Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Inner Barometer

After a hot, dry and Windy Summer, Rain has finally arrived. I woke to the sound of Wind and Rain beating against the windows this morning...and I will be forever thankful for it.

If the weather never changes, life, for me, becomes rather humdrum. There are not many people who dislike constant Sunshine, but I am one. Perhaps it is because I grew up on the Coast, where lashing, cleansing Rain is very common. Sun is the one who hides on the Coast.

Lifelong residents, here in the dry Interior of the Province, begin to dislike Rain after a couple of hours of it.  I've lost count of the number of people I've run into who comment very strongly that they've had enough! It is beyond their imagining, I think, that one could actually enjoy the slipping, sliding drops of Rain which fall with such unerring accuracy upon one's body...the ones which find an opening in outerwear and tickle.

Rain has some disadvantages, for us, at the moment. We are in the middle of placing utilities in the new Woodworking Shop Graham is building. This includes digging a trench from the house to the Shop, in which to place gas and electricity lines.

Well. For the first time in months, the Heavens opened on the day the closure of the trench was to occur. Rain fell in sheets...not just for a short time, either. 

Our contractor had already dug the trench previously. The gas and electricity lines were in place. On this day, since UV rays can affect the cover to the gas line, it became imperative to close the trench quickly.

But it had begun to Rain in the aforementioned sheets.

The Soil, over the Summer, had shrunk and dried with not a teaspoon of Water anywhere close to the surface. I personally thought the contractor would have no problem for hours, even with the torrent of Rain.

But within seconds, the Soil had turned into a gluey, slippery  slick mess. It clung to shoes gathered the mud, giving me at least six more inches in height. The excavator slid from side to side, trying, without success, to gain purchase.

All within minutes. The excavator gave tackle what should have been a simple fill, another day. Soil here has properties all its own.

During the same Storm, Rain held Graham back as he struggled with placing the panels of metal for the roof. A hole had been cut for the chimney, letting in Water, which leaked upon the stove. Again, there was some measure of urgency which required him to be on the roof, in heavy weather.

There was danger involved here, however, and I am sure only Graham's extensive Mountain and Rock-climbing experience brought him down safely. My heart was in my mouth as I watched, even as I intuitively knew he would be alright.

More and more moments of pure "knowing" are occurring these days. Perhaps they were always there and I am only now becoming proficient at drawing upon them, but lately...!

I have discovered I have only to visualize a thing...and it arrives.  If I am looking for something and ask for help, I will find it within minutes. If I want a person to call...he or she will get in touch. It felt odd, at first...and now I mostly accept each occurrence with an extension of gratitude to the Powers-That-Be.

Yet, these are all, without a doubt, small things...small miracles. Big things, things which have many strings attached, are beyond my ability.  I cannot stand aside for these things, as yet. If it matters to me a great deal, I tend to meddle in the purity of the vision.

But the pure "knowing" if an event will turn out favourably or badly...this ability seems to never leave. It is an inner barometer.

Just now, the weather barometer calls for more Rain.  Thunder and Lightning is predicted.  But just at this moment, Sun has found a break in the thick, dark cloud cover...and has shown what Rain has really done.

Every item, from our home to the lowliest Bush, shines and sparkles, water droplets winking and blinking their scintillating smiles everywhere.

Mother Nature has been cleansed and rinsed clean.


  1. Marion,

    What a beautiful post. It is so true that the "knowing" is more at our fingertips now than ever, and we can be the co-creators of our outcomes. The more we practice it, the more prolific we will become.

    I am happy to have found a new kindred soul online! Your words resonate with me and I thank you.


  2. Oh! I love that cobweb photo!

  3. marion, it's late at night and i will be back to read this post later, but for now i wanted to tell you that your post on blogland lane made me smile as wide as the state of alaska! incredibly creative and suspenseful and delightful. thanks a million, neighbor.

  4. It sounds as if your soil is of a clayey makeup, much like ours. Our lake was formed when refractory clay was extracted and the lesser-value clay dumped into a big pile on which to build our house. Bad idea. Turns out ,I found, that the clay only has a bearing capacity of about 650 pounds per square foot and houses weigh more! So the house sinks into the claypile year after year, a small and varying amount at a time, but cumulative of course. (If we live long enough they can just leave us here in the house and fill in the hole with some dirt)
    We have learned to only dig our clay when a dry period is pending. Now you too have learned that lesson I see.
    Fall must be fast approaching your area judging by the rains. Our summer was cool and pleasant . . . still is in fact.

  5. We are experiencing a cyclical drought. I savored your description of rain. Funny how something I used to consider annoying, I pray for now.

  6. Sherri,

    Welcome! I enjoy reading your blog as well...your title says it all!

    When my intuition kicks in, there is a jolt is very faint and therefore difficult to recognize at first, but it becomes my signal. And of course you're becomes stronger the more I practice.


    I love it, too. It is one of ClipArt's photos.


    You're very welcome. It is great this point I'm not quite sure if I've stumbled into a parallel World, or if I've gone back in time.Guess I'll wait for my muse's take on it!


    What soil there is here certainly sounds like yours. There are many rocks and boulders and gravel mixed with our soil, which helps in holding up buildings and such. The soil we have here is called gumbo on the is very similar, very sticky when wet.

    Yes, there will be no more digging when it rains. It rarely rains much here, which is why it is so startling when it does come.

    It's cooling down, Goatman. I am not quite sure how I feel towards the coming long Winter...last year's was quite difficult to get through.

    Did you get as much done as you wanted? How is your health these days?


    I'll pray with you. We went through a long drought this year, and this is why I just longed to write about Rain. There were times when I lived on the coast that I thought I couldn't take one more rainy day. How changed that is!

  7. we're entering raining season here. rain mostly in the evenings. make my plants happy.

  8. "Gumbo" seems a good word for the clay; and I have heard that used here too. It sounds like, considering the rocks and boulders, that your area once had glaciers upon it. That would account for the roundeded rock and non-homogenius (?) composition.

    I am feeling better now that the problem was diagnosed as "degenerative joint disease" or "osteoarthritis" in my lower back. A nagging ache is always there but I am told to swim, walk and exercise as usual to keep muscle strong. And of course not to twist and reach in the manner that caused the nerve pinch last June. I thank you for asking, and hope that you are able to deal well with your aches and pains as well my friend.

  9. hello marion, i'm back to read this tribute to Rain. i like that you captialize it, reverence...

    i like how you talk about how you 'know'. here's my two cents for what it's worth: since time is not linear (right?), could be a trip back in time, could be a parallel world, could be you and i are choosing paths at just the right time for just the right reason....


  10. Alison,

    Rain at night is the best! I love going to sleep with the sound of rain drumming on the roof.


    We live on glacial till, and there are soooo many boulders and rocks. This place is perfect for building rock walls; we never have to go off the property for the rocks!

    I'm sorry about your osteo. I guess we're getting older...I tell Graham all the time not to reach and twist like that.

    And then I go and do the same. I truly dislike limitations.


    Whatever the reason, I'm glad we've met, kj. Blogland Lane is bouncing along faster and faster...who know where it will end up?