Sunday, February 07, 2010

Odd Weather and This and That

It feels as if the World has gone topsy-turvy. El Nino has changed the weather in many has certainly changed ours.

I went to do errands in town yesterday.  At every stop, I was asked how I liked the weather. The people I spoke to about our warm temperatures looked confused...not sure as to how they felt about it.

Winter in the Cariboo is usually very cold.  Last year, temperatures dipped to -40C here on my deck...this year, temperatures are usually in the range of -5C overnight to 8C during the day. It's warm, folks!

I haven't worn my down jacket much this Winter. Warm hats and gloves...well, I'm not even sure where they are. I keep waiting for the Cold to hit...but each day is warmer than the last.

These record-breaking warm temperatures are not good news for the Winter Olympics down in Vancouver. They will be making Snow in large quantities before the competitions begin on Cypress Mountain within the next couple of weeks...Mother Nature does not look as if she will grace the Mountain with natural Snow, if the long range weather forecasts are correct.

Animals are confused as well, as is the Plant World. Bear, who is usually holed up in some warm and dry cave in January, has decided to awaken. And he smells really bad...even I, with a stuffed up nose, caught his scent the other day.

I hear crashing through the bush at night. Moose has decided the Willows must be ready for browsing, with the sudden, uncommon warmth. Every time I let the Dogs outside, there is something for them to chase...whether it be Bear, Moose, or Deer. It's a very good thing there is a fence. I doubt I would even have Dogs without it, considering the size of some of the Animals they chase. The fence gives them a very false sense of security.

There are many, many Birds about...far more than there are even on Spring days. With the nattering of the abundant Squirrel and the chirping of Birds, around here one could think one was visiting a Bird sanctuary.

And the Plant World has chosen to allow their buds to swell, has chosen to believe the unusual warmth will last. If I were a shrub, I'm positive I would want to believe Winter was over as well. Yet the temperatures at night go well below freezing, leaving Ice sheets behind.

But Sun, with its golden, loving rays, melts everything during the day...One can hear the dripping rhythm of melting Ice throughout the daylight hours.  It makes me think I am living close to an overflowing, babbling Brook.

I want to say Spring will be early this year, I want, at the very least, to start seedlings. But I feel convinced it is too must be too early. Winter will not give up this easily...will he? I feel confused and convinced...a strange way of being.

The very oddness of the weather keeps me unsettled. Winter is not supposed to be this way. Yet, this year, it is.

To keep my mind off the should I's, will I's, can I's, I resolve to ignore the strangeness and go on with day-to-day living. I have applied for Hospice training, with an interview slated for next week. Wish me luck...not everybody will be accepted for the programme.

And then there are eye appointments, dentist appointments, etcetera, etcetera. I recently had my hair cut...this, in itself, keeps my mind off the weather as I try for some semblance of neatness and easy care.

Life.  It goes on regardless of odd weather patterns. What will be, will be...and all the angst in the World about freezing plant life will not change it.

But I have the need to wonder about something.

What will Summer be like in this El Nino year?


  1. Okay, let me try again. I was in the process of typing and I cyber-disappeared. My remark if I can recall was something like just when you might want a bit more of winter for the Olympics, you get a thaw. While I do hope for an early spring but so far the groundhog has been spot on. Good luck with the hospice training. I admire your spunk to tackle such a tough field.

  2. I do believe your Winter came South, Marion. I have friends all over the southern USA who are freaked out about all the cold and snow they've had---more than they've had in 30 or 40 years. Like you said, strange weather, indeed!

    Every year about this time, I get the urge to start seedlings even though we usually have early Springs down here in Louisiana. But I'm holding off this year due to the unusually cold weather. I hope the cold heads back North for the Winter Olympics! Blessings!

  3. marion, you would make a fantastic weather person! i loved following your meandering report and i love the way you personalize bear and squirrel ....

    (it's me, emily! did you mention rabbits?)

    (it's me, emily again. i think i might have your column done by next week but i forget want you want besides BALANCE--please tell kj or me okay thank you)


    hmpf! it's me, kj. i was rudely interrupted.
    anyway, marion, i wish it were warmer here. been in the teens F for days, too cold for me. plus i miss my yard so much this time of year.

    the best with your training, heart sister. i am 100% positive you will be very wonderful in that role. don't we wish we could help renee, who i so hope in not in pain today.

    love to you, marion. !

  4. all the oddities, you don't say. i've been waitting for our spring wind which usually comes preceding lunar new year, nope, no wind this year. i miss the smell of the wind, and the clear bright blue sky and the crisp air during this time, but alas... i wait in vain.

    and oh, the time, it has sped up so fast that i hardly get much done in a day. and there's still much to do before the lunar new year.

    i've made it to the dentist, now i need a hair cut too :)

    hope your days get better

  5. Sheila,

    It has been the warmest January ON RECORD for the lower mainland. There must be a reason, but I don't understand why they don't change the venue from Cypress to Whistler, where there is lots of Snow.

    I have wanted to train for Hospice since forever. I decided if I was going to do it, now was the time. With a birthday this month, making me 59 (oy!) it feels right!


    Winter went South this year, for sure. I have been watching the forecasts and am marvelling at the amount of Snow some of your States have, while we in the Northern part of the continent have none. And are basking in one Pineapple Express after another! You never know...I may be starting those seeds sooner than I think, after all.

  6. kj,

    I write about the weather a lot, I know, but mostly it is because my body reacts to weather changes quite consistently, and not always very well. I have become quite addicted to weather forecasts and watch them all the time, especially if they show and explain the weather on its way in. Knowledge is power,lol. One of my favourite books is Weather in kidding!

    Thank you for the vote of confidence regarding Hospice...I have wanted to do this for many years.

