Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eight Things

This is a tough one. Matt asked me to write about eight things not generally known about me.

It's tough because basically I have already written about anything remotely interesting about myself; it's tough because I don't like to open myself to others, even though I write in this blog as if I have no trouble doing just that.

And it's tough because today I am feeling a little under the has been stormy, cold and rainy for the past couple of weeks; my body reflects what's happening outside. I really just want to go to bed; however, this is not a thing I can do easily, seemingly. I would lie there, thinking about all the things I should be doing.

One of which is catching up on my writing.

One thing not generally known about me is that I wanted, with my whole heart, to be an archaeologist. I studied it, I read books about it, I fantasized sifting through Dirt, chiseling on Rocks, being outside and deeply involved in what was appearing before me. I even wrote a paper on it, for my Grade 11 Creative Writing Class.

If Archaeology was not to be in my future, neither was the other be a Midwife. There were few of those when I was of the age to look for further education. Midwifery did not become mainstream until I already had my babies.

I can't think of a finer occupation. To greet those brand new Souls as they arrive would be
incomparable to me, always awesome, always close to Creator.

And then there is the time I lived on a Commune for a few months, after I graduated. It was a great experience...these people I lived with were committed to Mother Earth. But they were not so committed to each other or each other's possessions. Sensitivity and kindness were sorely lacking on this commune...we were all very young, selfish and as passionate as the youth of the sixties generally were.

When my brand new vehicle was used for pulling logs out of the felt like it was time to move on.

This next one is probably obvious, since I tend to write about Storms, Wind, and Rain more than I do about Sunshine. I love inclement Weather. Really strong inclement Weather. The kind where battening down the hatches is advised. The kind where I can go down to the Seawall and watch Ocean's waves smash and fly onto the Beach, covering people like me, standing on shore, with cold, foamy Seawater.

And with that in mind, my ideal place to live would be with the Ocean at my front and the Forest at my back. I am close to the ideal, where I live...I can see the Ocean from the front of my home, and there is a large, forested Park at my back. In my fantasy, however, there are no other houses around...only Forest and Ocean. I grew up on acreage; it seems acclimatizing myself to neighbourhoods and traffic, rules and regulations is one of those things that requires more acceptance on my part.

All my life, I have eaten foods that were in Season. There is much that is written about sustainable living these days. As I read the literature, I think...This is not new, at least to me. Slow foods are the staple of my cooking. I look forward to the seasonal harvest, eschewing the pap that is sold in the stores, foods that come from thousands of miles away.

I find Farmer's Markets artistic and creative...all the displays show colours and shapes only Creator could have designed. It is a photo opportunity, that changes as the Seasons turn.

And this is an area I would love to explore...growing enough food to take to the Market. I picture in my mind's eye a smallish home on the Beach, with enough area for a large Market garden, and path's to follow into a deep Forest. The house, on second thought, should be a little larger, for the Bed and Breakfast I would run. Relaxation and good food would be the order of the day for my guests.

In direct opposition to running a Bed and Breakfast here on the Island, I look forward to staying in those B and B's, when I travel in the UK, one desire not so unknown to others. This one, as opposed to the house on the Beach, will happen. This one is just waiting for the right time.

One of my favourite ways to beat feeling under the weather, is to make myself a cup of Herbal Tea, grab a crossword puzzle that is not too difficult (else I would just be frustrated and sick) and plunk myself down in the Big Chair by the fireplace. I would doze in between brilliant word choices...and wake up, at the end of my sojourn, feeling ever so much better.

And this is just what I'm going to do.

Matt's directions include naming five other people. I hesitate to do so; most of the bloggers I know have already done this meme. However, in the spirit of the whole thing, I will name Marsha, Joe and Princess Haiku. I realize there are only three bloggers I've named; if there is anyone who would like to write about eight things you hide deep in your heart, by all means, let me know, and I will provide a link to your site.

Thank you, Matt, for giving me the opportunity to write about these half-forgotten desires and experiences I have. I could have written a lot more, had I not fallen victim to this disgusting bug presently inhabiting my body.

The Big Chair is calling my name.


  1. I'll take you up on the challenge, but I will have to give the whole thing some genuine thought to decide which of the skeletons to bring out of the closet.

