Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Study in Progress

We are in the middle of completing the new study. I have decided to call it the 'study' because the word library gives off such feelings of grandeur, and this is only a small room. It is, however, packed with books, research papers, my writing and talismans.

We could have continued to call it 'Marion's office'. But I am not the only one who uses this room, and I cannot claim ownership...I do not even want to. But the word 'study' sounds good to's a fine word for what this room will be.

It has a personality that is forceful at times. Or else, as a result of opening up the closet space, we have also allowed closed-up energies freedom...and perhaps those energies aren't necessarily benign. I have written about the Hidden Closet. When Graham used the reciprocating saw to cut through the wall, I stayed out, being allergic to the dust created. And so, I was not in the room when the closet was opened once again.

But both Graham and I felt the pressure on our chests ease, when the interior of the closet became once more a part of this room. It is a well-constructed closet, small and efficient. It will hold cleaning supplies, family pictures and computer odds and ends. It will have a purpose once more.

As I work in here, facing North, where clarity is born...I can feel some one here with me. Graham, as he painted, felt the hair stand up on the back of his neck more than once. The spirit shows extreme interest in what is going on. This being, though, carries a familiar energy signature.

I wonder what guise the "man who walks with me" will take during this next, new phase in my life? I have been asked, by tea leaf and tarot psychics...who is the man who walks next to you? I don't know...he takes many different forms, at differing periods over the years...he's just always there.

So I recognize the energy signature of this being who is so interested in what we are doing in this new study, you see. And I feel a little apprehension...there is always so much work to be done when he appears, in spirit form.

The work is always productive towards my understanding of any given phase in my life; I am humbled and grateful for my guide's help and protection; all of these, yet change disrupts. And my guide is usually a harbinger of chaotic, drastic life changes. His interest, though, is just is the way he always is, when he appears to me. He's a little snoopy, actually.

Just changing office spaces is a huge change, although it is not why my guide is here. I now face the street, with all its attendant distractions. This morning, I watched an elderly gentleman in an electric scooter keep up with his two grandsons on their bicycles. I heard...way to go, Grandpa! I had to look, loving what I saw. And I hear a roofer, putting on a new garage roof next door, singing out at the top of his lungs at different hours of the day.

These amusements are great, if you're not supposed to be working. But I know, in time, they will fade into the background, becoming just part of the great hum of sound that surrounds me. It's getting used to them that is a bother. Even as I smile and enjoy these vignettes of life.

I am well protected in this room. All the furniture in the Study has been made by Graham. A computer desk was made out of a long, Fir table Gray made years ago. The china cabinet is one of his first pieces; all the Oak bookcases have Graham's stamp on them. Elder grows just outside my window, and Rowan has placed his roots deep into the rockery across from him. The floor is Oak. The keyboard shelf Gray made is made of Maple.

I have honoured all the Directions. This afternoon, I will smudge and cleanse the energies that are here, making sure the niggling feeling at the back of my neck is taken care of. The feeling that tells me it is time to do this cleanse...some thing is not in balance. And then I will send and release any negative, tense energies that are still here, back to the Source...

I look forward to the scent of Sage, Sweetgrass and Lavender. The crisp, clear afterscent of a smudge reminds me of the freshening breeze coming off the ocean, sending large whitecaps to pound the shore...releasing a sharp, briny scent. It is the most cleansing scent I know.

Just what this Study in progress...there are still organizational things to do, decorating touches to add...needs.

Then I can begin anew.


  1. It looks a beautiful room........ and with of handmade furniture too.

    Surely a room to be very proud of.

  2. Thank you, Dave...I'm starting to get more used to it. There are so many interesting things to watch outside the window; wonderful distractions I have to learn to ignore, lol.

    I do agree with's a lovely room!