Saturday, February 25, 2012

An Odd February

Pink light-filled Sunrise...
What a strange month February has been, in the way of weather and also, in other ways. One day we are experiencing Arctic temperatures and the next, I'm listening to the music of melting Snow and Ice.

Animals, as well, are confused, I'm thinking. Lately, Deer have decided to make our property their home. Herds of Deer...I am surprised on quite a few days by Deer resting somewhere on the property. 

This morning, I inadvertently awoke one who was resting underneath a large Tree, close to the deck. Uncurling himself slowly, with blinking eyes, he stretched his limbs, looking for all the World just as a child might upon awakening. He turned his head and looked at Lucky and I watching him, shook his head up and down, and then wandered off into the deeper Forest.

Early Morning Sun looks inviting...but it's very, very deceptive!
Lucky, a Dog who is accustomed to these Friends from the Forest, no longer wants to chase, especially through three feet of Snow. But I didn't realize how truly well accustomed he is...

One afternoon, Lucky and I were watching a Blizzard from the front porch. I love to watch Snowflakes fall; I find it meditative and certainly soothing. Lucky sat beside me, no doubt wondering at my proclivity for watching a blowing Blizzard.

In this peaceful state, I was abruptly brought back to Earth when a Deer appeared, from the trail leading to the base of the Draw, not twenty feet away. I felt Lucky stiffen somewhat, so I took hold of his collar, but I truly felt he had no intention of going anywhere. I felt a tremor of fear inside myself...I cannot arise quickly, with stiffened joints made even worse from the Cold. And Deer have been known to attack, some in quite random circumstances.

Two of the herd at rest, just off the deck.
But this Deer was as startled as I was, although she did not take flight. Rather, after the initial halting of her progress towards the driveway, she seemed interested in who Lucky and I might be. Her ears flickered back and forth as she drew in our scent, her eyes glued on mine.

And then, another Deer appeared behind her, and then another, and another, all in single file. The first Deer found purchase on the ploughed driveway, and wandered off up the driveway, sniffing at the new Snow. And the others, after a glance or two our way, followed her.

Lucky and I were entranced. Fear had long gone, with delight and awe replacing was as if these Deer, who take flight at the slightest thing, were teaching me something rather profound. Perhaps Fear of people, places and things should be relegated to the past, when I didn't know any better.

What's up, Mom?
As we watched the Deer file up the driveway and across the road, another Deer, a laggard behind the rest, came up the trail, and I felt something different...a different type of energy...from this one. This one did not have a youngster/female type of energy signature...his was of a hardened, more mature, male Warrior type. 

Lucky shifted, at the sight of this last Deer. He sensed the difference in this Deer, as well, although there was no resistance to my hand on his collar. 

This Deer stopped. He was much larger, far more imposing than the rest. I can still feel the apprehension in my chest as he took us in...Lucky and I huddled together on the porch steps.

Roses for Valentine's Day!!
It felt like a sign of grace, a pulse of light, a beam of loving energy as we sat there under the gaze of this incredible Animal, who has made our home his. I cannot describe it any further than that...and it really needs no more description, at any rate.

Slowly, he showed me what majestic looks like, as he made his way towards the rest of the herd, some gathered at the top of the driveway, watching the tableau being played out below between three different sets of Animal.

Different, perhaps, but still One.

February, too, has brought a certain awakening, definitely within myself, if not in all. My fascination with the Sky began when I saw those small objects in the Night Sky a few months ago. And it appears I am not the only one...there are many, many videos on YouTube that document these inexplicable objects. I've included this link which includes some incredible sightings...

               Ascension Earth 2012: Galactic Federation of Light Ship Over Several U.S...

And too, the sounds from the Earth or the Sky, depending on who describes them...those are simply fascinating to me. I know people who have heard them and oh! how I envy them! They tell me the skin crawled up their necks and they were covered in goose bumps. The sometimes melodious, sometimes horrendous sounds reached deeply inside each actually found himself gritting his teeth. Here's another link to some sounds in Finland...

                       Strange Sounds Over Finland

In my daily musings, I wonder how it all fits together, what it all means. And I usually come up with the thought that there is little I can do to change anything during this year of evolution...anything outside of myself, that is. And I find I am doing that...I am letting old things, things I didn't even realize were still hiding within me...I am letting those odd little bodies of pain go, each and every one. With my blessings and forgiveness of self and others...

The driveway seems longer than it is, when it has to be ploughed!!
And, with the thought that Spring will eventually come, I have been cleaning and purging my home, as if someone were arriving, with that exact feeling of anticipation and excitement...even the fridge and freezer are full, in preparation...

I am not expecting anyone. But one can never tell, during these days of 2012, who might pop in and I want to be ready.

Even if our perceived Visitor of the future is only a Deer or two...


