Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just a Little Stone

There are those among us who, even as they grow old and hopefully accrue more wisdom...yes, even those...cannot walk along without picking up a Stone or two. It is a child-like thing to do, perhaps, and yet the urge is strong and does not go away, even with age.

Small Stones have an immense power. I am not talking about Crystals and their amazing healing senses; I am talking about the ordinary, small Pebbles that speak or call to us from the ground...the ones who listen and invite us to share our stories with them.

I have a Stone, a special one amongst many. It is small, nondescript. There is nothing about it that would propel anyone to pick it up. But it has unique listening powers and innate wisdom...and it is always with me.

It has become my talisman.

I found this Stone many years ago, as I was about to embark on a completely different path from which I was accustomed.  The Stone...Pebble, really... sat amidst a thousand other Stones, on a gravel driveway.

I recall I was about to enter a vehicle and for some reason, I heard the call to look down, down towards the ground. And there was my Stone, encrusted with dirt, its beauty completely hidden.

I picked it up and put it into my pocket. I was weepy at the time, about to leave a home I had lived in for almost thirty years. I felt I was leaving not only the home, but the memories it contained. I had forgotten that memories exist in the heart and soul, even those which do not come to the forefront on a daily basis. 

They are not kept within a mere house.

I held onto that grimy little Stone as I drove away. And ever since, it has resided in one coat pocket or another. I treasure it above any of the objects I have...none give as much balance as this odd, small Stone. It fits perfectly within the palm of my hand.

No longer encrusted with dirt, it is now shiny and gives off a warm glow. It is brown, with dark lines throughout. It now looks as if it was polished by a machine, but it has not. The shine comes from being rubbed and held and prayed with.

It is a generous Stone. I am not the only one it has given healing to. Others who find themselves overwhelmed or in despair have held my Stone, for only a little while, and have found balance.

I take it with me as I do my rounds for Hospice. Sometimes, the need to take the Stone out of my pocket overcomes me and I will hand it to the patient to hold, for just a little while.

Some are surprised, even as they hold it within the palm of their hand. And some...some hear the song of Mother Earth the instant they grasp onto it. All are grateful for the little Stone which reconnects and balances. Some ask for a Stone just like mine...yet how can I find a Stone for another?

The one time I tried to do so, it did not work. The connection did not take hold, it was not the perfect Stone for them. I already knew by intuition my Stone finding mission for another would not satisfy.

It is a personal thing, this finding of a Stone which holds memories of a long distant time. The immense power small Stones embody are, I believe, peculiar to each individual. I can be attracted to a Stone which does nothing for another.

But my small Stone is different, in that way. Its generosity of Spirit is meant to be shared. Not always does a Stone such as this one come along, although each Stone, Pebble, Rock or Boulder permeates our collective consciousness and the consciousness of Mother Earth, bringing them together.

When I found my Stone, I did nothing other than pick it up. I did not ask if I could do so, and I am grateful for my Stone's ease of Spirit and grace in that it easily allowed me to move it. I know better, now. I know a small prayer or two I use to ask permission when I move a Stone. One never knows the feelings a Stone or Pebble might have; it is best to not just snatch them out of their resting place. They are far older than I and have had many more experiences, learned far more wisdom and knowledge...some of which may not be meant for me.

The Stone brought me a prayer.  It is a common one; I have seen it or variations of it many times on the Internet and in books, since I began to use it. It is simple, sweet and strong.

                          Sky above
                          and Earth below~~
                          I greet you.

Every time I use it, when I go out of the home, that prayer along with my Stone, balances and grounds me. The feeling is similar to the sensation I get when I sit on a large Boulder. 

I learned the power of sitting on a Boulder when I went through recovery from alcoholism. Butt and ground was the saying I learned and have never forgotten, even after all these years. There is instant balance and peace, as I place my "butt" on a Boulder and ground myself.

It is so very comforting.

My Stone is a sacred object to me. It will last is not a fragile thing. It has strong energy...I have seen it cure migraines, if the person knows how to use it. It is alive with imagery and symbols.

