Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Road Less Travelled

Duffy Lake Route to the Coast...long and curvy!
One of the many old Log Cabins one finds anywhere in the Cariboo...
Did I say long and very curvy?
We took a different route to the Coast this time. The Duffy Lake Road would be treacherous in the Winter, in my opinion...there are many curves and cliffs along the way...but it is well worth taking in the Summer. So many wondrous views!

My daughter and her family were in the middle of renovating their home...the kitchen and two bathrooms were being ripped out and  re-done...and so when we arrived it was to controlled chaos.

At the Water park, it was difficult to capture Graydon in a still moment...
Graham and I have renovated many times before; therefore we completely understand the process.

But I managed..
After a restful sleep, we left the construction workers to their jobs and visited the Roger Creek Water was a truly lovely, warm day, which I really appreciated, it being quite chilly and wet in the Cariboo up to that point...

Brianna at the grand old age of three...
I watched Brianna, my granddaughter, go a little further along the path to adulthood and maturity when she was picked up from home by one of her friends who drove. No longer is there any need to beg rides to the Lake from her parents...although she doesn't as yet have her own driver's license, many of her friends have theirs.


It brought back memories of when my daughters found freedom from requesting a ride from parents. It was bittersweet...on the one hand, I was grateful and on the other...well, on the other, this was the beginning of their own independence, further away from me, so many years ago.

He's so active! Pictures turn out fuzzy.
Brianna is well on her way. She's in Grade 12 this coming year; she is maturing in leaps and bounds...way too fast for this grandmother!

What happened to my little girl?

And Graydon, too...He and I have discussions, now. No longer does he take everything someone says as complete and utter truth. He questions everything. He tells me the folks around him don't always like to be bothered by his questions, which centre around the "why?" category. So I countered his nonsense Why's with Why not? Given that scenario, he loved to pass on his knowledge by answering the question himself...

Maple Trees in the Park entwined for eternity...they look like they are dancing a wonderfully slow waltz...
The Park was crowded. There were children everywhere. I noticed there were young parents there whom I knew many years ago when they were youngsters themselves. Wasn't that only yesterday?

At a younger age, when my daughters were small, I never noticed the shrieks and shouts of children. Those sounds were part of my World. I'm much older now; I find myself sneaking away at times to seek some peace.
A favourite spot, in the centre of the two Trees, for hide and seek!

I remembered Roger Creek Park. It was a favourite venue for weddings and photos for special occasions. It was a park I went to when I needed the comfort the large Maple Trees give the human population.

And so I wandered away with my camera for awhile, renewing old acquaintances, still there after all these years.

Still Waters capturing reflected Trees and Sky.
The River was low and still. I remember it as being rushing and busy. But it is Summer and the River is called Roger Creek. And my memory is not what it once was. I think, too, my memories can get confused with other Rivers, other Creeks... all melding together in my mind.

Serene and peaceful Ponds...lovely, lovely Water!
But it was exactly what I needed, regardless of the Creek's stillness. I sat and stared at the Water for a long time, letting my tired body receive satiation from Mother Nature and allowing my mind surcease from problems.

When I felt the urge to go back to the playground, I felt refreshed, as is always the case when Mother Earth and I connect.

Back to the laughter of children!

The rest of our vacation passed in double quick time, as it always does. We travelled back on Hwy. 1 through the Fraser Canyon...the Duffy Lake Road made me a little dizzy with its twists and turns. It is a great alternative route, though, on the way to the Island, as it is a good hour shorter than Hwy. 1.

At least in the Summer, this road, which is less utilized than the other, more up-to-date routes, will be one we'll choose more often.

It is good to shake up complacency, sometimes, by taking a road less travelled...


  1. Thank you so much for inviting us on your journey. You inspire me.

  2. marion, how wonderful! graydon is quite a handsome doll--look at those expressions! and your brianna is now in cars. i can't yet imagine that will be mr. ryan and baby drew someday.

    i love that you snuck away for quiet. you are so wise and i know the trees and the creek appreciated your visits. :^)

    welcome home. i've been missing you. soon okay?!


  3. Sounds like you had both a good journey and a great time at your destination. At least you got some good weather while you were out here. Not sure about the Island, but we've had low clouds and cool mornings but warm sunny afternoons. Perfect if you ask me. - Margy

  4. Great pictures and I bet you're having a great time too. I would take that road with all its beautiful scenery. For some reason I'm having problems posting comments, lets hope this one works. All the best.