  1. Re Finland: I think the sound comes from the effect of the cold on the overhead wires that appear left of the two people in the video. Can't explain it in more detail, though.

    You're so lucky to have the deer come close to you like that!

    1. Kate, I tried to upload the original Youtube video where they are debating the power line question, but Google wouldn't cooperate. There are better videos of the sounds out there, but again, I had great difficulty with posting some of them that day. Very frustrating! If you go to the original video you'll see many who agree with you..

      I do love the deer, but at the same time, I'm really wary of them. They are powerful animals...xx

  2. Wish I could pop over and see those deer, but alas, I'm too far away. We have deer, but the ones I see are usually in town. Sad. - Margy

    1. Margy, I've never lived in a place with so many deer as here in the Cariboo. And these are the big mule deer so it is really awesome to witness the power in these animals first hand. Exhilarating and scary all at the same time, haha!

      I would have thought you'd see them at your cabin, or behind it, in the bush? I agree, Deer are not wanted in many areas which they once considered their home. It is sad...xx

  3. You have such a warm way of describing your world, Marion. It seems wrapped so cozily in cold and picturesque snow flurries and wildlife that speaks in languages of the soul. Very welcoming, indeed, and sure to bring by more visitors as spring approaches. :) It is interesting about those changing skies and sounds. The mysteries of the universe is unfolding even though much of what happens on earth is due to mankind’s shenanigans.

    1. The Universe has designs all its own over the re-creation of Earth. I feel a great anticipation, for what I can't explain. It is ok to just feel it, it seems.

      Mankind has consistently been unbalanced with wars, profit and such for a loooong period...time for the scales to tip back into peace and happiness. I believe Mother Earth is shifting along, just as we are, and is expressing herself with these eerie sounds. xx

  4. wow! how wonderful to have visitors, deers and all! ;) it is so beautiful where you live. i hope you are keeping warm! it looks very cold to me. brrr....

    it has been intense february, energy wise and i have been resting so much! and i cannot seem to work for too long, my attention span is short and feels like my brain is melting! lol!

    lets see what march brings! what a ride 2012 is eh? xx

    1. Join the crowd, Alison! My brain is foggy, as well, and concentration is really difficult. Sleep/rest is imperative during this time of intense solar storms and energies, I've read. I certainly seem to fall asleep each day around 2 pm, haha. It has become a pastime during this long, cold Winter.

      I have very warm clothing, all filled with down, so it is relatively comfortable for short periods. Long enough to take Lucky for a walk, anyway!

      It is an amazing time to be alive...each day brings a new revelation or two!! xx

  5. Dear Marion,
    Another gorgeous, almost-otherworldly post. Your life in your "Winter Kingdom" is so beautiful, Although there are hidden (and some not-so-hidden) dangers close by, the overwhelming emotion is Peace, Harmony....Understanding. The Pink Sunrise says it all....

    The meeting with the Deer brought tears to my have described it so vividly.
    I believe that "word" has gone out amongst the Animal Kingdom that *friends* live shows that we ALL can (and should) coexist together. Ah, if only....

    Lucky looks wonderful...he seems to be thriving again....and enjoying his *adventures* with Mum!

    Beautiful flowers from your DH for Valentines!

    I love to look at Snowflakes! I don't have much of an opportunity any more.....but remember well sitting and looking out the window as they flutter by....and standing among them, letting them fall on my face and *sticking* to my eyelashes.. pure magic!

    Thank you for this beautiful post! Oh, have you had any more sightings of the cat who took up residence in your shed?

    Much love from San Francisco,

    ♥ Robin ♥

    1. The photo of Lucky is blurry because my camera does that when it's really cold, haha...I finally figured out the camera is only good for two or three photos in cold temperatures!

      The Cat under the Shed seems to be thriving...I can count on him being there each time a storm rolls in, just as the deer seem to hunker down here. Lucky was sniffing at one of the holes leading to under the shed the other day and a paw reached out and swiped his nose. Lucky's reaction was hilarious...he lost his footing on the ice and fell into the snow, long legs everywhere and finally, came up looking very embarrassed. I laughed and immediately felt badly for him, as he tried to regain his composure...haha. xx

  6. You know, I always feel that I've had a taste of, what to me, is the Far North when I visit your blog, and I thank you for that.

    1. We've had snow storm after snow storm...I wonder how long it will be before it all melts. Thankfully, Graham keeps the driveway ploughed, so walking is easier, but the deck...oy! I got behind in shovelling it and now, the snow has taken over. It'll take me hours to clear it, haha! xx

  7. Marion,

    This is a beautiful post. I love deer so much. When I lived in Camria California we had deer in our yard daily. The cats thought they were large dogs :-).
    Lucky has such a sweet face.
    This is indeed a year of change and letting go.
    I will come back to see the videos.

