Monday, June 11, 2007

Balance Dance

Balance...the word itself is soothing to me.It seems to smooth the choppy Waters of the River I sometimes raft, against all better judgment.

It is no wonder I like the word, really; the opposite of balance is agitation, instability. A state of being I try to avoid at all costs.

But finding my balance in all things is a little like the photo of the scales, which seem a little takes constant vigilance for me to have complete equanimity.

I was taught well to worry, to go into the what-ifs, to endlessly obsess about any or all imagined has taken much constant labour to erase these instant stop and remain balanced in the middle of a difficult situation.

At times, my emotional meter is way off the mark; from day to day, my physical body changes with the vagaries of the weather; my spiritual body is usually pretty good; and my mental meter? It's sometimes at the opposite end of where it should be...

But each day is a new day. Each day, as I check my energy bodies for misalignment, I notice where to concentrate on bringing them back...back to balance. It is a dance, granted; sometimes I move back and forth on the balance beam, trying to find the perfect spot. Each day brings new information to light, more tools to use.

And, sometimes, when I achieve really good balance in all areas of my being, it feels like Heaven.

On those days, when every little thing flows along with scarcely a ripple, when even the food I eat is exactly what kind of nourishment my body requires, it is then that I live in the present moment. My mental body nourishes the emotional body, keeping it level and logical. My physical body releases the pent-up negative energy, lessening pain...and my spiritual body is open and receiving good, loving positive energy.

There is nothing like it.

And when the inevitable crises appear, I am discovering it is so much easier, now, to stand back and watch the situation, to let things play out the way they are meant. I am a big believer in Fate and Destiny; my greatest tools are awareness and balance. When I lose either one of those, when I forget that I am not the One in charge; when Ego takes over...I am instantly in trouble.

I get the proverbial slap from the Universe. In no time at all. I try not to tempt Fate, these days.

I have learned that worrying about a person, place or thing, anticipating trouble, is a sure way to bring some into my life. I am manifesting a scenario. I imagine my thoughts being monitored; perhaps the receiver, taking in all these imagined, disastrous story lines from me, over and over...thinks this is what I really desire!

There is such a fine line between good, positive wishes and negative, dark worry...I find myself monitoring my thoughts frequently.

And when the inevitable happens and I get taken aback, when I am awash in emotions, I trust my guides and allies to bail me out, I watch for signals and symbols. I fight for balance. I trust and rely on my intuition.

I struggle for a time, on that balance beam.

And when I relax and give in, when I let go and let God...I find my balance. Every time, it empowers me, steadys me, as if I were my friend, the immovable and impenetrable Rock.

Increasingly, I find my equanimity much faster these days.

The balance dance increases adrenaline in the body; it creates chaos, where there might have been none. I no longer want to be a chaos junkie; therefore I accept the work it takes not to be one.

A balance dance...I guess that's what life is.


  1. I did a post a few years ago on Balance, in life.. in the universe.. in everything. I too have always found the concept of balance interesting.

    Everything it seems is in balance at some point, and whenever it moves on way or the other.. there is a reaction to bring it back into balance.

    Great post.. thanks! :)

  2. I suppose its the thing about for every action there is a reaction.

  3. i am finding that balance too, and yeah, i would asked for signs, they often appear just when i needed them most, as i too trust that my guides and aliens are showing me the way, but in the end it's still my own decision, my choice. the beauty of free will in earth school. mmm... i am liking this dance very much.

  4. So true, the more balanced we can stay the better. It is as you say with the job I declined, my daily balance would have been tipped way in the wrong direction and I would have been stressed out!
    Great post yet again, thanks.

  5. This is a beautiful and insightful post. I have come to expect nothing less when I visit here. Like many others, I aspire to this spiritual balance you speak of. There is such a good balance in this post between images and text. You make it seem if not easy, than possible.

  6. Wonderful post Marion.

    Unfortunately my balance is always a bit off mentally. All I have to do is read a newspaper and see what a mad cruel world I live in and I am totally off keel again.

    Physically I never really bother if thinks off a bit.

  7. Matt, I'd like to read your post on it still around?

    I went deep into the rabbit hole when I thought about this post...for instance, is one person's balanced outlook the same as another person's balanced outlook?...and on and on, lol!

    Davem, action/reaction is the way of everything, isn't it...I wish I could remember that at all times.

  8. Alison, "the beauty of free will in earth school" really is a wonderful dance, isn't it? So many choices! And so many detours...

  9. It is possible, Princess, not only possible but attainable. It takes trust and awareness and knowledge...and loads of hard, slogging work and lessons.

    I think balance comes easier with lessons are no less difficult, but I have much more knowledge of how to deal with them, from the hailstorm of lessons in my youth.

  10. Jackie, my emotional body is consistently off, it takes constant work to keep it level. Sometimes I wish it were the mental body...practical, logical consistencies in daily life usually escape me completely, lol!

    The state of the world can unsettle me, as well. I wish I knew the answer to that one. I rarely listen to or watch the news these days.

    Unless I'm fully shielded and protected, those stories make me nauseous.

  11. Marion, I so appreciate this post. I know as you do how important balance is but I need support and you are a wonderful resource.

  12. marion,
    Sometimes I wonder if I have ever been in balance.............or if I ever will be! hugsssssssssssssss

  13. For me that balance comes from those times when I allow the Divine space to work and to move. When my life becomes too full, the first thing to disappear is prayer, that attempt to align myself with the source of all being. That's when my balance goes.

    Thank you for a great post