Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Plumbers, Chiropractors, Massages and Granddaughers

The other morning, when I watched the moon set over the distant horizon, behind the dark outline of the trees, I asked for help in seeing the day through. There were many chores and things to do on my agenda; I needed to keep a clear head, and not sweat the little things. But Creator had his own agenda.

The plumbing was being re-done... the old is approx- imately 65 years of age, and was showing suspicious signs of senility. Enough so that Graham's building intuition took precedence, and the plumber was called. As the photo of the galvanized pipe shows, Gray's intuition was right on.

I had an appointment with Sherri, my massage therapist. My granddaughter was coming for a visit overnight. There were myriad time constraints in this day.

The plumber came, with his dog. Well-trained and gentle, his dog was recuperating from surgery, and lay quietly on the front lawn, watching his owner work. Not so Nate and Lucky. This was the most exciting thing that had happened in a long while. They ran from window to window, watcher the interloper just laying there...on their lawn. And the plumber came into their yard, without so much as a by your leave! So, there was a lot of barking and howling going on, everytime there was movement by either the plumber or his dog.

Eventually, they calmed down, tiredness overcame them, and they fell asleep with one eye open. Silence reigned, but not for long...the noise of old pipes being cut out of the house set my teeth on edge and my ears to ringing.

I looked forward to visiting Sherri, this time, just to get away from the con- struction zone. Sherri, however, decided it was time for a few more steps further on the path of rehabilitation. She suggested I visit a chiropractor immediately upon leaving her office, as my body would be ready then for his manipulations. I protested, but she convinced rather than heading home to get ready for Bree's visit, I found myself visiting Rob, who took me in at once.

It took about three minutes. It was the second or third time I had visited a chiropractor in my life, being deathly afraid of hearing crunching bone. Gosh. The sound of this treatment rivalled the construction noise going on in my home! It seemed like it, anyway.

I can't say I felt any different after the treatment; however, my posture has improved immeasurably, and I will now add chiropractic treatment to my arsenal of tools. I will get used to the cracking sounds, perhaps.

I came home, rather shaken...I had just visited a chiropractor, something I didn't think I would do. Now there was little time before Bree arrived. But I needed a bath with epsom salts, after a treatment. And there was no water. There would be no water for a couple of days.

The bath never did happen, and I felt the results of the lack the next day. But all those treatments are now showing promise, which is a great thing.

Life had tilted a little off balance lately for my grand- daughter, and she needed to come visit and let the world toil on without her for a bit. We did all the "old" things we used to do, when she was little. All the favourite foods and routines that have always been followed when Bree visits were firmly in place...and that included a night sleeping together, something that hasn't happened in a long while. Perhaps it was time for me, too, to connect that closely with her and realize how much she still looks and acts just as she always did, just at the present... in an eleven year old package.

But it was a night spent in a bed that doesn't agree with my bones. So, inevitably, there was little sleep for me, and the next day wasn't great...but today...the plumber is finished, leaving the screech of the saw behind, I had a good sleep last night, and I listened to a child's reasons and was able to reassure her...ease her mind.

It was one of those days, where the plans of a calm day were perhaps not totally realized. But the balance between the good and the not so good was there, on reflection. My body feels good, a child is happier, and Water is bubbling, without restriction, through brand new pipes.

What could be better?

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