It is generous enough to share its stories. Not only with me, but with so many others, some at the end of their lives. It gives the recipient, the holder of the Stone, inner healing and transformation.

It is just a little Stone, brown and unassuming.

I heard it call my name, one day long ago.

I picked it up and life changed. 

And I learned this truth:

"Nothing in the Universe stays the same. Everything migrates with its own inner rhythm of change, of coming from and going to. Everything dances to its unique movement, however small and invisible it might be to the naked eye." 

From the book Sacred Stones, by Maril Crabtree


  1. Like you, I am always picking up stones as I walk. I never thought about it much, it was just a habit. I know there are times that a stone stands out and I am compelled to pick it up. But after doing so, not all stones "ask" to stay with me. Those I return to the ground. I can't really tell you why. They stood out and wanted to be selected from their many companions, but just weren't the right ones to go home with me.

    When I was having a hard time after losing a job that I dearly loved (due to lots of internal politics). I took a camping trip to Yellowstone National Park and found lots of rocks along the way. I called them my freedom rocks. They all went with me to my new job and graced by windowsills to remind me of the good time I had in bringing closure to my old job.

    Of the rocks I brought home, two mean the most to me. I went to the spot I fished with my father as a girl just out of high school. Those rocks still reside on my dresser where they remind me constantly of all the wonderful things my dad did for and with me.

    And the largest rock in my life is the granite wall behind our cabin. I love looking at it in all seasons. I'm always discovering something new about it: colours, plants, animals, etc.

    Thanks for making me reflect on why I love rocks so much. - Margy

  2. I have that book, Marion, and read it often. And I'm a stone lover, too. My treasure stone has 3 perfect holes in it made my many years of the drip of rain water. It's my holy stone and I made it into a necklace. I feel as if I can hear the earth's heartbeat when I wear my stone by my own heart....I have 3 stones with holes made by water which remind me that gentleness overcomes hardness every time.

    Fabulous, thoughtful, uplifting post, Marion. Blessings!

  3. Lovely post. I like the way you say you now ask permission to take a stone. Me, I always have just taken them, but in fact I now see(from reading your post) I was removing them from their familiar landscape. I have always felt stones were sentient beings though. My favorites are some I got from Prince Edward Island with the red in them. At my last place of residence I had many stones but I had to leave them behind when I moved into my 6 year transition .

  4. This is a beautiful accounting of your connection to something clearly of your spirit. I find myself getting attached to wooden objects. When I feel one that seems to come alive beneath my grip, I know I need to keep it. I have a statue of a beggar that was carved in Ecuador and I would not let it go for anything. It's been a part of my life for over 40 years. Even just looking at it gives comfort because the beggars eyes are so soulful and serene.

  5. This is such a beautiful and moving post. Like you, I collect stones and have my whole life. They are all special to me, but I have not singled one out, perhaps none are as powerful as your little stone. I was once told by a shaman, that if a stone calls to you, it is yours if you want it. But I think it is nice to ask permission just the same.

  6. Margy,

    I would love that rock wall behind your cabin as well! There is always a bird nesting, a flowering plant or tree that clings to the crevices or just the varying colours of a wet slab of rock. I also have rocks and stones dating far back in my life. In some way, those rocks and stones have taken my memories of a distant time and encapsulated that when I hold them those memories come back so clearly to me. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful comment!


    Those holey stones are awesome!I've found three here on my property; one I found on the beach many years ago. They are all too big to wear around my neck, but they do grace flower pots. One has a hole, but it has not worn all the way through...when the water in the hole is gone, I know it is time to water that pot. Not sure how it works, but time and again I have tested that out. On the Coast, that rock hole was rarely in the dry Interior it struggles to keep water in it for longer than a week. It's an amazing stone!

    And the book Sacred Stones has awesome stories of healing done by rocks and stones! I'm glad you have it...I read it often as well.


    I was taught not to move a stone by a shamanic teacher of mine. Many years ago, it was thought the souls of shamans resided in a stone, after death. Moving them could be a danger, since the thinking was not all shamans were good. But those were mostly large boulders, which are not easily moved except by machine.

