Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Magic Apple

A couple of years ago, Graham and I planted an Apple Tree. It was not the first Apple Tree I've planted...on every property I have lived upon, there was either a fully grown one, or a small sapling I'd just transplanted after the move.

But the small Tree we planted in the Cariboo is finding life difficult.

It was planted at the top of a bank. We dug a deep, wide hole, trying to pry all the Rocks out of the Soil in the immediate area, but not completely succeeding. And so, I knew I would have to Water it a little more often...Rocks don't hold the Water and there is a lot of run off down the bank.

It tried to bloom. Each time a blossom opened, however, it would Snow. Snow did not bother the Crabapple Tree, planted at the same time, but the little Apple Tree's blossoms would wither, turn brown and drop off.

It was cold for a long time, this past Spring. Snow happened fairly rarely, but with the cold, Bees and such were still hunkered down, still in hibernation.

Our little Tree tried over and over again to fact, at one point I actually counted over six little Applets clinging to the branches. These would all eventually drop off.

Except for one.

This one is strongly attached to the Tree. This Apple is perfectly round, with a small dimple which collects Rain Water, making it look as if it has a small window.

Sometimes, one can even imagine that one could look inside through the window and see magic at work.

I dreamt about it the other day, although not expressly about only the Apple Tree. I was in an airport; there were long runways in front of me. My feeling was I would have to choose one. But how was I to know where each led?

I was becoming frustrated and anxious in my dream. Even as I understood that in this dream my choice of runway would have an impact on my life...I couldn't choose. It felt as if I was paralysed, physically and mentally.

The ends of the runways were obscured by smoke. Now, my dreaming of smoky runways was not so difficult to understand, since we have been in smoky conditions for a long time. It is only over the last couple of days that North Wind brought Storms, which put the smoke on the run.

I peered and I pondered. Which runway to choose...? And I knew without a doubt I would have to choose one, in this dream. But I really, really didn't want to do so.

In the misty, murky distance, a Tree appeared, half obscured by the grey tendrils of smoke. I watched it for a long while...was it my Apple Tree? And was it a sign given to me by the Apple Diva? Surely, in a dream where anything is possible, she would appear to give me advice.

Suddenly, I felt a hard, round object in my hand. It was the Applet...the only Apple on the Tree in my backyard. It was easily recognizable...I have stared at that small Apple on the Tree for months and know it well.

Don't you wish, during dreams, that you could take an interpretor along with you? Someone who could point out what is important and what is not in a dream? Most times, I can figure out what it is I am supposed to know, but mind seems too clouded to grasp the concept.

The Apple I held in my hand was ripe. It's scent was strong as a box of just picked, perfectly ripened Apples. I wondered if I should eat it, or place it back on the Tree in the distance on the runway. But I knew if I walked on that runway, it would be the pathway I chose...for good and all. And I felt real apprehension at the thought.

Could I commit to one pathway? Could I even make a decision about whether or not to follow the runway to the Apple Tree?

Quite possibly,even in a dream, I would still be standing there at the beginning of all the runways if I hadn't heard a voice coming from the innocuous little Apple in my hand.

Take me home...she said. 

I wondered where home was...was it the Tree in the distance?

Yes...said the small's the home of Truth and Magic, and you know that.

I didn't know anything. I did not want to follow any of the runways...that much I did know.

But, with the Apple in hand, I find myself walking down the runway that led to the Tree. On my way, I discover the runway is no longer smooth. It becomes hilly, and there are many streams and obstacles to cross before I can reach the Tree, which never seems closer.

There is a change inside myself, as I traverse that long, long treacherous runway. I suddenly know, without a doubt, that I can do whatever it is I am to do. Inner confidence comes back, just as the dream scene begins to fade, with the Tree still in the far distance.

I wake up feeling the imprint of the little Apple in my hand.

Upon arising, I check my small Apple Tree. The Applet still hangs strongly on the branch, ripening day by day. It is a sturdy little Apple, surviving Hail and drought and heat and Wind and smoky Air.

I look upon it a little differently, now.

A magical Apple. One who knows the truth. And one which has a strong sense of...home.

Who knew?


  1. hi marion, you can remember your dreams? i have been having dreams too, i feel it when i wake up but i can't seem to remember much.

    a magical apple bringing you home. i like that.

  2. What an amazing write, Marion! I love your little strong, determined, magic Apple. (I thought of Snow White, too, while reading). Dreams are such amazing trips into our subconscious. I often visit this dream dictionary site for help in interpretations:

    Thanks for sharing this. It's a feast of food for thought. Blessings!

