Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winter Spirit

The weather has turned unbelievably cold. North Wind has set up shop; the temperatures hover around -20C and silent Snow covers the ground.

The Wind chimes sometimes catch in a wee draught from North Wind.  The sound is crystalline tunes heard in a dream...

One cannot walk anywhere outside in the Snow in silence. It sounds very like shards of glass breaking underfoot; the crunching of footfalls in the dry Snow travels far.

I dreamt, early this morning, of Snow and Ice...and dance. The Snow and Ice cannot be deemed unusual, what with every Tree, Shrub and Field covered with the white stuff. But the dance...

In my dream, I am walking through a silent, ghostly forested area. Snow hangs low from Cedar branches which look as if they could break and shatter from the weight and cold.

I feel a sense of urgency...and yet, I do not know where my destination lies.

It is night time, but the path I follow is lit by the silvery light of a full Moon. Snow lies everywhere, reflecting Moon's twinkling rays in crystals of Ice.

I'm not aware of the beauty here; I am completely intent on reaching a wee Log cabin situated in the far distance. Smoke issues forth from a small chimney...a welcoming sight, indeed. 

The cold does not bother me, although it appears I have very little clothing covering my body. I notice, as I quickly near the end of the forested path, a necklace of Feathers hanging from a long, icy Cedar Branch.

I snatch these off the branch...and in so doing, I release a shower of Snowflakes, which twinkle and glisten in the ivory light as they descend, like dancing Fairies, ever so soft and slow, to the ground.

I do not comprehend, in my hurried state, why the Feather necklace is so important, yet I know it is.

As if the path had never been, as if the cottage was never there, I am abruptly catapulted onto an expansive, Snow-white Plateau, completely surrounded by Mountain ranges.

I am wearing the necklace now.

People...figures, at least...are dancing, more and more of them appear, as I stare across the vast Plateau. They are like shadows, like mist, swirling here and there, sometimes with ferocity and sometimes swaying softly, as a mother might with a child in her arms.

There is no colour anywhere. All is white, even the figures. The only spot of colour...vibrant, in some cases...are the necklaces of Feathers, which swirl and sway, as fluffy and light as the Snowflakes falling unabated.

I glance down at the Feathers around my neck. They are brown, a deeply, intensely rich brown.

From somewhere else, another plane, I watch myself join the dance.  The necklace of brown Feathers floats and flies along with the swaying of my body, just as they do on the rest of the dancing figures.

I am the watcher and the participant, all at the same time. I watch and sense myself experiencing joy...happiness and freedom, I dance. And then, oh, wonder! I actually allow myself to feel it, to open the arcane, mysterious well become as one with the Winter Spirit.

I dance hard, in my dream. Hard and fast and furious and long...and then finally, gently swaying, like a soft breeze swirling through a stand of Willows.

And then, I hear a song. It begins as a quiet hum, builds in intensity, until it seems to consume me, originating from a magical, mystifying spot deep inside me.

I dance and sing, there on the wide, white Plateau, with the surrounding Mountains as my audience.

I am awakened by a cold nose pressed against my cheek. It is 4:30 AM; Lucky must have been concerned hearing and seeing me thrashing about in the bed. The bed covers are completely tangled.

It feels as if I am still dreaming, as I open the door and let both Dogs out into the freezing cold. It is utterly still...not even the traffic on the highway far below shatters the hush.

But, as in my dream, it is bright white outside. I would have no trouble walking about and finding my way.

I look towards the path at the bottom of the hill. It is so like the one I followed in my dream. I wonder what would happen should I choose to follow it, now, when the magic of the dream still seems a distinct part of me.

Would I find the Winter Spirit dancers? I want to dance in the cold once again. It appears, however, I would have to be dreaming, since it is unlikely my body would be able to dance as wildly and freely as it did on the Snow-blanketed Plateau.

There was no pain in my dream dance.

The song has not left me. I find myself humming it throughout the day. It has no real tune; at least, it is not a song I've remembered hearing...

Winter has arrived. The Winter Spirit does not care about dates; he comes on his own time. Being early or late really doesn't figure into things.

And I have choices. I can dither and complain about Winter's cold, I can dread it with every fibre of my being.

Or I can focus on the beauty of Winter, marvel at the crystalline cold, have anticipation filled with joy for the Christmas season...

And if I can't dance as well as I did in my dream, I can sway.

And I can sing my song... 

The song given to me, in a dream, by the Winter Spirit.


  1. Beautiful dream!
    I love winter now that I've resigned myself to dressing properly to meet it.

  2. Marion, What a powerful and wonderful dream!
    Beautiful in every way. I do believe that it is good to find something to love in all the seasons ans Winter is so full of beauty, while I don't like to drive in the snow, I do love it so, seems worth the trouble.
    Keep singing your tune!

  3. A beautiful dream, beautifully written and supported by beautiful photos, thanks to your beautiful spirit, Marion.

  4. I think Snow would be pleased to have you dreaming of him! ;p
    It does sound like a lovely dream though, what a place you live in. The temperature has dropped here too, it's making my legs stiff as boards but it's might toasty in bed.