    It was hilarious when I moved. I'm sure the movers had no idea why some boxes were extremely HEAVY. They contained rocks and stones. When I move again, I have even more to transport, but I believe I will take them with me personally.

    If you can, find the book Sacred Stones...the stories in it are amazing!

  7. Annie,

    I learned to love wood after I met Graham, who is a woodworker. He has some very different types of wood in the workshop. For some reason, before I met him, I was not attracted to wood, although I am so connected to trees. But I have learned the same feeling applies to wood that I get from rocks and stones, only perhaps not as strongly.

    Long ago, a relative left me a dark,carved wooden Chinese figure. It was Brianna, my granddaughter's favourite when she was small...she would carry it from place to place with her. When I am in need, there are times I will hold it and tell my story and feel quite peaceful at the end of the telling.

    Annie Coe,

    It is sometimes quite difficult for me to tell if the stone is calling to me, or if I only want it very badly.But usually, I can tell if that particular stone wants to be with me...I feel greatly uncomfortable if it does not. And rocks and stones, if they are big, will feel fairly light to me if I am to be a part of their experience on earth.

    I once knew a man who worked with stone. He didn't feel the heaviness of a stone was as if they were feather light as I watched him build rock walls. I find it quite odd, strange and really wonderful to see and know I experience the same thing.

    Some of the stones here on my property, which is rocky, with thin soil, are very heavy and cold even on the warmest of days. I was told they were marble, but even if they are not, I treat these particular stones with a fair amount of respect!

  8. This was a fascinating post (as usual) I've always been an avid, but casual, collector of stones.

    At one point I wondered if maybe I should have left them where the universe had put them. But I think they are better served my various jars and terraria, like stray dogs that have found a home where they are loved.

  9. how i love you, marion. we might as well be sisters as far as i am concerned.

    i love stones too. i hold them dear. some i give away. but two on my desk stay in front of me. one, as you know, is from my Father.

    have you visited lori times five, marion? she is a special woman in california who collects sea glass. i see that as stones too.

    you are a healer, marion. i know because you've reached me. ♥

  10. What a wonderful post. I had a friend once who would always ask for a stone from any place you traveled to because she loved having all that energy around her. She had shelves of them from all over the world. I'm not sure she ever thought about the stones feelings in all of this.

    I have to get a copy of that book now. I know I'll love it.
    I also loved reading about your own special stone and how it called to you. And the fact that it's now shiny from years of rubbing! And how it (unselfishly) has helped others.

    I have to catch up on your other posts now. I thought I was following you but I wasn't. But now I am so hopefully I won't miss any of your wonderful, insightful stories ;)

    ~many blessings~
    lolo ♥

  11. Loved the story of your little talisman. Everything speaks if you have ears to listen :)

  12. What a great post this is! I always brought back a stone or a pebble as a child whenever I went out for the day somewhere special with my mum and dad. I mentioned in a previous post that my childhood 'pet' was a rock I named Fred who I carried everywhere heheh, Fred made me feel much better, and he was just a piece of quartz doing his own thing. YOu know about my love of all rocks and mminerals as an adult of course, but just wanted to mention Fred again.
    Hugs galore, Michelle xx

  13. Hello Marion,

    Here I thought I was the only one! I identify with every sentiment you share about your rocks. Once I was at a sacred site in India and I had no intention of taking a rock from that site, being respectful. This rock kept begging me to take it away. So I did, through many years and moves, the rock still stays with me.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful part of your life with us!

  14. Jan,

    "I think they are better served my various jars and terraria, like stray dogs that have found a home where they are loved." I'm sure those stones love where they are, as well. If stones are sentient, then certainly they would know they are with a loving woman. One who knows more about dogs than the average person!


    I love the stone from your father, as who could not? And I am quite envious of it, lol!

    I have some sea glass, but not enough! Never enough when it comes to these beauties. I will make Lori Ann's acquaintance at some point, I'm sure...I was too late for her contest. But Mim will enjoy that beautiful jar filled with sea glass.

