Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dance of the Butterflies

I wasn't feeling well the other day; there was much happening around me contributing to my body telling me to slow down. Bree and a friend had spent a couple of days here...as good as gold, they were. We had old friends, Hugh and Joanne, whom we hadn't visited with for a long time, drop by on their new motorcycle...a 1980 Sportwing, in beautiful condition. We had Father's Day celebrations...all these different events were extremely joyful, happy occasions.

But I felt unbalanced...my guides were telling me I had ignored my spiritual and physical bodies for the past few days. Hence, I felt tired and drained. I was directed into the garden; under some reluctance...there were many things to do.

The scents of the garden competed in summer's arena. Rose assaulted my nose with her spicy, unforgettable scent, Lavender perfumed the air, Mint, Parsley and Thyme lent their herbal undercurrents to the whole. A neighbour's lawn mower buzzed in the background, sending the smell of new mown grass wafting over the back yard...

The dogs were silent...sleeping off the exciting weekend in a secluded, scented corner of the garden. The whole garden dozed, as if awaiting some call to arms...resting but alert. Sun peeked through the clouds, bathing us all in its intense light for a time, until a huge cloud would once again obscure his face. But Sun's warmth remained, making me feel lethargic and heavy, like a broody Hen.

As I sat on my favourite Rock, one of the many that line my garden beds, two Monarch Butterflies appeared. They did not come from the same part of the garden; rather, they met in front of me, it seemed. Fluttering around the other, they began a dance, which, had it been set to music, would have accelerated in time.

And then they began to twirl, right there in front of me.

In my drowsy state, I watched the Butterflies...until I realized how absolutely beautiful this dance was they were creating in such absolute sychronicity with each other. I became more and more awed...they were close enough to touch, as they continued to twirl, faster and faster...I wanted my camera, but was afraid to move, lest I disturb their creative mating dance.

In my research, I find out that Butterflies, when they mate, check out the other for suitability. The female may already be pregnant or may not be ready to mate. There are lots of pictures of Butterflies already mating on the web, but not many of the dance...and the ones I found did not do the dance justice.

They twirled for a long time, up and down. Sometimes they touched, in their beautiful, looping, circular dance with each other.

Awestruck, my eyes as big as saucers, I watched one Butterfly situate himself right in front of me; I could easily have touched him. The other fluttered off to the side, while this Butterfly twirled faster and faster, up and down and around, so close, as if he was saying Hello.

After a time, off they both went, bobbing and fluttering. I never did see them land and actually mate; perhaps they were unsuitable for each other, after all.

Sayahda tells me the Butterfly's message is one of transformation and soul evolution. Butterfly is reminding me to stay "consciously connected to Spirit at all times" in order to facilitate the changes happening in my life. But, at the same time, not to take life so seriously...to experience the joy and serenity that are mine, if I will only allow them in.

A reminder of the happiness in my life, especially when I'm tired and not as positive as I might be...this was the gift of the Dance of the Butterflies.

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