  2. Wonderful post. We are much alike. I wanted to be a race car driver when I grew up, but it was the 1950s and Shirley Muldowney had not broken down the barriers.

    I would love to live on a forested cliff, looking down at the ocean. The water level is rising, so beach front land may be submarine lots soon.

    If I could, I would be a geologist. I love looking at road cuts and seeing millions of years at a time.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Advertising for Success. Please submit a post to Fall Fest. You do not have to write one specifically for it, just pick one.

    I have added this blog to my links on my weight loss blog. Its my personal, woman, write what I want kind of blog.

  3. Lovely post on so many levels. I love the wonderful photos you chose. I could definitely see you as a midwife. I feel as you do about farmers' markets: I must always visit them when I can--both for the food and the creative inspiration all the colors bring.

  4. My daughter read History and archeology and from that I too became interested. Its something I may persue once I retire.

  5. My skeletons are officially out in the open for everyone to see. Thanks for the challenge Marion, it was fun.

  6. Joe,

    Thank you! I just read your post...those skeletons are well worth reading! I love the look of your site, by the way...those deep, dark waves just seem to call my name. It's great.


    Thank you so much for placing the link on your site, I plan to do the same for yours today, as soon as I get a minute.

    There is such deep interest in sifting through the Earth, and seeing the changes wrought by the centuries, in myself. I'm glad you understand!

    This afternoon, I promise I will enter the carnival...just have to find the post I'm thinking of and send it to you!


    I could see myself as a midwife, too. I must have been one in a previous hands almost itch when someone is in labour...I need to give comfort and aid, at those times.

    I feel sad that Winter will shut down the Farmer's Markets, here. I look forward to Spring's displays...nothing beats late Winter blues like a super fresh dinner of greens!


    Well, please keep in touch,then! If you're going to do archaeology in your retirement, I want to hear all about fact, perhaps we will become students together! I guess it's never too late.

  7. Wow. that was a wonderful list Marion, I am glad I selected you as one of the participants! :)

  8. This was a really interesting post and thank you for sharing some of your authentic experience. I am going to think this one over for a while and I may follow through. I tend to be pretty invisible in some ways, being an online ghost and all. I will say you have taken your blog to an even deeper level having done this. You are a very special person.

  9. Sitting here over a thousand miles away, I can picture you in my mind's eye doing all the the things you have on your list. Your pure energy and genuine love of nature (all nature) pours out of every paragraph you put down. Your spirituality and sense of love is always what I walk away with when I read your words and see your photos. Being a child of the 60's I can relate to feelings you have and the words you write describe the soul that is inside me.
    You are the archaeologist, perhaps not formaly, but spiritualy, you give us insights to the past thru your words on animals and geographic locations.
    You are the midwife to the new thoughts and ideas that are born in our lives after reading your posts.
    You still are in a commune we call it humanity.

    Thank You.

  10. Matt,

    Thank YOU! It was great fun writing this many memories and experiences came flooding back, as I wrote.

    Probably, as a classic Pisces yourself, you can relate!


    I hope you do, indeed, write this a Ghost, as a Princess, there must be many things we don't know about you. But I understand your need to be invisible, and to think it through. I think I thought about it for a week, before I could put thoughts to paper.

    I found it very interesting.

  11. Dave,

    What a huge compliment! Yours was also an immensely creative is why I read your thoughts on your blog on a continuing basis. The images you conjure here are wonderful.

    You made my day. Thank YOU!

  12. What a wonderful and interesting list. I am working on mine, I'll let you know when I am done. I have always wanted to be an archaeologist too!

  13. Loved you list. Today it is wonderful to see youngsters actually doing the careers they want to do not like in our time when you had to take what you could get quite often.

    Archeology must be wonderful. I would love the quiet and isolation as they are not all in places like the Pyramids with a city nearby.

  14. Marsha,

    I'm looking forward to reading it! It's surprising to me how many people have since told me how archaeology was the dream.


    It would be the isolation and beauty and quiet...the history...of it which drew me, I think. It seemed so ideal to me, at the time.

    It just wasn't the right time, as you took what you could get.