Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bon Voyage

My granddaughter, Bree, is leaving shortly for three weeks in Europe. She is travelling with another family and is... Oh! So excited!

I am filled with gratitude for this opportunity she will be an experience she will never forget. Already a seasoned traveller, having visited Venezuela, Mexico and the South Pacific... at the tender age of thirteen, she will add Scotland, England, France and Italy to her repertoire.

As happy as I am for her, I am also filled with trepidation and apprehension, at times. She will be a long way away. If I allow myself, in my imagination, I can have her in all sorts of trouble in no time.

Bree is the first Sagittarius in my life. She is way different from the Cancer, Pisces, Taurus signs that are the norm around me. She loves cheerful people, places and things, becoming sad and cynical if life is not so. Never still, she loves to visit friends and family on weekends and holidays. She dislikes being alone, becoming restless when she can't find something to do.

And she needs her freedom...a true Sagittarius. A fire sign. A true optimist. She can be brutally honest, as Sags are...words flowing from her long before she realizes they may be inappropriate. But she expects the same honesty in return, from others...backed by sound, reasonable logic, the only proviso.

From one of the websites about Sagittarius, I read their motto is "It is better to know how to learn than to know." And Bree will seek her knowledge in countries in which I have little experience...what could I possibly say to her that she will remember? Me...a Pisces...a Water sign.

Water can put out a fire or it can temper the flame. I could not forgive myself if somehow, by my words, I put out the bright blaze that is burning now, because of my own fear for her.

And so, my advice for her, on this momentous journey she will be undertaking, is to do nothing she will be ashamed of, later, in her memories. I will tell her to weigh the pros and cons of a thing, I will tell her to be as cautious as she can be, in all those different countries, with different customs. I will tell her to remember her manners.

I will tell her homesickness is suffered by most, but to realize, if she feels sick for home and familiar things, three weeks will fly by. Each day wasted by thinking and feeling sad for home will be a day she will not be able to experience or appreciate new sights and customs she may never visit again.

Although, knowing Bree and her plans for her life, it will not be long before I must let her go more often than I would like, in the future. But she knows I will always be here, when she returns from an to listen and advise, if it is called for.

Water can soothe fiery feelings, as well.

Bon Voyage, my dear Bree...I cannot wait to hear about the people and the customs you will experience! You will do us all so proud, as you always do, no matter what.

And don't forget Gray's Edinburgh Rock!


  1. What a very fortunate girl Bree is to have such a great opportunity and such a wonderful grandmother with good advice for her.

  2. Ah, your Bree is indeed fortunate she has had and is having experiences in her youth that most of us oldies but goodies still dream about. Your description of her is wonderful and she sounds as if she is level headed enough to learn. After all she is part of you. Keep us posted on her adventures and I wish her well.

  3. I'm sure Bree will love her trip to Europe Marion. This is such a wonderful opportunity for her. Look forward to hearing all about her adventures. Keep us posted. Speaking of adventures, you can read about mine by following the link shown below:-

  4. Thank you all...Bree's in London for a week, then she'll travel to Italy, France and then Scotland. She arrived safely in London yesterday, and she's handling jet lag well.

    She's enjoying every minute!

  5. Bon voyage to Bree, and I hope that she will appreciate her time in Europe.

  6. Anonymous1:10 p.m.

    Hi there, it is Bree and Danielle saying hello from Europe!.
    Bree misses you lots and we are very excited to be leaving London and going to Italy tomorrow morning. Say hi to Gray and the dogs for me love you lots,

    ps how could i forget the Edinburgh rock!?

  7. Hpy,

    When Bree returns, I'll tell her about your blogs. Your photos are so absolutely have wonderful talent!

  8. Bree and Danielle!

    How very exciting to hear from you! You guys got me got the old tear ducts flowing, as you knew you would, lol!

    The dogs are fine and looking forward to your visit. I am so happy you're having such an amazing time, I have been in close touch with both your Moms through your Mom, Bree.

    Italy! Watch out for the bum pinchers...I've heard a lot about those!

    Love you both lots and lots and miss you. Say hi to your Dad, Danielle and tell him I think he's very brave!

    Bree, I sure hope they still make Edinburgh Rock!

  9. Wow, I find myself quite envious. I have always wanted to travel the world, but have only been able to do so in my mind. I can't wait to read more about the trip.

  10. Edinburgh Rock - I haven't had that in years! I used to love it as a kid - especially the orange and ginger flavours.

    I hope Bree enjoyed London. The weather here in England has been, er, kind of changeable... but that is authentic enough!

  11. PD,

    I can't wait to hear, either! I've always wanted to visit the British Bree can tell me what sites to visit. I think they even went to Disneyland in Paris!! What an amazing experience...can you imagine Donald Duck's French quack?


    Edinburgh Rock is what Graham remembers loving in Scotland. Bree will be spending time there, so she promised to bring him some, with Graham reminding her...a lot, lol!

    I have yet to hear about her experiences, but I know they loved London, and the place where they stayed. It had a trampoline...what could be better??!!