    1. Annie,

      I am grateful I have the chance to get to know these wonderful animals. Deer are common, but I've never spent any time or thought on them, other than admiring their grace and beauty. But they all have real personalities and some have a great sense of humour. But they are wild, as well, the ones who come to visit here, so I am very careful. xx

  8. The visiting deer are wonderful, I wonder if its the cold that impels them to visit homesteads. I have heard that stags when in rut can turn nasty and attack especially if they feel that the females are being threatend. Spring is on the way here, the daffodils and crocus are out and the leaves are appearing.

    1. Dave,

      Oh yes, stags can be nasty when in rut, which is part of the reason I was apprehensive when the deer appeared on the trail. Moose are worse...the older ones especially. So far, so good, ha!

      LEAVES are appearing?!!!!? Wow. It'll be months yet before I see any, although our Apple Tree is showing some swelling of bud. Thanks for the photos on your reminds me of what Spring looks like, haha!! xx

  9. A strange winter on the prairie as well. Snows in the morning; all melted by afternoon.

    The birds here are confused. The Chickadees are singing their spring song. The Crows are more involved. One just never knows what will come next.

    Glad you had such a wonderful encounter with the dear deer. I haven't been close to one recently — as you have. But I know there are a lot around here. What a wonderful visit they had with you.

    Sky music and inter-planetary ships. Sigh. Don't know what to make of is, but visitors seem friendly enough, at this point.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

    1. Rob,

      It is very strange how the weather bounces around like this, much like all the news from all the different countries which also seems to bounce from one thing to another.

      We have a very large Raven here who chases the watching him and listening to his burbling song. The chickadees stay all winter by the bird feeder, which the Deer and Moose also visit. I have not caught sight of the Moose...I only know he visits because of his tracks. They're very shy, but knows it's a moose in the bush rather than a deer by the crashing of the brush! So far, coyote and wolf both respect the fence...I haven't seen any tracks inside the fenced area.

      Hang in there, Rob, I don't know what will happen at this point either, but I know it will be good, in time.

      Blessings to YOU, Rob, and thank you for visiting! xx

  10. Fascinating, as always. I came face to face with a buck once in a corn field. We stared at one another for a moment that felt like forever. Then he simply snorted and turned away.

    I listened to those Norway sky sounds and recognized them... I can't tell you where I heard them before but they were familiar. How can that be? I remember once being fascinated (and I must admit, frightened) by a strange light in the sky here that many of my neighbors saw as well. The next day there was a small bit about it in our local paper but no one could or would say what it had been. There is no reason to believe we are alone in the vast universe.

    1. Pauline, I recognize those sounds as well, especially some of the really good videos of them...but I can't tell you where I heard them. It is just something within.

      How arrogant it would be to believe that this tiny planet is the only one in the vast universe to harbour life and that we are the only beings capable of thought.

      I don't believe it will be long before we will see and know our star families once more.My drawings lately have taken on a distinctly extra-terrestrial edge, heh! xx

  11. Good evening, Marion. I was totally enchanted by the ease of your communion with these creatures, especially with the guardian who came through last. Your words made him magnificent.

    1. Thank you, Annie...he was a stunning example of his kind. I felt a little bereft as he left..xx

  12. GREAT PHOTOS and wonderful post... our weather has been unseasonably warm and some of the trees are even starting to flower prematurely...our spring will NOT be as spectacular as usual. I am really worried that this signals global warming! It is nice to look at your blog and see comforting snow and winter weather.


    1. Daisy, this Winter has been odd, to say the least. Very unpredictable...warmish one day, very cold the next. And lots of Snow. I am certainly tired of shoveling the Snow off the deck!

      Glad you like the photos...always much better to look at snow through images, haha!

      I hope you are not in the tornado area, Daisy. My heart goes out to the people hurt and displaced...xx

  13. Deer are looking to you for food, maybe. On the other hand, they have survived for thousands of years without our help!

    Spring is here, here. 74° F here but windy. Many terrible tornadoes last week east of here. Their power seems to be increasing.

    Best to you all. . .

    1. Goatman, I rarely feed the wildlife, but I have been known to throw old apples and such over the fence, haha.

      It was truly an awesome encounter, at any rate. There are many draws throughout our property where there are hidden areas to browse and rest,for deer, elk and for moose, as well. Along with them come the predators, of course, although we have had no trouble at all with them.

      Wow, 74F...that must be wonderful. But even though Spring takes its time arriving is a truly brilliant time when she does arrive!

      Those tornadoes are all around a lot of my bloggy friends...Stay safe and take good care! xx

  14. Oh, goodness, have I cotched up wid you already?

  15. Marion, are you going to be posting about summer this year???