light? But it felt so right, to continue on. I was breathing, I felt buoyed, I felt as secure as I ever would...was the time right? I asked my Guides, as I stood there with the Purple light vibrating through my entire being. What, I asked, was I to do, what was expected of me?

I felt the huddle, I felt people all around me. I felt luminous, my Spirit at peace. My mind shimmered with the Purple; I felt the complete magic of this place where I felt myself to be. My body no longer hurt, it felt free and light.

I was given a reminder of what it felt like, before I allowed pain and disillusionment to enter my mind. Before I allowed everyday life occurrences to take over, before I understood that I was required to treat myself and my body with the same passion that I treated my writing, my gardening, and others in my life.

When I was young, I took my body for granted. This is no longer a possibility...

As I understood this, I felt a reverse tug...and felt myself standing in a field of Lavender, her unearthly scent rising, becoming part of me.

I felt Graham move away; the Reiki session was over.

Slowly, I allowed my body to awaken. I felt refreshed and light, after my journey into the Purple. There were lessons here, to be mulled over at my leisure.

For now, for this one moment, I enjoyed the relaxation and serenity I felt throughout every cell in my body. It would take awhile before the negative gremlins returned...and I wondered if perhaps they'd stay away, if I only remembered the Purple.

It will take practice, to feel as well as at the end of my journey to the Purple City. I was shown how well I could feel, and I was shown how amazing it really is, when Body, Mind and Spirit are in balance and in sync.

More answers will arrive; they always do after a Reiki treatment.

I wanted relaxation and balance; as usual, the Universe sent me so much more than I could ever imagine.


  1. Beautifully described. I found myself relaxing and experiencing joy in reading.

  2. This sounds wonderful, Marion and hope that your experience leaves you renewed.

  3. Hi Marion,
    I haven't been by in a while and stopped for a visit. I hope that your experience leaves you renewed. I already attempted to post this comment and it mysteriously disappeared. Perhaps this try will work.

  4. Oh, I get it...It's floating out there. :)

  5. I always feel my blood pressure drop after reading about one of these meditative experiences. Your words make your readers feel as if we are with you. Thank you.

  6. Hello, Done Marion!
    Great work, thank you. Very nice photos and very good posting.
    Good luck

  7. Jan,

    I'm glad you found yourself relaxed reading was a difficult post to write, as sometimes there are no words to describe a Reike is indeed otherworldly.


    So nice to see you! I'm glad your comment finally showed up, lol! I posted all three because they all appeared at different times!


    Thank you...a Reiki session always drops my blood pressure. The doctor is sometimes confused, when I have my blood pressure taken after a recent Reiki treatment. It is always much lower than a previous blood pressure reading!


    Very nice to see you! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and post.

  8. I tagged you with a meme, Marion. Perhaps when you get round to it and all. I would be interested how you would answer this as I have learned a lot from your blog.

  9. I had never heard of a Reiki treatment. Thanks for such a wonderful description and the photos are lovely as always.

    I stopped by to let you know that I gave you an award over at my blog. Stop by and pick it up when you get a chance.

  10. An occasional return to the source is certainly called for as the negative accumulates. A nice description.
    A trip to the hot springs usually does it for me!
    Thanks for commenting on the Atwood poem. I thought of your island when I found the poem but my lake photo was the closest I could get to what might be considered and "area of entry" to the underground of which she speaks.

  11. I am nice and relaxed now after reading that Marion. Your lavender fields photo brings back memories of a holiday in Provence and following tractors and trailers laden with fresh cut lavender. The air was heavy with the scent.

  12. Marion, thank you so much for taking us with you in your journey to the purple world. You are so correct about getting answers after the session. Just keep your eyes and your ears and your heart open. I get the the same type of feelings after I give reiki. The peaceful feeling and the experience of the energy and love is what enlightment must be. My guides are always there to help and they are always full of love. You energy has come to me in your words and they have soothe my being.

  13. Wow....

    I've never had a Reiki treatment. I'm interested in it and would like to learn more...

    Reading your meditative experience brought relaxation to me as well..

  14. i have energy treatment once a month or so, to recharge too. yeah... always feels great after a healing session. so much joy and love energy ligering. i too am learning to have faith in my guide(s) that will bring me to where i need to be, and that all is good.

    i learned energy healing 2 years back and oh boy what magical, mystical and amazing journey i had back then, and if i were to tell people, they'd think i was crazy! i thought i was crazy myself. haha!

    one thing let to another and i am now with a healer/mentor that is teaching and guiding me through this amazing journey of beautiful discovery!

    thank you for this post.

  15. Princess,

    I would be interested in writing about courses I'd like to do. I'll get to it!


