Friday, June 24, 2011

Manifesting Parsley

The soft, seductive scent of Wild Rose is everywhere...
I'm not a physicist. In fact, it is a subject I have forever thought I had little interest in whatsoever. But recently, I'm once again reading about parallel universes and guess what? Now I really wish I had a physics background in order to understand what I am reading and experiencing...

But my wish for that kind of background will not happen, now. And since my interest in why and how the string theory works is not huge, I guess it doesn't matter at all. What matters is how quantum physics affects me...and so I feel all I am required to do is enjoy in absolute wonder the remarkable incidents which are happening more and more.

I gave up counting the Buds on this Rose!
As an example, the other day I was searching for Parsley bedding plants. I attempted to grow these from Seed, and did have some very weak Seedlings growing in the greenhouse. I use a lot of Parsley; being impatient, I wanted to have plants ready for use in as short a time as possible.

It is late in the season; most nurseries here have little in the way of Herbs or Vegetables left. I went to a department store which has a seasonal nursery. As I'd suspected, there was a section with some very sad looking Vegetables and Herbs...plants which should have been transplanted into the warm, deep, loving Earth a long time ago.

But there was no Parsley anywhere.
The Purple Crabapple Tree also has an unbelievable amount of blossoms!

I asked the clerk in attendance whether they had any Parsley left. She said no, they'd had other people asking for it, and perhaps the next shipment would have a few plants. But there was none in the store at the moment.

Hmmm. But being in the nursery meant that I had to take a bit of time to check things out and besides, I needed some Bark mulch.

I can never just go into a nursery and turn around and leave...who can?

I felt that funny, familiar feeling I have in my gut, where my intuition lies, as I wandered the store. It told me to go back to the Vegetable aisle...perhaps I had missed something? 

I ignored it for quite a time. I told myself not to obsess, not to be silly, not to expect a thing when I've been told over and over it isn't there...

The view from our deck, far above the Field, in the Trees...
Just before I went to the check-out to pay for my mulch, I gave in. Alright, said I to myself, okay, I'll go one more time to where the Vegetables are situated.

For whatever reason, I get annoyed when that 'voice' kicks in. By now, I know something is going to happen I have no explanation for, no control over...

I walked down the aisle. I could feel what I call my intuition almost giggling with anticipation. Is this not the strangest thing?

And there, sitting right beside the Rosemary plants which I had searched through just a while ago, was a six-pack of the most gorgeous Parsley plants anyone could ever want. Just one six-pack, beautiful and lush and glowing.

I laughed. What else could I do? That six-pack wasn't there earlier. I had searched this whole area really well.

I awaken to the scent of the Wild Rose each morning...
It was early in the morning...there were no other customers about. I thought perhaps someone had returned this one six-pack, while I was perusing the aisles in the store.

No matter...I was happy to see it there. 

I took the Parsley and the mulch to the cashier, the same lady whom I'd asked earlier about the Seedlings.

She looked askance at the Parsley. She said...Where did this come from? After you asked for it, I went and looked for it myself. There was no Parsley there...

I told her I had no idea, that there wasn't any Parsley there when I searched earlier either.

Marguerite showing her cheerful, loving faces.
We discussed the oddity of the whole thing for a time and then she said...Maybe you walked into an alternate Universe, one where there is really great Parsley, and by wanting it, you manifested it in your reality...

And she went on to explain, in very convoluted language, how this could occur.

I understood little of it. I went home and researched, finding myself going deeply down the rabbit hole, finding myself completely confused. I asked Graham, who explained it again. While he was talking, it made soon as he left, none of it did.

I've decided it doesn't matter. As I've stated before, my mind doesn't wrap itself around scientific matters, especially not something as difficult to comprehend as Quantum Physics.

The scent of Wild Roses will remind me forever of the very beginning of  School Summer holidays.
The Parsley wasn't there...and then it was.

It's only one example of is very much the same as entering a full parking lot, knowing I will find a space, even when the sign states there is none. Or searching high and low for a utensil, only to find it in its proper space a short time after. Or having someone call whom I've only just thought about. Or knowing that around the next aisle will be the person who has just popped into my mind...

I take all these examples in my stride, smiling to myself when they happen, happy with my small miracles.

I couldn't capture the other-worldly blue of the Flax, dotted here and there all over the property.
If I was a physicist, I would feel impelled to find a reasonable, logical explanation for these events...