  5. The Dream? The Awakening? The "Reality"? All, it seems to me, are melded into one - into you....this maks you that lovely lady - Marion. I am always transported by your posts.... you have a way with words and photos.

    I am a lover of Winter.....that beauty, which you so richly describe....that softness, that stillness....and though I now live in a place where snow is rare.....I remember other Winters in other lands, where I walked in the magical whiteness, heard the crunch of snow under my feet, heard the ice crack as it settles in for months - and also heard it crack as Spring's warmth began to thaw it...

    I am so glad we have "met" and I can see Winter through your eyes.

    Sending you many, many warm hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. I worried about driving into snow flurries yesterday, so unused as I am to snow. I read this and now there is no doubt in my mind that I could adapt very well. The beauty of your world and your dream is a great teacher.

  7. Beloved friend, may I ask a favor? Would you go to sweet manho's blog and leave your blessing?

    Love always for sure

  8. OMG, Marion! All of this gorgeous snow just blows my mind. It's summer-like here in Louisiana today, in the high 70's and warm. Your dream was deep and beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Love & Blessings,


  9. Anonymous1:32 p.m.

    Thank you for sharing your dream. I feel so inspired now to have beautiful dreams of my own.

    I miss winter. I live in a place with no snow right now. I miss the cold dark of winter, and the silence of the snow.

  10. We had snow two nights ago, but it is the wind that keeps the cold coming. If I was in my cabin I would be rocking and rolling for sure, but here in the condo it only rattles the windows. I am afraid my dreams aren't as pleasant. The ones I do remember are fraught with monsters trying to devour me. But so far I have survived. Maybe that is the message. - Margy

  11. You make me feel better about the constant rain because nights below freezing are rare this time of year, and night that are much below freezing are rare at any time.

    I enjoyed your writing and your photos too. Peggy would even love your winters. She's so excited about going to the mountains to ski and just to be in the snow.

  12. Sometimes what happens in a dream seems more powerful than what happens in waking moments. Maybe we travel to alternate realities - sometimes when a dream is clear I can believe it. Other times, those nights when dreams make no sense at all, I wonder... your photos are lovely and your description so accurate I could almost picture myself there.

  13. Your beautiful dream has helped me prepare mentally for winter that will soon descend here.

    I do love the pulling inwards thing that I do in this season of shorter days. I look forward to getting to know myself better again. Perhaps this winter I'll listen deeply this time and find nourishemnt for my soul.

    Thank you for the lovely pictures and vivid dream ;)


  14. Katie,

    That's the thing! It takes real cold before I dress myself once again in all those layers, heh! Winter came early to the Cariboo this year; we are at the tail end of a deep freeze, now, and I'm getting ready to greet the Snowstorm which is in the forecast!

    Annie Coe,

    Thank you, Annie, I imagine I will be singing that funny little tune until May, by the looks of it...Winter will not go away soon with La Nina in the mix!


    Thank you! What's awesome to me about the dancing is that I rarely dance, even when I was young. I did not feel or hear the tune properly, I guess...

    All Consuming,

    Heh, heh. And I hope you stay in bed, until you're completely well. If the Arctic Front which has the province in its grip comes your way, be prepared! It is quite brutal, that cold. I think I may be getting accustomed to being completely stiff all over and to the accompanying pain,'s always there.

  15. d!Robin,

    Thank you for that lovely description of Winter. There is something so quiet and lovely about a true Winter's day, where the world recedes and where the Wind blows icy, tinkling tunes.

    I will forever remember Winters in the Cariboo...they are truly magical. I visit with someone who couldn't wait to see Snow on the meant all was right and orderly in the World, if not for her personally.

    Thank you for the warm hugs...and right back at ya!


    When I first moved here, coming from a coastal Island, where Snow usually morphed into Rain, I had to learn how to drive on ice covered roads. They might be salted and sanded, the highway is kept clear, but there are many roads where Ice and Snow only accumulate, due to the cold temps. And without the ability to drive in Snow, cabin fever would strike quickly, I imagine...I don't know how the pioneers did it!

    I can't imagine what it would be like to ride a Horse in these kinds of cold temps, but they did it...there was no other choice. Spring would have been very welcome, indeed!


    Thank you for the heads up...I went over and left a Reiki blessing. Sweet Mango and her beloved Stellan will continue to be in my thoughts...

    Love always to you, my dear!

  16. Marion,

    Aaaagh!!! I think I'm moving to Louisiana. I've always loved the sound of it...and with those lovely temps it sounds even more promising!

    There is no doubt about it...Snow changes the landscape into something dramatic and enchanting.

    White Witch,

    Thank you for is very nice to see you!

    I agree with you...I believe I would really miss those cold, dark silences when the only company one has is oneself. It is a time to go inner and Snow somehow helps to bring it about.

