Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Double the Fun!

Kaleelah finally grabbing a few zzzz's in Granda's arms
With great anticipation, Graham and I awaited the twins' first visit to the Cariboo.The trip from the Island took a long while, what with Kimeesha feeding two voracious, growing babies and having to stop each time. The trip took twice as long...and must have seemed as if it would never end.

But finally, in the waning hours of the day, the family arrived, safe and sound and hungry once again...

Someone turn the page!
I'd been looking forward to walks in the garden with the babies; with Rain and Mosquitoes the order of our days for the last two months, my wish was not granted. But I'm not sure the twins minded in the least...they were kept busy, with either Graham or myself holding one or the other. 

Kaleelah in green and Keauni in yellow
Both of them are such sturdy, little bundles. Both smile and chuckle freely, at almost five was a bonus for me when I was able to make both of them laugh at the same time. Double the fun! 

In these photos, I find it easier to tell the differences between them, but in the flesh it is not so simple. The only way I can tell which of the twins I have in my arms is because Kaleelah has only one pointed ear, while Keauni has inheritance from their maternal grandmother. 

A very busy Keauni
I'm told Kaleelah is more demanding, while Keauni is calmer and more accepting. I was amazed...Kaleelah sleeps very little, preferring to remain awake rather than enjoy her naptime. I believe she thought there was just too much going on...she did not want to miss a thing!

I love those baby grins...their whole bodies curl, their shoulders rise...they put everything they've got into those wonderful, crooked smiles...
Time to change positions...

It was the best see this young family doing so well, after a bit of a rocky start...nobody expected twins. It took a bit of time to become accustomed to the thought of double everything.

I'm so pleased with both of their parents...calm, quiet and sure, they do what is required without complaint or fuss. I know quite well that I could not do as well as they, especially if both babes cried at once. That would rattle me, but Kimeesha takes it one step at a time.

Time to change positions NOW!
It was not too difficult this time, to say goodbye. We are travelling to the Coast this week, and will have more time with the babes then...

I'll be visiting with my granddaughter Brianna, who along with her soccer team is off to an event in Manchester, England next week. Her Dad will go along as one of the chaperones. And of course, my daughter and I will have much to catch up on. Graydon has been counting the number of sleeps before we arrive...

And so have I!

Peonies blooming despite the monsoon-like downpours!

Poppies love this climate and are in full bloom...

Flowers on this Black Elder are usually quite almost looks as if Rain has faded them!

I hope everyone, despite the weather, be it Rain or Heat Waves, has a very happy week, just as I surely will!


  1. So precious. I wish we could keep five month old babies that age for a longer time. They have learned to be social and outgoing, but they are not getting into everything. I just want to give them a hug.

  2. What gorgeous babies!! I'm glad to see your flowers blooming. Ours are wilting in the heat, but hanging in there. Blessings!

  3. Beautiful babies! I do wish they could stay babies for a bit, but they grow so fast! Have a wonderful time at the coast! xoxo

  4. Oh they are just beautiful! it brings back such memories of my twin nephews - it was easier and harder to have two of the same age. I think the best thing is having both at the same developmental stage, so much easier to keep them entertained.
    They are beautiful lovely adorable babies - Enjoy!

  5. Don't you just LOVE those tykes? The depth of feeling for one's grandchildren is amazing. And how cute they are - love the description of baby smiles with the whole body participating. My 9 month old Bean does the same thing!

    Glad you are able to enjoy them. Babyhood seems to zip by. This whole post made me just smile and and keep smiling.

  6. Beautiful babies. They will certainly have you out and about around the garden once they start walking. Bundles of fun.

  7. These adorable children have the advantage of a constant companion in their lives. How wonderful and unique to share the world with a special person that is much like you but also very individual. I so enjoyed seeing these pictures of your twin grandchildren, Marion. They really do look alike! :))

  8. what a joy to hold and behold!they are beautiful, marion and so obviously loved. what fun you will have. and more love to come.

    i am always happy for you. i was talking about you and your gifts to me last night. did you know?


  9. The babies are SO beautiful! Have a wonderful trip to the coast.

  10. Oh Marion, this is just joy, joy, joy. My eyes even got a little bit moist.

  11. Love seeing these little sweethearts and so happy for you!

  12. Awwww little darlings. Before I read your words I looked through the photos and thought how the little one dressed in green has a real awareness about her, in the third photo she looks like she's
    soaking up their little book, and then I read how she likes to stay awake so as not to miss a thing*!*

  13. Love the pics! How cute are they? Wow. So glad to hear all this positive news sweetie :)) xxx

  14. Beautiful babies, Marion... you are so blessed, but you already know that!

  15. Spent a bit of time catching up. The babies are cute and to think, double the joy! I'm going to be a grandma again but have weeks and months to go. I have the greatest admiration for young families. Being a parent is not an easy task if done with love and passion.

    In a later post you mentioned the state of the world and I have to agree. That's why I have not rushed to find cable or satellite service to the TV in my new home. I have gotten out of the habit of watching news and rely on word of mouth these days. Maybe I am a bit ill informed but I can say I hardly ever miss most it.