  3. Marion, this story of the dream made me cry. I think because it is so beautiful and because I have to choose where to be and because I cannot, I stay where I am. How I wish I had that magical apple to tell me where to go. That tree and that apple are special. Indeed they are. xoxo

  4. What a bewitching story, Marion. I was not only captivated by your imagery but you actually gave me an idea to map my desires, the possible roads I will travel on my creative pathways. I think now, before I do anything else, I must create that map.

  5. That strong little apple has power. Its appearance in your dream shows its existence isn't accidental. Nothing happens in God's world by mistake.
    I planted a little gala apple tree by my sunroom when we had it built, just for the blossoms it might have. It's under the shade of a big sycamore so I knew it probably wouldn't fruit. Now it's making little galas every year, stouthearted little tree. Like yours.

  6. I love the magical story set against pictures of cabbages, such ordinary prosaic vegetables. Heaven and Earth - great images.

  7. Alison,

    For sure, I can't remember many dreams these days! But the ones I do, I usually write about. This dream woke me up at 2am; I wondered if I would remember it when I got up. And I did, at least most of it. I believe the ones I remember are important in some way. There's a message, if I can only decipher it!


    Thank you for the link! I shall use it often, I think. I have been busy with volunteering the last few days, so I'm hoping for some time to check the site within the next few days.

    I love my little apple, too. I'm not even wanting to pick it, lol! This little apple has given me much responsibility...

    Annie Coe,

    It's a tough time for some of us when a life change is in the offing. I'd be very happy if the apple had the answers, but I fear I must dig deeply within myself for the courage to face whatever lies ahead. Dear Annie, you will find your answers,'s just a matter of time.


    That's a great idea! I believe I will do the same...a map of desires. Putting my wishes and hopes and dreams and goals down on a map will get them out of my head and make them real. Thank you, Annie!

  8. Enchanted Oak,

    These strong little trees are so amazing...growing against all odds and also bearing fruit. I'm glad that little gala is giving you joy and strength. Every time I look at my little tree with its strong little apple, I feel I can do anything. So perhaps it does have power...a message from Creator!
    Thanks, Chris! xoxo


    Thank you! You got the idea about the cabbages...I thought they were the equivalent of roses in the vegetable worlds. They really are far more beautiful than these photos show...on the red ones, there is such wonderful shadings of colours. My fingers itched...I wanted to paint this lovely, purple cabbage.

  9. Marion - I love the way you weave a tale. I've always wanted to plant some fruit trees, but worry that they might attract unwanted critters including bears. I think I better stick to my small plants away from shore and only potatoes underground up above. - Margy

  10. Hi Marion,
    lovely story. The first few years for apple trees is for shaping it. Keep the number of apples to one or two max.

    The first years are for pruning to create the frame that will last it's life time. Branches should be at 45 degrees from the trunk - use small sticks to help prop them away from the trunk - some people hang weights on the branches to help them grow outward. Remember to prune a space where you can always get into the tree to pick it's fruit and prune it in the future (especially if it is going to be full size tree).

    Prune in the fall to shape it and in the spring a small bit off the tips encourages fruiting - but pick all the fruit off until the tree gets big and strong enough to survive the cold.

    Large rocks on the surface of the ground around the tree will help hold warmth and moisture in the soil. (Be sure the graft is above the ground). (Rocks in the ground will help with warmth and drainage which is very important to fruit trees)

    Where you get wind - the tree blossom should survive the cold.

    All the best for many apples to come.

  11. The lesson of the Apple !! What a wonderful story. If we persevere and continue to hang in there and use all that is given to us then the rewards are life, light, and love. No matter what the universe has instore for us as long as we accept what we are and teach what we know then we experience the love that surrounds us. Thank You for sharing your thoughts and your Apple.

  12. Marion, What a beautiful gift you have in this apple. An apple means so many things, but I prefer the definition the apple gave of itself.

    Whatever will you do when your apple is perfectly ripe? Will you eat it? (I think I would ...)

  13. What a magical tale of that sweet prophetic apple ;)

    Hmmmm. I feel like I'm at a crossroads myself.
    I wonder who or what would guide me to make the right choice.

    Hurray for the strength of that apple!!


  14. Of course we all know that the apple portal opens into a world of no-time. Tricky though since apple has been cross-bred and interwoven beyond belief. Hard to tell what results. (A "sticky wicket" as they say in the old country) And how time can make everything happen at once, or nothing at all makes the runway selection a bit problematic. I don't think we need an interpreter though, this is a personal selection, I suppose. And what do we select at our situation? To go to Kathmandu and sit with the sages, or to remain in Cariboo and help others'? (personally, I think it would be quite the disappointment to sit with the sages and discover they have lousy personal habits ie, stinky . . .
    And after that long trip!

