Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Late Summer

As I went on my morning walk with the Dogs this morning, even with a tropical South Wind blowing her powerful, melodious song through the Trees, there was yet a sad and nostalgic feeling of Fall in the Air.

On the other hand, the strange, wistful and sad feeling is accompanied by anticipation of a new Season, one which promises stews by the Fire and warm, woolly sweaters on chilly mornings.

There are very few mosquitoes these days. The days are mellow and warm...sometimes even Rain makes an appearance.  The garden looks better than it has all Summer. Some of the Shrubs I planted did not make it through the hot drought we experienced here in the Cariboo.

But I live in eternal hope.  I have pruned them back, these Shrubs, and there are small, new leaves appearing on some of them. So they haven't entirely departed this Earth.

I have a huge bowl of Tomatoes, with more ripening in the greenhouse. There have been Cucumbers, Green Beans and Peppers.  I have even attempted Edemame Beans this year and each plant has a few ripening Beans.

On our walk, I pick up large pieces of ash which are attributed to a catastrophic house Fire just down the road.  The house burned right to the ground; only the stark, lonely fireplace still stands sentinel over the blackened area.

I remember how anxious I became, on Sunday, as I watched a huge plume of dark smoke billowing up into a cloudless Sky, when our neighbour's house caught Fire. The Fire Trucks' horns were screaming, but at first, there was nothing visible...and then we heard a blast. At that point, because the smoke was in the same area, I thought it was the gas pipeline, which runs right beside the burning home.

The Firemen did not manage to save the tinder dry home; but the barn and outbuildings were saved, and there were no injuries.  The Fire did not spread, beyond the house's footprint. was a sad Day.

I notice how some of the Leaves are turning on the Aspen Trees. The Cariboo is spectacular in Autumn. It is fleeting, as is the full, first flush of Spring...yet Creator uses His paintbrush to its utmost creative capabilities for a month or so, before the Cold enters.

I remember how, last year, the view of the landscape and the feeling surrounding me tugged at my heart strings. The golden Hills, the deep blue Autumn Sky and the golden Aspens present a warm, serene Light and a welcoming feeling in the midst of one's insides. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing Creator's harmony in colour once again.

I will miss the variety of Birds, however, over the coming Winter. Just the other day, as I stood with my hand on the railing, and looking to the side, I felt a featherlight touch on the back of my hand. I turned my head...and there was a tiny Nuthatch who had alighted upon my hand.

How light he was! Astonished, I looked at him, just as he was at me. I'm not sure how long we looked at each was a few minutes...but I left the incident feeling all was right in my World!

A part of the sad nostalgia I feel at this time of year is linked to the ending of the gardening season. After Snow flies, it will be many months before I see anything resembling Soil again. 

During the coming Days, I will begin to put the garden to bed. I will tuck mulch around the vulnerable new plantings, and prune to below where I think Snow cover will be.

And I will make new Beds, extending the ones already there. A larger Bed will hold more moisture than the smaller ones, during the drought-laden coming months. Once again, Bulbs will be planted...I believe Owl and Hawk have done their jobs and kept the Squirrel population down. 

Perhaps, with fingers crossed, I will have Daffodils and Tulips in the coming Spring.

Endings, in most cases, promise some sadness. I feel wistful when I think Summer is over.

But they also promise new beginnings...a complete and perfect circle.

"Loss is nothing else but change, and change is Nature's delight.  Marcus Aelius Aurelius

And so it is.


  1. Anonymous2:35 p.m.

    Hello Marion,

    It is end of Summer,nature's riotus display of her bounty and slowly petering out as we anticipate the Fall and Winter, then it starts all over again. How precious our lives are when we can appreciate and celebrate such beauty. Your words capture these sentiments. Soul warming. Thanks for the gift of your corner of paradise.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful post Marion :o) You've truly captured the feeling of this time in the Cariboo! I really enjoyed your pictures ~ Thank you ~

  3. Good morning Marion. I've come to visit you from Blogland Lane and glad I am that I've wandered this far. Your hommage to the changing season left me feeling as though I had been swept up in a dance, my partner graceful but with destination firmly in mind. I as curious about the ash. Why collect it? I was delighted by the nuthatch. How fortunate for both of you to meet like that. I'll be coming back soon to see the garden put together for winter.