    Powell River Books,

    Ah, Margy, you are both an adventurer and a survivor. I don't imagine those monster dreams scare you much, unless, of course, those monsters represent the grizzly inner ones. I can find those quite scary, heh!

    I'm kind of glad you're not in that cabin right now. I hear Powell River got a dump of Snow just lately, along with the outflow Arctic Winds.


    Mmmm, when we were visiting on the Coast we had one Rainstorm after another, with strong Wind. But that's where I grew up, and it's what I miss the most...that rainy, misty weather.

    You're not all that far from us; you'll have to come for a visit...from all accounts, we are in for a tough, snowy Winter and Peggy can revel in the Snow. For Winter sports lovers, there are many trails throughout the Land here.

    There'll be Snow until May...


    Those unclear dreams sometimes find clarity later in the day, I find. And sometimes not...but I console myself with the idea that my subconscious will have understood. Maybe that was the intent!

    I love clear dream and lately, I'm having more and more, rather than a jumble of images and thoughts. I remember the feathers quite clearly and so I looked it up.

    From the site Dream Sleep at ..."A feather floating in the air may show your desire to ascend to higher spiritual knowledge or intellectual ambition."

    I find it all so interesting!!

    Studio Lolo,

    I'll bet our ancestors slept more...hibernated a bit...during deep freezes such as the one we're experiencing. And maybe we 'remember' that and when shorter days come along, we tend to draw inwards much more. I like that part, actually. It restores my spirit...there is time in Winter to while away hours listening to classical music and dreaming.

    And you, lo, are so busy...I just went to your Etsy store the other day (again! will I never learn? hee) and found a whole bunch of new items I'm about to order, ha!

    But I really hope you WILL listen hard to what your inner guide is telling you. Sometimes its only a whisper, as you know...remember to listen hard. It's easy for me at least to ignore that little voice, if I don't want to face what it might be suggesting! xoxo

  17. it's magic, what you paint, marion.

    i lingered just now reading this, me who pushes the snow and cold away. this winter i will carry your dream in my coat pocket.

    i am headed to vermont on friday. somehow i imagine it is like your land, not as cold, but glisseningly beautiful

    i miss you ♥

  18. Anonymous9:30 a.m.

    Asleep, perchance to dream -- and with music and choreography to boot!
    That pic of the snow covered mountains put a chill in my bones, I am still cold.

    Dance, dance, and sing with joy; see yourself from a distance and be in the moment.

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  20. There is something magical and mystical about the snow but its best viewed from the warmth and comfort of home. We have had a sprinkling of snow Marion but nothing like you have in the Caribou. I'm pleased you enjoyed the bike video clip. Dave

  21. You're such a beautiful writer, Marion, it makes me mad at myself for not stopping by more often. But for all your Winter's beauty, I'm glad I live in Alabama!!!

  22. You are a beautiful dreamer, Marion, who not only takes pictures to tell a story but paints pictures with words. Thanks for sharing this magical tale of a winter’s journey.

  23. kj,

    Vermont! It's a place I've always wanted to visit...even the name suggests home to me.

    I've always loved Winter, although living in the Cariboo tests my love a bit, since Winters are so long. At least, the Snow lasts for a long while, into May, sometimes. For a gardener, it's tough knowing the temps are right for gardening yet there is still a foot of Snow covering the garden areas.

    One of these days, you'll see me digging Snow of off the raised beds, just to get at the soil, ha!

    I hope you're having a great time on your holiday, to you!


    Some of the photos are mine, and others came from Microsoft office clip art. The one of the Mountains is not mine, but it sure does make one feel a little chilly!

    I like this..."see yourself from a distance and be in the moment.'Well done, my friend, exactly how it is sometimes.

    Hope you're hanging in there, Lyle and I'm so thankful for your really wonderful specialist!!


    Welcome and thank you for reading. Please feel free to come and read anytime!


    That bike video was fabulous...I was completely awestruck by the biker's abilities! Imagine...everywhere would be a surface to try and ride...and he did this all the way from Scotland to Wales? Wow.

    The snow would seriously put a damper on your bike riding...hope you don't have too much. But I believe Winter is a time of rest, of looking out of windows and contemplating the activities of Spring..

  24. Dirty Butter,

    How nice to see you! You are welcome anytime, DB! I'm happy you're feeling so much better. And congratulations on your weight loss...I'll bet you are trumpeting that success to the skies!

    aka Penelope,

    Thank YOU for your amazing photos of the lower mainland...I absolutely love the photo of old stomping grounds in the late sixties. I love that area.

    Thank you for your kind words...coming from you, it means a lot!!

  25. Wonderful post, but I just COULD NOT live there! You are so strong (and positive) to find beauty in such an inhospitable wilderness.

  26. oh the wonderful images here. I just love the blessed quiet of this post, your dream, and the crystalline cold.

  27. Beautiful post Marion and such a strong lingering dream. I love the snow and am a winter person for it's beauty if not my cold feet. Keep swaying to your dream song*!*

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