As it is, all I am required to do is believe.


  1. I love Quantum Physics and grasp many of its theories more from an intuitive level than scientific. As soon as I try to explain the little that I know of it out loud, it dissolves in conversation like a summer snowflake. I like the clerks take on why you found the parsley. There is also the aspect that when people assume something is not there, they give only a cursory look. When someone says they don’t have any left of something I want, I usually search on my own and sometimes find it.

    So is it assumptions by a clerk or Quantum Physics or perhaps a bit of both? It also occurred to me that you might have been compelled to go back because you did see the parsley the first time on some level. But because you believed the clerk your gaze missed its focus. Such an interesting topic with so many possibilities on how the beautiful parsley found its way into your home. :)

  2. Problem is it is all numbers and this creates blank faces usually amongst those inquiring.

    Physicists attempt to describe the equations and try to relate them to our reality.

    Good luck with that!

  3. Whatever. I certainly don't comprehend anything about physics and the idea of parallel universes is something I don't care to know about because this one here is enough for me. Actually, I suppose I do understand the jist of it but it is kind of like messing up a good thing when we don't even understand the original, us normal folks.
    I do like thinking about a collective consciousness in this here universe though and how we are all one, people and things, and thus, we know more than we see. But, I'm too lazy to stretch it.
    This was a very nice post.

  4. I think scientists would be more interested in finding a logical explanation where none exists. I prefer to be lost in my metaphysical world where logic is not king.

  5. i ADORE this post! is it really possible? and science has an explanation for it? not just mystics and philosophers?

    i am always amazed and astonished when this happens to me, marion. my mind cannot accept it. but i have learned to be wise... :^)

    i would so love to go to a garden center with you. lunch before or after?

    i am alot like you in this regard. i like nothing better. it has been raining here for days but tomorrow the sun will be out and i will be able to bring in flowers from the yard, including magestic hydrangeas.

    enjoy it all, marion.

    amazing & astonishing.


  6. Hi Marion,

    There are problems posting comments on your blog, this is the second time I've tried, hence the email.
    Quantum physics is beyond me, just trying to grasp the concept is hard. However I'm a bit better with parsley.....put it in the fridge for a week before sowing as this increases the chances of germination. Its easy to freeze parsley too, cut, wash and bag, then crunch when frozen, so there's no need to chop it.


  7. A joy for the eye these beautiful flowers

  8. I don't know from physics, LOL, but I will say: That purple crabapple tree is just gorgeous! :)

  9. The same thing happened to me the other day....only it was a six pack of beer off-licence. Ker-tish! Only pulling your leg hon, I'm glad your parsley made it's way to you. We can't move for the stuff over here at the moment. I often buy it thinking it's Coriander as my sense of smell is almost zero. x

  10. Marion, have you ever seen "What the bleep do we know?" It's wonderful interviews with people who explain quantimphysics: doctors, sages and mystics. It's wonderful!! It explains all of these things you just mentioned, the magical moments that we all encounter (only not all are attuned to those moments.)
    I really enjoyed this post and the pictures of your abundant blossoms!
    Hurray for the manifested parsley ;)


  11. Hi Marion,
    Your flowers are lovely. So glad the parsley "materialized." There must be something to the idea of manifestation. I've seen it myself and believe it's real.

  12. Marion, I LOVE this post! I also love quantum physics, though it is hard for me to understand. I totally belive in parallel universes, it explains a lot :-).
    There is mystery in this world and I am so glad, how boring if it were not so.

  13. I don't know quantum from squantum but I do know SciFi and parallel universes. You were presented one grand event. The stars lined up just right (even in the daytime) and for one brilliant moment, you stepped into that wonderful crossover place between here and there. Happy parsley munching, Marion!

  14. aka Penelope,

    All the scenarios you mentioned crossed my mind as well. I went to the store just after they opened; there were no other people there. I talked with the clerk only after I had searched the area three times, even contemplating taking a basket of different herbs that included parsley. That six-pack of parsley must have been hiding really, really well...the store didn't have much stock left.

    As you say, it could have been a combination of things, for sure!xx


    Heh! Numbers...I'm not real good with those. But since I joined Lumosity, I am surprising myself more and more. Numbers don't worry me near as much!