  4. it always feels magical to see (even in pictures only) the changing colours of the seasons, i hope someday to experience them. :) thanks for sharing them marion.

  5. Marion,
    What a beautifully decriptive piece this is. One thing that really stood out to me is the nuthatch landing on your hand. I knew there was a deeper symbolism involved, so I looked up whtat that might be, and discovered the nuthatch symbolism to mean, "Looking at the world from a different perspective, grounded faith and a good provider."

    This nuthatch shared your energy of faith and gratitude for the abundance that the earth provides us. You were in sync with the nuthatch and it was showing you that your energy was in a good place! Autumn means harvest time, a time to gather and reap, being appreciative and grateful for all that the earth has given us.

    Thanks for your words and energy.

  6. Miruh,

    I have always loved Autumn. The seasons in the Cariboo are very well defined, but I find I feel the Christmas Spirit much earlier here than when I lived on the Coast. When the leaves fall, and the cold weather arrives, I am asking everybody their wishes for Christmas.

    It's not a bad thing...I feel joyous, actually, for a much longer period of time!


    You will know what I'm writing about, for sure. Last year, that Snow and cold arrived so early, I thought...but isn't the weather great just now! My tomatoes are ripening quickly in this warm, sunny weather.


    Welcome! I love it when new visitors arrive.

    There were large pieces of ash decorating many Bushes and Trees. They were pages out of a could even make out the writing, in some cases. So they hadn't yet broken down enough. I collected the big pieces and put them in the garbage, with some reverence. It felt sad...they were pages from someone else's life.


    I hope to someday experience your beautiful part of the World, as well. You do a super job of showing me what your country is like with your photos...I love visiting your blog!

  7. Sherri,

    Thank you for looking up the Nuthatch! And for providing me with the link.

    I, as well, felt there was deeper symbolism involved with the Nuthatch, but this time it was enough for me to have the close communion. I felt really well after this experience...very grounded, calm and completely happy. The Nuthatch's message was certainly given with great gusto! Grounded faith...

  8. I too have mixed feelings about the comming winter. I have wood to cut and split and chimney to clean and dog heating-pad to build and garden to last till and . . .
    Please just let me go to sleep; a nice nap to think about it then maybe a cup of coffee to warm my thoughts.

    Maybe a move more southerly would be in order?

  9. Goatman,

    There IS a lot of work which must be done in order to be ready for Winter. We also have wood to cut (for the woodstove in the woodworking shop)and the garden to clean up. The tractor has to have the Snow blades put on and the lawn mower taken off.

    We are hoping we will have enough time before
    Snow flies to finish the fencing, but time is passing quickly. Whether or not gravelling on the driveway will be done this year is also up to the weather.

    There is that feeling of satisfaction, however, when all things are in their place when Winter arrives!

  10. And as you slide towards autumn, so spring is surging into life here - after months of grey and wet it is so good to see the green shoots and leaves again!

  11. Absolute,

    I'll enjoy another Spring through your blog! I hope your book is going well, and I'll look forward to more photos of your beloved country on your blog, as well.

  12. So often when I visit here Marion, I find your words help to renew my spirit. Thus, so today also. One of your finer pieces, this essay hits the nail on the head--your images about fall are beautiful.

  13. You have an award - check my site!!

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  15. Sheila,

    Thank you so much! It's really nice to see you when you visit. Your recent camping trip looked like fun...I'm glad you posted about it!


    Thank you so much for the award...I don't imagine there is much people don't know about me, but I will try to come up with some!

  16. You've described the changing season so poeticaly. beautiful!

    And I'm wondering if the Nuthatch was perhaps a 'visit' from someone on the other side.
    Wow, what a connection. magical ;)

  17. Lolo,

    Thanks for visiting! I have no doubt the Nuthatch was a visit, and I believe it may have been my daughter. As astonished as I was when it happened, I lost the opportunity to tune in to the familiar energy. But she has visited as a bird many times before.

    Thanks for picking up on that...very astute!