  5. When looking back on life’s milestones, they seem to go by so quickly … although at the time it can feel just the opposite. It is a human habit, I think, to look ahead at the next stage that we presume will be a little easier in some way. But each stage is a turn on a new and unfamiliar road. And as you so well express, Marion, we learn to enjoy the moments best when rediscovering the circle of life that we instinctively find within nature.

  6. I'm with you....the roads *less travelled* often yield greater rewards...and many more adventures. Your Grandchidren are adorable....

    I love your visiting the *old friends*...Trees and Creeks.... we have spoken of this before....and I an sure they *recognised* you too...and were happy for the reunion!

    So happy you had warmth... we haven't had very much this *Summer* in SF....and every *rare* time the sun comes up....I feel the need to lift my face up in greeting and let those rays strean down onto my face!

    Missed lovely yo are posting again.

    Sending many hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Thanks for taking me along on your road trip and letting me see some of the grandkids!

  8. Susanne,

    Heh...YOU inspire me...everytime I visit your site, my day goes along much better! Your paintings speak..


    Yes, we must make time to talk soon. I took some time away from blogging and wrote privately, which is great for working things out for me.

    It shocks me to realize Brianna is 16. Kids grow up so very fast! Graydon will be there before I know a blink of an eye!

    Powell River Books,

    Margy, I came home with a sun strange! The sun usually shines non-stop in the Cariboo, but we haven't seen sunshine here a whole lot this summer. It was sunny and hot on the Island, though.

    Now, the weather is growing much cooler. The other morning the temperature was -1C. Autumn is arriving quickly!

  9. Dave,

    Google has been acting up for me for a long time. Sometimes comments show up and sometimes not...on other blogs I try to comment on as well. It is irritating for write something out and have it disappear!

    Google also didn't allow me to post photos in the format I wanted, so I had to cut a few out of the post. But I know you would enjoy the Duffy Lake's quiet, countrified, and I had the best hot dog in Lilloet I've ever had!

    aka Penelope,

    "It is a human habit, I think, to look ahead at the next stage that we presume will be a little easier in some way." NO KIDDING! I've always thought it was so foolish to do that and yet it happens constantly. I want to go to the next stage, where I presume mightily that things will be easier. I forget so easily the place where I am now.

    It takes constant vigilance for me to remain fully present and in the now. Getting easier, though!

  10. Robin,

    I guess the bad weather plagued all of us in the West. It certainly rained here almost every day. My garden grew and grew and grew with the constant moisture, finally flopping over when buds appeared. But I didn't have to water all summer!

    It was great to re-visit one of my favourite parks. It is not a big park, or even all that beautiful compared to others I've seen, but it holds a certain spot in my heart. So many memories there, so many Maple Trees I truly love. I miss it.


    Ahh, Kate, I wish you could have been with us. You could have joined me in closing my eyes at times, as that road curved around some particularly steep drop off, with a delivery truck coming towards us! That's got to be one of the more scary and exhilarating roads I've been on!

    As we take it more often, I suppose it will become old hat to me. I hope not, but that's the way of things..

  11. OOOoooooh it all looks GORGEOUS! I'm so glad you get to see these things and live your life as you do. I'm very up and down again but this is lovely to read :)) xxx

  12. hello, kiss, kiss, tootle loo!

    that's all. ♥

  13. it's always such fun to take these journeys with you. To be in the company of children and trees! Bliss!

  14. All Consuming,

    Yesterday I was sick as anything with a bad fibro attack; today, it is as if the sickness never happened. I've learned to take it day by day, and you're one of my best inspirations I have for that!

    Wish you could be here and join me for a road trip! xx


    Congratulations, sweetie, such wonderful news. I hope Jess feels okay after the labour. It's so nice to welcome Logan James today! He's a Leo! I've got Leo rising. xxx


    So true! Kids, water and trees and it is heaven. Such great energies vibrate forth from happy children! xx

  15. Beautiful grandbabies and beautiful photos... I miss my grandchildren like the dickens, and I know only other grandmas can relate.

    Purty kids, Marion! :)

  16. I like the log cabin -- oh the stories there, surviving in that part of the world in winter.
    Nice photos.

  17. Marion, your pictures are so wonderful!
    What beautiful grandchildren you have
    I loved taking this journey with you!
    Thank you for sharing!
    It was lovely!

    Margie :)

  18. Marion, So glad you had a lovely trip and found a new road. Your grandchildern are beautiful and they grow up so fast! And as for memories I had memory last Fall that I found NEVER happend LOL. Have a wonderful weekend.