Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Universal Go!

I receive many emails for daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. For the month of September, all seem to agree...the Universe signals a time to return to business, old and new. And to be ready for large shake-up changes.

On September 3, the Sun conjuncts Saturn in Virgo. According to research, this creates enormous energy...useful for beginning a project, giving extra oomph.

In our case, we were definitely infused with an incredible energy...we cleaned and emptied the garage, which was  stuffed with boxes and items from the big move.

Since we are still awaiting concrete workers for the Woodworking Shop, and since the window of opportunity to have a big pour is slowly sliding away...we are striving for every inch of space, in order to park both vehicles inside for the Winter.

There is much less stuff, and what there is is now organized.  But the big tools...table saws, etc....still take too much room.  It will be back to the drawing board, to find more space.

Jupiter turns direct on September 7. He's been retrograde since May 9...and Pluto, in retrograde since April, turns direct on September 8. With both of these going direct within days of each other, I read that evolution is once again on a strong march ahead.

I read that much change is coming...for the entire World.

According to, this is what we've all been waiting for since Spring.  I'm to take stock of lessons and rewards.  I'm to practice self-transcendence, which Jupiter encourages and challenges me to perform.


If that's not enough, there is a full Moon in Pisces on September 15. That means emotional upsets are easily come by, for me, especially, since I'm a Pisces. I must be very careful, during those times, not to overreact to things. This time, as well, Uranus sits next to the Moon...infusing me with further rebellious, strange ideas.

And then...then Autumn begins with the Equinox on the 22 of September. Another season begins anew.

The study of the Stars, Moon and Sun has always fascinated me; however, my brain does not easily comprehend how to read them.  I would far rather someone else does the job for me. I am not an Astrologer.

I feel I benefit from knowing what the energies are, from a celestial point of view.  I have become very weather-sensitive over the past few years and the Moon has always figured strongly in my moods and emotions.

The Stars and the Sun contribute as well.

Just by reading some horoscopes on a regular basis, I have learned a bit; this is always a good thing. I'm still not sure how to decipher the Zodiac, but there are plenty who do.

And when Saturn is in Virgo...well, garages get cleaned up, with the consummate Virgo perfection.

With a Universal go...September's energies could be very interesting!


  1. Let me know the next time there is an infusion of incredible energy. My garage is a hideous mess. :-)

    Seriously, this is a fascinating subject.

  2. i don't understand astrology, but i take the fact that the stars do affect us in some way. i'm a pieces too, and oh yeah... the moon does make my mood change, that i noticed. i wonder what the big shake-up..?

  3. Jan,

    It was only through dire need that we attempted the garage...we require the space, to park our second vehicle in during the Winter.

    But the extra oomph was courtesy of the Stars; I had much gratitude for the feeling of accomplishment after the job was done! I stand in awe of the organizational a garage!


    Times are changing very quickly now. It's anyone's guess what's in store. Energies are constantly swirling around us; it is what we do with them, personally...that's the ticket.

    The more tools I can use, the better it is for me.

  4. Ahhh Marion whats going to happen towards the end of September, all you said was that Autumn starts. the end of September is very important for me.

  5. I'm a Pisces too. Thanks for the warning! I'd better check my diary for Monday...

  6. Dave,

    I can only use the info as a tool, Dave...I've got a few things I'd like to see move forward, as well!

    I hope what you're looking for works out.


    It's always wise to be prepared!

  7. I am not sure how to say it, but when I look into the skies I see myself and feel as though I can spread out across the galaxy. I am thankful for you post, and relishig your photos.

  8. Wondered why I had such a wacky September. But there again life is never boring for us Pisceans :)