    I'm so glad I've reached you,too, dear kj! xoxo


    What a lovely thing to line shelves and cupboards with stones. I have stones, as well, from any place I've been to, but they are certainly not international. We are planning a trip to Scotland...I will certainly find a stone or two there to bring back with me.

    My largest stones line the deck railing. Even in Winter, covered with a hat of Snow, they shine for me.

    Thank you for following...I appreciate it!

  15. Pauline,

    Trust you to come up with a wonderful sentence..."Everything speaks if you have ears to listen"...I love it!

    I hope you are almost finished with the school daughter will be this week, I think. Yaaaay!

    On a completely selfish note, perhaps you'll have more time to write your incredibly descriptive and beautiful posts, heh heh! I melt when I read your words. But do feel free to take a bit of a holiday first, of course!! haha

    All Consuming,

    I so hope you're feeling better, dear Michelle! I can't remember whether you still have Fred...I know he would be helpful during the recovery period. But you have those other stones...they'll help ground and balance you as well.

    Often I wonder who has walked over the stones I have...I imagine the Roman hordes in the UK walking on one or two of your stones. Imagine the energy imprint!

    Get well, Michelle...and find a stone or two on your allotment. Perhaps if you meditate with them, images will come of the hordes and healers who walked your land! My thoughts and long distance Reiki healing are with you, sweetie!!!!! Take good care during the healing period...


    Ohhhh, aren't you the lucky one!!! Imagine hearing a stone's call from a sacred site in India! That would be a special stone, for certain.

    What amazes me about stones is that they are so very old and have such wonderful images and stories to send to us. Imagine what your stone has experienced! And he called to the person who would study the history of the place he came from...marvellous!!! I'm so thankful you've kept him with you throughout all the moves...he sounds very special.

  16. You didn't post a picture of your special stone! Would that have been too personal, perhaps?

    As a child, I felt sorry for rocks because they had to stay outdoors in both the heat and the cold. I have since tried to learn a little about how various ones were made and how old they are, but it's a frustrating study to pursue on one's own, at least the identification part.

    I also once felt as you do that stones had healing properties, but I haven't found that to be the least bit true. I still like them quite a lot, still study them from time to time, and still love looking at them with a 100-power magnifier, but I very much doubt that they are aware of my presence. Yet, animism was humanities' first form of religion, and the one that's the hardest for me to shake because there's such an intense desire to feel connected at some level beyond the material.

  17. P.S. You're old enough to remember the "worry stones" that were once popular and might still be sold in stores for all I know. I always thought it was better to find one's own stone though because there's just something objectionable about turning every single aspect of our lives into a commercial commodity. Also, if you're right about stones being sensitive, imagine how they must feel when they've been taken enmasse from their homes, ground into specific shapes, and finally polished, shipped, and sold--NOT a promising start to a new relationship.

  18. Snowbrush,

    How very perceptive of you to notice I did not post a photo of my Stone. I wondered if anyone would!

    I thought I would when I began this post; yet time and time again when I wanted to photograph it, I found I just...didn't...want to. For some reason. It may be that you are is too personal. But why should that be, I wonder? Everybody I know knows I have it...and have seen it. I'll have to think about it some more, heh!

    Hmmm...I felt the same as you about Stones, Rocks and Boulders outside during the harsh weather, as a child. And I understand how difficult it is to identify the kinds of Rocks, but thankfully Graham was once in mineral exploration, and he helps a lot. It doesn't really matter to me, though, because just as I don't really see the outside of a person ( I tend to recognize the inside...the energy signature) I'm not really sure I see how a Rock might look from the outside. I feel it and feel its energy imprint.

    Quite possibly this makes no sense to many. I accept that. But it is really difficult for me to explain!

    There is a very strong desire to feel connected to something in life, as you say. It must be very difficult to not heed that call. It's extremely seductive, if only for the comfort one feels with a connection. I should say, I do, at any rate.

    I have never liked the commercialism linked with Stones. The worry Stones are one example, there are many others...I liken that to watching Animals in a Zoo. Somehow, lol!

