Tuesday, August 10, 2010


After what seems like an eon, Rain has arrived. Not enough, though, to put out the Fires which have Williams Lake surrounded, but it will help, without a doubt. It has dispersed the smoke and that fact alone means so much.

I can breathe...deeply and often. When Air is filled with smoke, one tends to take short, shallow breaths. As a consequence, oxygen going to the brain is less and tiredness, anxiety, confusion and a whole host of other maladies result.

It is such a relief, as well, to have the Forest dampened down. It will not be much Rain; the forecast is for warm weather to arrive once again. But oh! it felt heavenly this morning to walk through the garden.
The Dogs, too, are having an easier time of it. During the smoke-filled days, they wouldn't go outside and laze in the shade, as is their wont. They would pant if they were outside for any length of time. During my research on what smoke does to the physical system, I learn that is how Animals breathe in smoky Air...by panting.

I hear on the news about Animals milling around on the highway, confused and disoriented. Sightings of big game and Cattle are everywhere a Fire is burning near.

So, with the Rain, my greatest wish is, as their breathing patterns change for the better, that all the Animals who were displaced find another home outside of the Fire area, even if they have to travel great distances to do so.

It will be easier for me to leave on a trip to the Coast, now that some Rain has arrived, as well. When conditions were as terrible as they had been, leaving the Dogs behind felt a little disloyal, even though they love our dog sitter, and rarely even miss us.

And I was greatly worried about Fire breaking out near where I live. Even though that fear may arise again, since Fire season will be on-going, conditions are such, on this day, that the fear has gone on the back burner.

I am thrilled to see my family again so soon after they were here. It only joins us stronger together, each time we see each other. It will seem as if we are a part of their ongoing lives, when visits are closer together, rather than the distance we must traverse each time a visit occurs. A visit, in that case, must take a lot of time playing catch-up. This time, we have already caught up.

Today, even the thought of the long car trip and the subsequent tiredness on my return can't shake my feelings of joy. It is like coming out of a long, dark and very stuffy tunnel. When I was in it, it was all I could see or feel and it felt like it would go on forever.

But today there is Rain.


  1. Hooray for the rain! Your photos are awesome. I'm glad you're getting to enjoy your precious family. Blessings!

  2. glad some rain has fallen. and hope your trip is wonderful and enriching to your soul. boy did I hate to leave my kitties for my vacation. Still, us humans need a break now and again.

  3. Marion, I am so glad you got rain! I hope you get more than expected. Have fun at the coast!
    It will be a great relief after all that smoke.

  4. I was so happy to see the title of your post, what a relief! Glad for you and glad for the animals.

    I also know what you mean by frequent visits especially with kids. It's so much easier to be a constant part of their lives when you see them frequently. Have a wonderful time.

  5. Marion, I am so glad things have eased up somewhat and that you are heading out to clearer skies and air. We also got rain yesterday, not down pours but lovely long and steady "strings of rain"! You could almost see the grass turn green before your eyes and the deer where definately smilin'. Have a wonderful visit with your family and safe journey.

  6. marion, please consider this secret code for 'i loved it!'

    i am so glad you have had rain and triple glad you will again see your family. i know exactly what you speak of here. (grandmother and mother talk!)

    i hope the trip goes well, marion, my ever wise insightful friend. TSUP!


  7. Marion: Your writing is so beautiful, and always takes me with you ... I feel what you were saying about the fires - they bring a sorrow to the earth, but there is always something to be born from the breaking of old foundations. Mother Nature knows how to get her own way. If not with pine beetle, then with lightning strikes, and fire.

    Good luck on your trip South. ~Nicole

  8. Great news! How slow I am at commenting tsk. Hope you're all having a ball over there and enjoying the break xxx

  9. Such a beautifully written post, Marion! I'm so glad you have rain at last, that intense dryness that results in fires and seems to dry out one's very bones, always needs gentle quenching. Hope you get more rain.

  10. glad that rain finally came. have a wonderful trip marion.

  11. Anonymous11:23 a.m.

    So your not all wet just misty! I do attempt to read some of your stuff from time to time.
    Have a good one and can't believe that you went 10 whole days without writing any thing you must've been sick.
    bye for now jerr

  12. Pleased to hear about the rain. Don't know how you both and the dogs handled the smoke, I freak out at my neighbours BBQ fires ant weekends.

    So many parts Worldwide are having terrible fires lately.

    Love the photos.

  13. I'm late getting here to learn about your fires and am grateful to learn at the same time that rain has given you some relief. I hope you are enjoying your vacation; you well deserve it.

  14. Thank you all for your comments and good wishes. We arrived home to lots of smoke and a computer breakdown, so I'm very glad we had a great time on our holiday!

    The computer is fixed. The fires are more out of control than ever. Only the Fraser River is holding the fires away from the City of Williams Lake.High winds had the ground crews themselves pulled back from the fires. It's been very smoky, sickeningly smoky, for the last while, but the weather has cooled off again.This will help the fires by raising the humidity. If the smoke recedes, then the water bombers can fly and help ground crews.

    There are many highway closures and a great number of people under evacuation order or evacuation alert. In the hills where I live, the smoke is bad, but it is not as bad as the City of Williams Lake, where it feels as if it is a late Winter's afternoon...very dark. Cars must use headlights; it is too difficult to see them without. It feels surreal.

    I'm so glad to have my computer back...as Jerr says, 10 days without writing usually means I'm sick. But this time, it was only a modem breakdown...I have a new one now; I'm so happy to be back online!

    Jerr, a phone call coming your way this afternoon!