    So it is a total of 12 weeks of chemo and then (in 4 weeks) I am to get an autologous bone marrow replacement which finishes out the medical intervention in my case. After that I should be good to go with just an occasional check of a protein in the blood from then on. (you never lose this cancer but it is controllable)
    So, many thanks for your thoughts and prayers, looks like things will work out -- and I feel alright with just the slight back ache which is a product of "degenerative disc disease" , a separate problem.

    You did a nice writeup on the apple; peer in and see what is there ????
    Let me know

  15. Powell River Books,

    We were warned about Bear, as well, with apple trees. We planted it right off the deck; Bear seem to stay outside the fence. So far.

    There is only one apple on the tree, at any rate. This year, at least, I think we are safe, heh!

    Other than the odd rabbit, animals have left my garden alone. Even the rabbit has left the carrots and cabbages and strawberries be. I can't figure it out, since even during the day I see animals who SHOULD like to eat the vegies and fruit. Guess it's the dog smell everywhere which keeps them away.


    Thank you for your wonderful advice on apple trees. The only thing I haven't done as yet is place the rocks over the soil, which is something I will do today. And I guess I always thought I was to prune apple trees in January or February, but that was Coast knowledge. I will try doing it in the fall.

    I know to pick the apples off, but this year just had to let the little apple grow.

  16. Dave,

    Nice to see you back from holiday! Welcome back!

    Even though, at the beginning of any change, I fight like crazy not to accept it, when acceptance finally comes, the peace that comes with acceptance is awesome. So I wonder why I fight against changes at times, knowing that. The human condition, I suppose.


    I have given the responsibility of picking the apple to Graham. Heh. So far, it is still on the tree. We have decided we will halve it and each of us will eat a half.Since it is our first and only apple on this tree, we have no experience with it. We don't know if it is ripe, we don't know what it's supposed to taste like, but I do know I want to experience its magic...that must be there, don't you think?

    Studio lolo,

    Sometimes the strangest guides pop up, if we're only aware. Toad was one of mine a long time ago. Wherever I went, there was Toad...I could not escape him. After awhile, he was greatly comforting...there was something really great about knowing that were I to go outside, it would not be long before I ran into Toad.For a couple of years, Toad, in different places, listened to my whining and my tears...

  17. Goatman,

    I'm not sure I want to sit with stinky sages, heh heh...especially not after I've spent a fortune getting there!

    Lyle, you are such an inspiration to me. Your courage and upbeat thinking during this long treatment is really wonderful. And your acceptance of living with this disease, knowing it is always there, shows me just how powerful acceptance is. Four more weeks of chemo...I hope it flys by. And I hope the bone marrow replacement is not too invasive and that you will feel better very soon.

    Your health problems make mine so small. I am so grateful I am not fighting a disease such as health problems may be irritating and yes, painful, yet fibro is nowhere near fatal. You are a very brave man, Lyle. xoxo

    As soon as I pick the apple, and cut and taste it, I will report.

  18. Marion - interesting that the apple instructed you to take it "home." And when you eat it? Will magic suffuse you? I'd be interested in hearing how you feel after you eat it...

  19. Anonymous6:34 a.m.

    Apples on the brain, makes me think about pie alamode!!
    Have a good one bye for now jerr

  20. I loved your magical apple story. It led me to thinking of other famous apples, like the one that led Sir Isaac Newton to discover gravity, the poisonous one that the evil queen gave to Snow White, and, of course, the one in the Garden of Eden that is blamed for so much trouble.

  21. Pauline,

    I believe today will be the day I pick the apple. The weather has been quite cool and rainy the last few; the tomatoes, although quite green, will also be picked. And I will freeze the bountiful, ruby rhubarb stalks I'll pick today, as well.

    I wonder how long it will take for the apple to do it's magic...and how long will it take until I find where "home" is?


    Heh, heh! You'll have to come visit and then I'll make sure you have a slice of pie a la mode!

    Thanks for visiting, Jerr...I miss you and Melissa. It brings you guys a little closer to hear from you now and again...


    There are certainly a lot of apples in lore. I wonder why only the apple was chosen to represent so much in the first place.When the apple in the Garden of Eden began her shenanigans, they could not have been as common as today. Why could it not have been or a peach?

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