    I can't wait for gardening...I am still landscaping (my favourite part is building new beds)and have many plans for this year!


    You've got to be careful not to anger kj. I believe she's the source of your jelly beans?

    Yes, there are a few Rabbits around. Quite a few, actually, but then where there's one Rabbit there's usually another, Rabbits being Rabbits. You will find out when you get older, maybe. I will ask when I see Rabbit if he is a relative of never knows about these things! He's a very handsome Rabbit, quite big!

    I am looking forward to my winning post! Emily, I will email kj and maybe you can read the email...I have to look it up but I think the topics were balance and acceptance.

    To all my readers: Emily is a very famous Rabbit who writes beautifully on kj's blog. I have won a post that will be written by Emily, which will appear soon, when Emily is ready to write it. Stay tuned...


    I can imagine wanting that Spring Wind! I am in love with Wind and the messages they send. With the warmer weather we've been experiencing, there is less Sun as well...and I miss that amazing Winter blue Sky as well.

    The hair cut actually went hair was really long and desperately needed a good cut. I got it, just not sure exactly how to wear it now, lol!

    You're a step ahead of've been Spring cleaning! It feels so great to clear the house of all that Winter dust!

  7. I heard about the Olympics being in trouble because of the warm weather. I have a sister living in Northern NY and she said it was warm this year too. The snow storms have been hitting the Mid Atlantic states which is unnatural. Things have changed and it's worrisome.

  8. Well, down here in western Oregon, things are pretty much normal, I would say. Maybe a little warmer than usual, but not enough for anyone to get excited about. I loved the photos.

  9. Its strange here too, even though we are having a cold spell again, the snowdrops are already in bloom. There was a report in the paper today of how the seasons are getting earlier and how nature is adjusting to keep pace. Hopefully it will all work out but its certainly not like it used to be.

  10. I know what you mean about the weather. Today it was almost warm enough for a sun bath, and it's still February. Definitely spring like, but with a cool finish. - Margy

  11. Marion:

    Good luck with the hospice training!! When you feel drawn to something, there's always some kind of lesson behind it ... you must be excited to see what that lesson will be ~ Good luck ~Nicole

  12. Princess,

    Yes, Vancouver has had the warmest January on record! That's crazy, when we have the Winter Olympics, lol, but we will prevail. Man made Snow will suffice, according to the athletes, who gave thumbs up to Cypress Mountain yesterday.

    This warmth has been attributed to El Nino. The Storms continue to come from the South, bringing far warmer temperatures than usual.Last year, Arctic air was far more prevalent.


    I'm glad you liked the photos...they came from Clip Art. I use their photos consistently, unless I have photos to illustrate the post.

    I talked with a friend in South Washington state yesterday, and he was commenting on the warmer temperatures.

    I think of you often, Snowbrush, and I hope you are finding some relief as the days go by. It's just got to get better...doesn't it?


    I have felt the seasons shift for a few years now. It seems Summer continues into Autumn, much later than usual. And last year's Winter was absolutely brutal. It is interesting to hear others are exploring this idea, as well.

    I have watched the weather chaos hit the UK on the news and have thought of you. Hope it went ok...and that your gutters are up again!


    I remember those awesome warm February days on the Coast where one actually did sunbathe. It was further inland though; you're right on the Water and the Wind would be cool. I hear you are in for a huge Rain and Wind Storm today,'ll enjoy watching that. Hope your cabin is ok.


    I made it in! The training starts on the 22nd, and I'm really excited, you're right. It's time for me to do this. I hope you're on track with your classes...I wish you good luck with those!

  13. If anyone is cut out for the spiritual difficulties of Hospice training, it's you, Marion! Good luck to you and I know you will be a perfect fit!

  14. Go ahead and rub it in Marion; all of your cold winter weather has slid down the globe and is now freezing us out. Much snow and blowing, cold wind . . . Canadian weather, seems to me.
    It is a good thing I have lots to read and much corn to feed the ducks.
    More when I thaw out!!


  15. What an evocative post, Marion! On the flip side, we've had a remarkably mild summer, as a result of the prevailing south easterly wind blowing the entire season. Usually it blows from October to December, but it's carried right on right through the summer - and it has a burning, drying affect on the vegetation, so I'm thinking if it does really hot up, we'll be ripe for mountain fires... Very discombobulating when the weather doesn't do what we expect it to!

  16. I sense that it is strange weather time all over. It is the usual cold anf rainy here, but the fog has all but disappeared. Fog is/was such a major element of our winters that its missing is very disturbing. Driving is safer but disturbing nonetheless.

    I've noticed the trees are starting to bud. Not good. We will get a big cold snap and they will fall away and through the trees into confusion.

    Kudos to you for starting hospice training. The hospice people were so wonderful for my father and were a great comfort to my mother.

  17. Daisy,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Daisy! It means a lot...I am excited to begin the training...I know I will learn a terrific amount.


    I believe you DID get Canadian must have gone somewhere, since we have had absolutely beautiful Spring-like weather! And it doesn't look like it's going to change soon.I can't begin to tell you how very inviting it is. But I'm sorry you are snowed in...last year was terrible regarding cold and snow here. I won't forget last Winter in a hurry!

    Glad the ducks have food! And I hope it won't be too long before your thaw begins.


    We have those drying Winds here in the Cariboo during the Summer. I live in a very forested area; I am very aware of the danger of forest fires. I hope those fires stay away from you...I remember watching the devastation those fires created for your country last year.

    And you're kind of changes along with the weather. One never knows what might occur.


    I's so disconcerting when the usual weather patterns change. And yesterday, they showed Trees beginning to bud out on the Coast. That's my main concern...the vegetation will go through a bad time if a cold snap should occur. I may lose some of the shrubs I painstakingly planted last year.

    Thanks for the kudos...always welcome!