    Thank you so much! To be thought of as kind is what I aspire to be. And congratulations on your receiving the award as well...what a pretty banner!


    There are some natural springs that can put me into a hugely meditative state. Ainsworth Hot Springs in the Kootenays in BC are simply awe-inspiring. The Springs go underground in the most amazing caves! I could hear the hum of Mother Earth, when I was there.

    The Lake looks like an "area of entry"...very much so.


    What an incredible experience that must have been, your visit to Provence! Lavender is my favourite plant; I grow a lot in my garden, lol! It does very well here, on the East side of the Island...better than it did when I lived on the West Coast.

    Lavender reduces stress...I surround myself with it, lol!


    I know that you give a lot of Reiki treatments, as does Graham. He also mentions feeling as you do. When I give Reiki to someone, I don't feel quite as relaxed as I do when I receive. But it is still a jump start to getting insight. My dreams become especially vivid after a treatment.

    I'm glad you received a little energy from my post!

  16. Lady luxie,

    I just visited your site and saw Dave's wonderful explanation of Reiki. What a great friend he is.

    Barbara Ann Brennan's Hands of Light is a good book as well.

    I'm glad I was able to relax you!


    It's great that you also have Reiki certification. I have Level 2 Reiki. Graham, however, is a Karuna and Usui Reiki Master, having taken the levels with William Rand.

    Reiki always sends me further down the path I'm seeking. I can't imagine living my life without it now.

  17. Beautiful post Marion. Thank you for sharing your intense thoughts and feelings with us. I felt like I was going through the Reiki treatment with you. I felt more relaxed after reading the post. I've always been interested in complementary therapies. I've heard several people describe seeing different colours whilst having a Reiki session. It's as if all the different colours have their own special healing powers. Fascinating.

    Unfortunately I didn't manage to get on my Indian Head Massage course Marion. Surprisingly enough there wasn't enough interest for it to go ahead as only 4 people including myself enrolled. Very disappointing.

  18. Thanks for this Marion. I felt like I was getting the reiki too (same as Naomi). You say that something like a reiki treatment is hard to put into words, as indeed it is - but you did a magnificent job here. My imagination is usually a vague and blurry thing, but I got a very clear picture of your purple city. This makes me realize that I ought to relax more when I'm receiving healing and reiki. I'm usually too much in my mind!

  19. Marion,

    To me, lavender is very relaxing. I love lavender-scented baths, sprays ... wonderful.

    Such a beautiful description you've written here. I'm glad I dropped in today!

    Miss T

  20. Naomi,

    I am so sorry the Head Massage course did not have enough interested people. I was looking forward to hearing more about it. Perhaps another course will come along...sometimes the time just isn't quite right.

    The colours I see during a Reiki treatment are usually the colours of the chakras. Depending on what I'm focusing on, what problem I'm trying to wrestle with...that colour will predominate. The colour purple or violet is the colour of the Crown chakra, which makes the connection between the higher self and cosmic forces. It also can align and balance the rest of the chakras. The crown chakra promotes positive thought patterns, inspiration and imagination.

    All great things for a writer!


    When I first began to give or receive Reiki, I struggled hard to even be able to relax on that massage table. My first inclination was to run...but Reiki has a way of settling me down. And I eventually found it was more difficult NOT to relax, than it was to go with the flow of Reiki energy.

    One thing I know for sure, Reiki will assist the patient, even when concentration is scattered. Answers still arrive...perhaps not on the table, but certainly as the days pass by. And my body always, always benefits from the deep relaxation.

    Graham and I have used Reiki on various ailments on different people; always there are great steps forward with whatever the battle may be. It is a great tool.

    Miss T,

    I hope your shoulder feels better...I have been thinking of you. What a terrible thing to happen...I will send prayers, along with Reiki, for your speedy recovery!

    There is nothing better than lavender for is the only scent that does not wake up my allergies. And I have rows and rows of it in my garden!

  21. That is an amazing description of your Reiki journey. I have "visions" when I receive a massage and when I've received Reiki years ago. (A little dragon once took flight out of my left hip, which had been troubling me - cute!) I took level 1 and level 2 classes and received certification, but it's been so many years since I've practiced, I would have to get re-certified and possible re-attuned again, too, although I still feel the energy in the center of my palms.

    I found you through Lady Luxie; I'll be back to read - and learn - more.

  22. Rose, please email me if you would like to be re-attuned...Graham can do so by distance Reiki. You only have to give me a time, when we can coordinate with you.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I certainly enjoyed visiting yours!

  23. Amazing post. Love the photos. Anything lavender in colour or perfume is just soooo perfect.

    What a wonderful experience you have with Reiki. Sadly I don't....most peculiar as it always put me straight into depression... so have switched over to BodyTalk which is just perfect for me.