    I want to clarify, too, that I don't feel this way towards all Stones...just the ones that call to me. I can walk a long way on a rocky path before I find a Stone meant for me or I may not even find one. The Stone population is humongous!

  19. "I understand how difficult it is to identify the kinds of Rocks..."

    I've often been told that it's not necessary to know the name of a thing to appreciate it, yet I've yet to meet anyone who believed that who could remember one percent as many trees or shrubs as I did after we had taken a walk together. To me, they were friends; to him or her, they were but strangers in crowd. The idea that knowledge is the enemy of appreciation is alien to me. As for your belief that you recognize energy imprints, an interesting experiment might be to have someone arrange various rocks you believe you could identify in this manner, and then have you identify them simply by being near them. If you could do that consistently with even three rocks, I would be greatly impressed.

  20. Thank you Marion, for sharing the story of your stone with me. We often forget how simple life can be, if that is what we desire.

  21. Marion, I don't know if I spoke too bluntly, but let me say that, in suggesting an experiment, I didn't mean to dismiss your belief. In fact, I would LOVE to see your belief verified. It's just that it's what I would consider an extraordinary claim in the sense that it stands in seeming contradiction to current scientific knowledge. People who make such claims are often insulted that I don't accept them at face value, but there's too much room for error in human perception for me to honestly do that. By way of comparison, imagine that I told you that I had been taken aboard a space ship by Martians. You probably wouldn't think I was lying or crazy, but you might very well wish you had a way to gather additional information. I hope this helps.

  22. Nicole,

    Yes, you are right. Keep it Simple is a saying I use often, yet forget just as often.

    How about all this Rain??! It's quite something how green everything has stayed; the wildflowers are astonishing this year. And the other day, Lightning struck a Tree far down at the end of our property. What a loud crack that made! Thankfully, no fires as yet, but I have wondered if you are receiving any of the smoke from the Fire outside of Prince George? That would not be comfortable for your little ones.


    I'm not the least bit insulted. I'm sorry I did not answer as quickly as I should have; we have visitors this week from your country, the US,and along with Hospice, I have only moments to snatch for the computer.

    But I believe I have not made myself clear. I cannot tell you what KIND of rock it is, simply by energy imprint. I can only tell if it resonates with me. And then it is not that difficult to remember which ones those are.

    I did all the rock work on this property and the two previous pieces of property I own. In picking out the rocks for the borders, there were only a few that I instantly felt a connection to. And after three years, I can still, even in lines and lines of stones, pick those few out.

    I have spoken with stone masons and with a heavy duty equipment operator who did the rip rap on our driveway. They also have some kind of connection to some of the stones...usually I've been told, they will try and highlight those stones, or keep them away from the rest in some way. I didn't do that with mine, I only placed them near others I thought they might like.

    I think this might be what you are asking? And I am perfectly willing to do that experiment...but it would have to be a little later, since company is arriving almost non- stop this month. But I really don't know what it would prove...information such as someone having a connection to Stones is not of scientific importance, I don't think. And I certainly am not able to explain why a Stone can make me feel as if I am giving a Reiki treatment. It is much the same, flowing feeling.

    Thank you so much for your very insightful and thoughtful comments, Snow. As always, you have made me think hard and question and seek answers! Not a bad thing at all.

  23. "I had forgotten that memories exist in the heart and soul, even those which do not come to the forefront on a daily basis."

    I got a little teary-eyed when I read these words. I am sorry I have so little time to visit here, Marion, as I am busy multi-tasking at work. However, you reward me when I do find a few spare moments.

  24. Marion - thanks for the compliment :) School is out, I took a week to visit with family and say goodbye to an old friend and I am back in blogland once more.

  25. What an interesting post Marion.

    Your first photo reminds me of Zimbabwe where we had many identical round balancing rocks, red coloured from the Earth. The stone wall reminded me of how the grey stone Zimbabwe Ruins was a city thousands of years ago built exactly the same way with no cement...another memory of my childhood, where I played being the Queen of Sheba, when we visited. Who needs gem stones when ordinary stones create such marvels?