Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September Leaves

I was reminiscing this morning, as I wandered through the garden, checking to see which plant needed extra care while I'm gone. Scott will be here, but you know a non-gardener will just not notice the little voices that call for help.

I digress, as usual. I was remembering my old home, one where there were many trees. Trees that were mature; each one a friend. I found these pictures of my old yard...and as I look at them, I remember the times we had, as a family.

Through good times and bad, the garden was always lovingly tended. I called the golden maple leaves that fell my crop...these leaves became leaf mulch, nourishing the soil in the beds.

Here, I don't have that luxury. But I am growing another crop, which is coming along nicely. This year, I will have many leaves from the trees that I've planted, and yes...these trees are becoming my friends, too. It takes awhile to make good friends with trees...they are slow to respond, sometimes.

Even Grandfather Tree contributes, shedding old needles, covering his root system and keeping it moist. He does everything he can to keep moisture in, as he requires a lot of water, and I help him by leaving most of his old needles where they fall. He came through this very dry summer with my help and the watering cans.

As I wander through my new garden, one where each tree, other than Grandfather Tree and Lady Maple, tells me a story or gives me energy, I ponder how the weather has changed, almost overnight. I notice the light is very different this morning, and there is a North wind blowing, rustling the leaves. I hear Winter.

When I return, the leaves will be closer to saying goodbye. They will go in a blaze of glory, with some of the landscape brown and sear, other parts still blooming with an unearthly glow. This annual shedding of the old reminds me to say,once again, goodbye to a former garden, one which now has many old friends that have died.

The old memories remain, in my heart. I am building new memories, watching a new garden go through its annual cycle. September feels, always, like a new start.

And September leaves that fall...well, once again they will help regenerate the soil. This is what cycles are all about...regeneration and renewal.

Keep good thoughts, everyone, and I'll see you in a few days.


  1. Hi This is beautiful I Liked the pic's Thanks for sharing
    Wish you well

  2. Hi This is beautiful I Liked the pic's Thanks for sharing
    Wish you well

  3. Trees are very special to me too Marion. As I walk around my garden touching bark and branches as I pass I say hello to my old friends and remember. Most o them we have planted from nut or seed brought here from walks, now they are grown tall and have nuts and seeds of thier own. But I'm planning to move house, if I do there is so much to leave behind.

  4. It must be wonderful to have maple trees in your garden.
    From photographs I have seen they look great no matter what season of the year it is.

  5. Zing...thanks for visiting! I visited your blog today, too...good positive post!

  6. Sandy...I am so sorry you may have to leave these Trees who are such a part of your life.

    I hope you will move to a place where you can once again plant the nuts and seeds...

  7. Jackie, Maples of all kinds are beautiful trees.

    But you have wonderful trees, too. One day I hope to see them in person!