Monday, January 14, 2008

Ready, Set...

Synchronicity seems to figure largely in this whole adventure of moving to the Northern Cariboo. There were improvements to the house we wanted to generate; we were told tradespeople would be difficult to come by. Qualicum Beach is an area where building and renovations go on constantly, with very little letup.

We wanted the bedroom, still painted the same colour it was when we moved in, to be renewed with more serene paint. The en suite bathroom required fresh paint, as well. We wanted new kitchen counters, a job we had put off as one of the last improvements to be done. The back fence still required replacing. Quotes had to be obtained from the moving companies.

Closet doors had to be installed. A sturdy front door would give safety and security to this grand Lady of a home. The side fence would also receive a new, sturdy gate. These are items we did not worry much about...but then we have two big dogs who are ferocious when it comes to strangers trying doors and gates. The owners-to-be might not have dogs such as ours.

But Graham was due to leave on January 25th, or thereabouts. He is a journeyman carpenter, along with his business acumen, and he was the one that worked on the previous improvements we made over the years. There was not enough time for him to do all the work required to place our home on the market.

We had to find tradespeople. With some trepidation, phone calls were made. We were surprised and delighted to find that each and every person we called...painters, kitchen counter people, and carpenters...all made themselves available to do the work required. Special ordered closet doors appeared, surprising even the seller. And the counter top...when we first queried, we were told it would be eight weeks before it could be made.

But when the installer appeared to measure, it seemed he had a change of heart, and told us he could have it done by the end of the month.

It is mud season, here on the Island. Snow one day, pelting rain the next, and two dogs rampaging after Raccoon...our back garden looked as if a herd of elephants had gone through. And the fence guy worked hard throughout a snowy, watery day to move the old boards, further mashing the lawn into a muddy Swamp.

Graham and I have both suffered with the flu, since before Christmas, carrying on with travel and work despite feeling, at times, as if we should be in bed. There was no time for sickness, in the accelerated conditions where we found ourselves.

And so, on a wet but sunny day, I decided to leave the paint fumes and attempt to clean the stems and stalks that still stood, rather drunkenly, in the garden. We were selling, and even in Winter, I wanted the garden to stand out.

One full day...a soft harbinger of Spring kind of day...had the garden looking as shipshape as it could, in the middle of January.

As I worked in the garden, I had the oddest if my Plants, Trees and I were all in this together, were all intent on putting our best foot forward. I had a long conversation with Grandfather Tree, in which I asked him to find the buyers, to find someone who would care for him and the other Trees and Plants, as well as I tried to.

I was extremely grateful, on this one day, that the flu receded a bit, allowing me to work hard amongst my Plants. I could not have done it without intervention by the Powers-That-Be.

Grandfather Tree took our conversation to heart. Two days later, he sent a Forester/Furniture Maker and a Reflexologist to fall in love with our Home. And there have been others who are attracted, all of them interesting people...people who are slightly different from the norm. It seems our tiny sign in the window and Grandfather Tree are doing their job. And it is only a matter of time before ownership of our beloved Home falls to another.

I realized that all of the work required in order to sell, had fitted in smoothly and seamlessly. There were literally no hurdles to overcome, as yet. It seemed as if the Universe, in giving us this opportunity, was going to facilitate the work required in order for us to take advantage of it.

Our decision to concentrate on selling our home first, without the added convolutions of buying a new one at the same time, seems to be right. It is difficult for me...without having another home in mind to go to from here leaves my imagination in a far-off left field. There is nothing and nowhere to concentrate on, no future home I can furnish in my mind.

And yet, there is also great calm. It is as if I am opening myself, opening my heart, to receive great energy, hugely peaceful in nature, from the Universe. The more I open, the more I receive. It is a wondrous feeling, one difficult to describe in its entirety. But I will tell you this, even in the midst of a maelstrom of emotions, I am left feeling this whole thing has already been orchestrated. The details have already been hashed over, somewhere or some other time.

This time, this Piscean Fish only has to move with the flow.

The future is left in Creator's hands. We are dealing with the present for now.


  1. You see to have a very healthy perspective on your move, Marion. We got all hot and bothered about ours and looking back, it just seems silly. Everything went through OK in the end and and there was no way that us getting all upset was going to make any difference one way or the other. There is no point in trying to control things that you can't control. You are right to let the tree sort it out!

  2. You are where our family was last year this time. Home improvements, buyers to entice, memories to store for later. The fence is striking, the bedroom lovely. I'm sure the buyers will present themselves shortly. We did as you and Graham are doing. We sold our old home first. It does put pressure on you later but that can be dealt with.

  3. Hopefully your flu will be gone by the time you move as it will be very tiring what with the packing and then unpacking.

    Glad you have had some nice people viewing your home.

  4. It always amazes me the way things turn out in life. The unexpected twists and turns that life deals us go smooth as if that was the intended plan all along. It's the unexpected twists and turns that we ourselves try to deal life, in our infinite stubborness/foolishness, that provide us with the most obstacles to overcome.

    As John Lennon once said "Life is what happens to us while we're busy making other plans."

    Good luck with everything, and enjoy the journey...

  5. Simon,

    With the exception of no house at the other end, this move seems to be falling into place smoothly. I think once we actually list the house, things will fall into some sort of order!


    We are hoping to hit the early Spring market, which usually begins in February. Graham will be batching for a bit, as will I, lol!


    We've been drinking licorice and coltsfoot tea; it seems to be working the last couple of days. Immune system must be low, since I've been sick with it since early December, lol!


    Thanks for the quote from John Lennon...been awhile since I heard it.

    I just wanna know what I was thinking when my life was forecast for me...and I agreed!

  6. It sounds like an exciting time for you at the moment Sheila. Sorry to hear you and Graham are suffering with the flu. Sounds like you both need some Echinacea to help boost your immune system. Things have a habit of falling into place Marion. I'm sure with grandfather tree's help, you will find a buyer for your home, probably when you're least expecting. It's funny how people are drawn to certain houses. I always think fate has a great part to play.