    There are some excellent sites I've found, though, that are relatively easy to understand. I just googled parallel universes and was flooded with sites...some good, some garbage, but all with something to take away...xx


    "we don't even understand the original, us normal folks." Good point. But perhaps understanding more about the Universe and how it impacts me will help me understand more about our Earth and our place in the Universe. Heh. And maybe not...xx

  15. Jan,

    "I prefer to be lost in my metaphysical world where logic is not king." Oh, I so agree. Graham is very logical and also believes in the metaphysical, although he is happier when it can be explained by scientific process. I just accept, he has to prove. And humans are proving, giving the logical thinker much peace. heh!

    For me, just believing and accepting is just so much easier! xx


    I saw your lovely zinnias, one of my favourite flowers. I have the State Fair variety in my garden, and already she is showing those large colourful blooms. Everything in the garden just bounced this year...we had so much rain!

    Lunch sounds good...after, though, we can build up our appetites perusing the plants. On the Coast, nurseries are open all year. They are seasonal here and I miss them in Winter, even though I wouldn't be able to actually buy and plant then! xx


    So sorry you had difficulties...your 'email' came through as a comment...weird!

    Thanks for the hints...I will try placing the seeds in the fridge. I have not frozen it, but I have dried it. Freezing sounds easy, as well. On the Coast, you might remember the parsley I had which stayed fresh in the ground even through most of the Winter. It seeded itself, with the seeds being frozen a bit. So I think putting the seeds in the fridge will work well. xx

  16. Marja,

    Thank you, dear...I hope you are keeping yourself well through all the earthquakes in New Zealand. I think of you and your country often...xx


    Thank you, Daisy...that tree amazed me this year. It's loaded with small purple cranberries which the birds love, especially the Ravens..xx

    All Consuming,

    Heh! When you visit, we'll visit a Beer and Wine and see if we can't find the last six pack of beer for you...

    I'm not fond of coriander. I think either one loves it or doesn't...there is no in-between. I don't think I knew your sense of smell is not good. I had a dental hygienist who had no sense of stood her in good stead sometimes, she said. Hope you're feeling well today, love! xx

    Studio Lolo,

    I have seen the movie and enjoyed it a lot. There are more, many of which did not become as well known, but that are on the 'net. I found some blogs as well where the authors struggle with understanding and acceptance of the whole thing. I think acceptance is the most important thing. But I think there is some light for me on the whole subject after much research!

    And the parsley? Well it's growing huge...I have been able to harvest a lot already! xx


    So, so good to see you! We once said you and I would be blogging from our rockers...are you still on?

    I'm glad you believe.

    Your grandson Nic just rocks...what a brilliant little boy! xx


    Dear, dear Annie...isn't it a great time to be alive?...right now, when history is being made in this critical time frame. And our's incredible, joyful and even shocking! I love it! xx


    I love this..."I don't know quantum from squantum" hahahaha! There's an image that arises from that statement!

    It doesn't matter, does it... that whole area is so infinite there is sure to be one thing which catches one's interest.

    Thank you for believing! xx

  17. Marion, your flowers are so lovely!
    And I enjoyed every bit of this post!
    Don't know much about physics though!

    Margie xx

  18. have you watched the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know" ? It explains a lot...

  19. I am so with you on this. I tried getting these explanations....and it never sticks in my head so I simply decide to believe in fate/magic/higher power/aliens and go with the flow. I have SO many examples of this that I've given up even telling people about it and simply accepting the "gifts".

    enjoy the magic parsley!

  20. Anonymous12:39 p.m.

    Marian, there are a lot of us who are on the same wave-length about your post today. I loved Annie's comment about not knowing quantum from squantum - whenever physicists write stuff on a blackboard, they use all those foreign-looking symbols that mean nothing to us every day folk. I loved What the Bleep Do We Know, and there is also a great series on the Science channel called Thru The Wormhole, narrated by Morgan Freeman, that is amazing. I guess what we can only understand a teeny tiny bit is fascinating to us. Anyhow, count me in as a believer - as Mim says - in fate/magic/higher power/aliens ~ all that wonderful stuff.
    Barb in Ohio

  21. We are the creators. More and more as time goes by we are learning to use our talents, that have been hidden for centuries. I always believed, put it out to the Universe and it will come to you. The trick it to just do and not be concerned with the when or how. People used to think I was crazy saying that. I do it and its worked. Now they are finding it does for them too. You really really wanted parsley. YOU manifested that. :) I love when things like this happen.