Wednesday, October 28, 2009


When we first moved here, quite often I would notice movement and sometimes actual figures in the near periphery of the boxes I was attempting to unpack. I felt no fear of these strange sightings, or powerless...but I remember wondering who they all were. And why were they converging on me?

Most were dressed in old-fashioned clothing...I recall one in particular who wore what appeared to be tan coloured canvas pants, thick brown boots, and a heavy, woollen brown coat.  He was bent under a backpack tied to his back, and he carried a long, wooden stick...I can see him in my mind's eye now, as I write this.

He smiled at me when he appeared, for only a few moments. I smiled back. There seemed to be little else I could do...

But I was left shaking my head in wonder and awe, as his figure disappeared from sight. And eventually, I took the sightings for what they were...a true welcome to a part of the country I had not even visited before.

At the beginning, there was a flurry of sightings.  After a bit, these began to fade and it became rare to catch a glimpse of these amorphous Spirits.

And so I felt perhaps the sightings were over, although I still continued to be conscious there were Spirits about. Even for the Cariboo,where wildlife is abundant, I managed to connect with an amazing number of wild animals.

And quite often, those animals did strange things, things uncharacteristic of a wild animal's behaviour. Each and every occurrence left me awestruck. I noticed my belief in a Universal connection to all beings...becoming stronger, even more deeply entrenched.

There are signs throughout the property of someone practicing their spirituality. Boulders in certain areas, within well-defined circles of smaller Stones, are palpable in their energy which radiates outward with great warmth towards the receiver.

I have found small Stones placed on stumps or Rocks. I feel, because of their placement, they denote East and West, North and South. Beyond this, what each Stone represents is left to the imagination and sure knowledge.

With the big, tall Fir trees surrounding our home, it feels like a natural cathedral, especially when Sun eases his long fingers into the Forest and caresses each it from within. It is very easy for me to see how there may have been ceremonies, ancient or otherwise, here, then...

I am not the only one, here in this home, who senses other beings. Our two Dogs become strangely cowed when a visitor(s) manifests. I know they see him/her; I have not, so far, other than very early on.

Nate, for example, has his experiences on a certain portion of the deck.  There are times when he will not pass a very innocuous looking few feet, to come towards me. He becomes completely cowed, very anxious and whines desperately, all the while looking towards something in a totally abject way.

Not even a biscuit will make him pass that spot.

Lucky will,  on some mornings when I awake, have anxiety and worry written all over him. On those mornings, Nate will look at me with deep thankfulness the dark night is through.  And after I am up and about, they will settle and sleep for the rest of the day...unusual behaviour in itself.

It is as if they guard us on some nights; I can only imagine who they see...but I can feel leftover energy on those mornings.

The Spirits' energies are benevolent for the most part, but I have sensed there may be some which are not. And these are the ones who will make me smudge later in the day.

And there is a space on this property I do not like. It is dark, dank even on the hottest day. My main impression of it is one of blackness...I barely see the tall, thin Trees which attempt to grow there. For the most part, I avoid it. Better to leave it be.

As time goes by, I hope to have more experiences, here, on this magical Land. Each one is miraculous, each one has its own special blessings.

I am, in particular, looking forward to Hallowe'en, when the veil between planes of existence is thinner than usual. Who will make their energy felt this weekend?

My beliefs are not mainstream. I am grateful for the opportunity to live a life which shows me, on an everyday basis, my practice of spirituality is right for me... and with that, I am the recipient of an inner calm and peace.

For the most part. 

Chasing bad Spirits away from our Dogs can tend to chip away at that peace, a bit!


  1. marion, i like every part of this but not the part about the dogs. i don;t like that. i want their worry negated. surely there must a way to do that....?

    i learned long ago that time is not linear, that some of us see and understand things that many of us cannot. i'd say you have a sense.

    i'm glad to know you.

    and,oh, about our conversation over the fence. how does soon sound , neighbor?

  2. Can you track the history of the house and area? I donot know about in Canada, but here in US one can get an abstract from the title insurer which should list information on previous owners. Do you have an historical society in the area? (if not try to start one -- meet many interesting people and record history from older folks and their stories) It would be nice to know who is still inhabiting.

  3. Anonymous8:30 p.m.

    Hello Marion,

    This is a good spooky story for the grandchildren at Halloween or anytime. My mom told us her ghost stories while we helped her with the baking. Somehow those ghosts seemed a little friendlier by the warmth of the oven.

    Throw salt behind those dogs so no ghosts follow

  4. Marion, your connection to earth and spirit is wonderful. Animals are amazing in how they sense things, as well as how they help spirit communicate with us. Your property sounds amazing and as if it is the perfect place for you. Happy Halloween!

  5. The knowing that a presence is there to be part of our journey is a step closer to enlightenment. Being one with being and knowing that what is in them is in you and that you are them and they are you is like having that flashlight to show the way in the fog. It brings us to a place deep inside our souls and here is where the hologram of life exists.

  6. kj,

    I leave our bedroom door open for the dogs...they wake me on occasion, if they become too anxious. It happens quite rarely and I do my own ceremonies for them. It seems to help.

    I will email you regarding our talk over the fence for Blogland Lane...I'm looking forward to it! Shall we just let our conversation go where it will?


    Our property once was part of one of the huge ranches in the area. It is also on the Gold Rush is not unbelievable that some of the miners, on their way to the gold, would have used the animal trails which cut through everywhere on the property. It was amazing and awesome when we moved in and caught glimpses of another time.

    And before that, of course, the Aboriginals would have used it, with the same animal trails. This piece of land is full of all kinds of wild food...from strawberries to saskatoons and everything in between. The weather was great this year for mushrooms...I found them everywhere. The land would have attracted hunter/gatherers.

    I feel privileged to live here.


    I'll try the salt. Thanks for the reminder...I'd forgotten.

    I remember my mom telling the family ghost stories. They were amazing! I remember them so well, and am in the process of telling them to my granddaughter,once again. I'd told them when she was young and loved the wide-eyed looks I used to get. She's largely forgotten, so once again the stories see the light of day.

    Aren't family stories wonderful?


    I am not sure what is upsetting the dogs...sometimes I have an impression of a large animal and not a human at all.It would make sense to me. Thank you for your kind words!

    Happy Hallow'en to you, as well!


    Thank you for your amazing comment! Of course you are right, and it is exactly how I approach the beings who choose to visit...with a great welcome! Even the not so good spirits are a part of me; they require understanding, for the most part, and then they're on their way.

    Seeing them and feeling their energy reinforces my belief in an afterlife, for which I am entirely grateful.

  7. What I like most about this post is the security and peace that is conveyed that you clear find in your spiritual beliefs. These are two of the great emotions we all must hope to aspire to and attain.

  8. Annie,

    Thank you...I'm so glad I was able to convey just what you've said. Acceptance really does lead to security and peace!